A Note from your Leading Knight

Merry Christmas and to my brother and sister Elk’s, hope it is the best year yet to come.  It has been a year of wonderful deeds our volunteers, active in our Lodge, have accomplished.  Trustee Jerry Curtis and Bobbi Ross, the promotion and enthusiasm with bar and dining has revitalized Lodge activity. Bobbi continues to be a shining star and we are so grateful to have her. Thanks to Bill Sayler for his time and effort getting donations to provide us with a first-class driving range. Thanks to the volunteers who helped clean and repaint the cart sheds, those that worked to replace the bridges, those that tended to flowers, volunteers who also every year organize for Fourth of July and three sole survivor contests. Thank you, Bev Rhoades and the Ladies Golf League, for buying trees for #8 and, our Lodge would look a lot different without Shelley Anderson’s touch. Thank you, Kathy Weber and Bill Lambert, for always helping out in a pinch. And to our officers, thanks for always stepping up. It was a good year and it is looking like we will continue on.

Happy New Year.

Janey Wineinger, Leading Knight.

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