GHIN dues & activation, Club Championship & Exalted Ruler’s Cup

GHIN dues & activation,

Club Championship &

Exalted Ruler’s Cup

Spring really will come – sometime.

Butch Fealy, our golf committee handicap chair, will be at the clubhouse Saturday morning, the 23rd of March for those who want to pay their GHIN dues and activate their handicap.  If you would prefer, you can also pay your GHIN dues during the Men’s Opening Day Breakfast, Sunday, April 28th or stop at the lodge office during office hours and pay them there.

The GHIN handicap is the official golf handicapping system used throughout the US, Canada, Mexico & scores of other nations.  With it, your handicap is recognized and your scores can be posted at any golf club.

Additionally, we use GHIN handicaps for field selection and seeding in our Club Championship.  The Club Championship bracket will be filled by seeding the low 24 GHIN handicaps into the competition.  The net play Exalted Ruler’s Cupwill have a random draw of all GHIN handicap holders and competition will utilize GHIN handicaps.

To be included you need to have a valid GHIN* as of noon on April 29th and be up to date on your lodge dues.  Brackets will be posted online ( and in the lodge tournament room at 2:00 PM that day.  There is no cost for participation — all prizes are paid with GHIN funds.

For more information on what we are planning for next year click here — tentative golf schedule for 2019 .     — Please remember — Anything planned for a golf course on the Palouse is always tentatiave. —

*If you have a GHIN through another club, please notify the lodge so we can access your GHIN and include you. 

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