Hoop Shoot — still need more volunteers

Hoop Shoot

more volunteers still needed

Greetings Fellow Elk Members:

January 11, 2020 we will be sponsoring the Hoop Shoot at the HIRC Center starting at 8 a.m..  We need approximately 15 to 16 volunteers to make it a successful event.  I ask if you can help that would be great.  We are attempting to have a large turnout, so if you have children or know some kids that would like to participate please invite them to join us. Please email Wayne at secretary@elks249.com so we know how many volunteers we will have.

Thank you, Joel T. Jaureguito, D.C.

Exalted Ruler

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  1. Tammy Mendoza says:

    Kids are coming from Tekoa, WA. I still run it at our school due to the fact that my daughter, Tatiana Mendoza, made it all the way to the national tournament when she was 13. It’s been 7 years ago, but the unforgettable memories were such a blessing for her. We will never forget the kindness that your members showed us. We even had a couple that followed us all the way back to Illinois!
    We will have 6 kids representing Tekoa on Saturday. Thanks again! Tammy Mendoza, Tekoa Elementary

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