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This is it; December is bringing 2019 to a close.  This has been a tough year for our country, politically speaking. It seems like to many people believe anything social media puts out and unfortunately too many people post things just to get a heated response.  The news media cannot report actual news without having a bunch of opinionated bobble heads telling us their “expert” opinion. What is fact and what is not?  How to maintain our sanity?  I really like the following words:

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you.  True Power is sitting back and observing things with logic.  True power is restraint.  If words control you, that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass”.

These words have been attributed to Warren Buffett.  I don’t know for sure he said this, but none the less I try to remember them each day — it just makes things a little easier!

While there have been some ups and downs, overall, I believe this has been a good year for our Lodge.  I look forward to the new year and would like to see more grants applied for and used in our communities.  George Paris and his crew continue with our Veteran’s Fly Tying/Fishing program, utilizing the Impact Grant each year. Great job guys!

Sad to say, we still have 30 members in arrears of their dues, and in January I will begin
sending final letters requesting payment or they will be dropped from membership.  This will be a sad state of affairs as that will mean an overall loss in membership for our Lodge.  I will be asking the sponsors of these members to contact them to try to get them active and paid up.

Have a great Christmas and a safe New Year!

Wayne Krauss,
Secretary, PER

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