Elks Memorial Service

Good afternoon,

We will be having our annual Memorial Service to honor members that have passed away this last year.

Those members are:

  • Jim Dahmen,
  • Edward Jacobson,
  • Jack LeClaire,
  • Reo Lloyd,
  • Larry McBride, &
  • Don Smith

I am attempting to contact surviving family members so they can attend.

Anyone that may know of surviving family members in our area, please let me know.

The Service will be Sunday, December 1st at 2pm, last less than an hour and coffee and refreshments will be served.

Please Plan on Attending

Wayne Krauss


The faults of our brothers

we write upon the sands.  

Their virtues on the tablets of love and memory

  • All six of our brother Elks who passed during the last 12 months were veterans of the United States military forces, four serving in the U. S. Army, two of them also serving in the U. S. Air Force after its establishment, and two in the U. S. Navy.  Four participated in WWII, two in Korea, and one in Vietnam.
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