From the Desk of the Secretary

The new Lodge year is upon us! Our office hours are now 8am-noon, Monday thru Friday.  The golf course looks great and is open for walking, hopefully carts will be allowed  by the middle of the month, depending on how much rain we get.

We welcome Joel Jaureguito as our new Exalted Ruler.  I look forward to working with Joel in this new year.  He has been forming his committees and I encourage all of you to step up when asked and give a helping hand.  I have generally accepted the fact that, in most organizations, only 10% of the membership does 100% of the work, but this is not always true.  As we all know, the success of an organization is dictated by those that belong, not necessarily by the ones that try to carry the load.

We start this year with one less member than we started with last year.  It is sad that I had to drop 12 Elks from our membership rolls.  We had an increase in membership the two previous years, so the old saying, “two steps forward and one step back” apparently applies.  Let’s do better this year!  Please send your dues in as soon as possible.  Cart shed rental and golf passes are also due now, however partial payment of golf passes may be made with the balance being due on June 1st.

At this time, we are looking for a bar/dining manager, so if you know of anyone QUALIFIED, please let the office know (882-2577).

Wayne Krauss,


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