From the Desk of the Secretary

I have always considered March as Old Man Winter’s last chance for significant winter weather.  Granted, we frequently get snow in March, and last year we were dumped on by rain in April, but the days are getting longer and warmer, the true winter months are behind us—COME ON SPRING!!

Along with March comes member statements for the new 2020-2021 Lodge year. Dues are due by April 1st, so please fill
out your statement and mail it back ASAP.  Grand Lodge raised our per capita amount by $2.00, so total membership dues are now $124.50.  You may also include donations, golf passes, cart shed rental and range passes.  Please be sure to include your dues with the other amounts.  You would be surprised how many checks I get for golf passes, cart shed rental and various donations, but they forget to include the $124.50!  Please double check and thank you.

We had out Lodge Officer elections at the meeting of 2/26, and here are the results:
Janey Wineinger-ER, Ben McGuckin Leading Knight, Brian Loomis-Loyal Knight,
Rich Gayler-Trustee, Larry Cyganovich Treasurer and I again was elected Secretary.
Kristie Mattoon will again be Chaplain and Shelley Anderson will be Inner Guard.  We still have openings for Lecturing Knight, a Trustee position, Esquire and Tiler.  Don’t
be hesitant—step up and be part of the governing body of this great organization.

George Paris has submitted a request for Life Membership.  If there is anyone more deserving of this, I don’t know who that would be.  He has been an ACTIVE member of this lodge for close to 40 years and meets the 65 years old requirement.  George has held so many positions in this organization, I cannot begin to list them.  Last but not least, he still co-chairs our Veterans Fly Tying/Fishing program which utilizes Impact Grant and State Elks Grant money.  He comes to most Lodge meetings and always steps up where needed!  His request will be voted on at the March 25th Lodge meeting.

Wayne Krauss,
Secretary, PER

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