A Letter from the Esquire

Hello Fellow Elks!

I started an assignment at the University this past month that had me write my eulogy. You read that correctly.  I needed to write the eulogy for my funeral.  That was a task that was harder than I ever imagined it would be.  I sat there and wrote all of the good things
about my life so far, and then had to make the next 50 years up!  (Yes, I had me living to 90.)  As I sat there writing in the third person, I started to think about my life.  The good, the bad and everything in between.  I have had a good life.  Even in the hard times, the struggles, my life has always been blessed.

All of this got me thinking, why do we wait until a person passes on to whatever afterlife
you believe in to tell the stories from our heart?  Why do we not tell people what we think of them while they are still here?  I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I can change this in my life.  I am going to start celebrating the people in my life now.  I don’t want to
wait until they are gone to let them know how I feel.  I am not just talking about my family. I am meaning friends and others I am in contact with every day.  People should know how we feel about them.  It might just be the thing that helps them through that day!  You never know!

This project started me on a path of wonder.  I started to wonder why we don’t share
our thoughts and feelings more with those we love.  Is it just a societal thing?  I just couldn’t figure it out!  However, I would like to challenge all of us.  Let us start telling those around us how we feel.  Remind them of how they have impacted our lives.  How they have made us better.  Sit back and share a memory or two over a drink.  Make some new memories.  If you need to, sit down and call a friend you have not talked with in a long time.  Reminisce with them.  If that is going to be difficult, go “old school,” sit down and
write a letter.  No matter the option you choose, make sure you follow through.  I would bet that you find this is not only good for the person you are writing or talking with, but good for you as well.

So, go tell someone how you feel about them.  Call a son, a daughter, a brother or a sister. Go tell someone close to you how you feel.  Don’t wait until you can’t.

Until next time,

Rick Sperry – Esquire

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