Proposed By-laws change — meeting time

Proposed By-laws change

— meeting time —

This is the proposed Lodge By-laws change that will be voted on at the May 22nd meeting. In the mean time, it was voted that the meetings of May 8th & May 22nd will be at 6:30.


By-Laws Page 3

Section 1. The regular Lodge meetings of this Lodge shall be held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month throughout the year, except in the months of July, August and November, in which the Lodge shall meet on the second Wednesday.

Section 2. The regular hour of meeting shall be 7:30PM 6:30PM; but at any time, however, the regular meeting may be held at an hour to be determined by vote of the Lodge to that effect at the previous meeting, provided that written notice of such change of meeting hour shall be given to all the Members.

Section 3. Social sessions may be held in accordance with the Laws of the Order. The proceedings thereof shall be characterized by considerate behavior, and no vulgarity, profanity, or indecent conduct shall be permitted, under penalty of discipline to offenders. The members of the committee in charge of such social session shall be held responsible for the proper conduct thereof.

Section 4. A minimum of Nine Members of this Lodge, at least two of whom shall be elected Officers, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of this Lodge in a regular or special meeting. For any Lodge Committee or Board to legitimately transact its business, a quorum of a simple majority of that body’s members of record must be present, unless the Statutes provide otherwise.

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