“Moscow Elks 249” up and running on Facebook

“Moscow Elks 249” up and running on Facebook

Thanks to Jerry Curtis and Bobbi Ross, we now have a new Facebook page!

Our Facebook page is called: “Moscow Elks 249” (no hashtag in front of the 249).  We do still have 3 old Facebook paes out there, but they do not work.

Please share our site with all the members on your contact list.

Bobbi and Jerry have put a few posts and pictures on the page already to get it started.  We will be using the page as an information page for all of our upcoming events and past parties, etc.   We will do our best to monitor the posts members share.  Per Elk’s guidelines, we will try to keep politics, religion, business, inapporpriate jokes and personal attacks off our site.

The current website “elks249.com” will remain as our main web page.  This will be the site where we can go to get the current lodge calendar, basic information about the lodge and other information about our lodge,its history and traditions.

Jerry Curtis

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