Golf & Covid-19 — Update

Golf & Covid-19 — Update

Course open to members only (no guests or public play) and with appropriate social distancing protocols.

Good morning!  I hope this email finds all of you in good health, including mentally!  I know that we are going through tough times, but they will get better!

One thing you can do is come out and play golf!  Golf courses are allowed to be open with proper social distancing.  As always, things are weather dependent, but our new Course Superintendent, Cory See, has things ready to go and we are open for play!  Here’s the deal: Barb is back to her normal hours, Monday-Friday from 8-12 and I will be here 10-12.  Bobbi will start coming in and work 12-5, weather dependent.  We are open only to members, no guests and not open to the public at all.

Cart rentals will be limited to one person per cart unless the other person is a family member.  You will be asked to come in the building, sign in and if not a season pass holder, please plan on paying with check or credit card – -we are not encouraging cash.  Same thing with food and drink — call in or come in and place your order, pay for it and it will be delivered to you outside for your enjoyment.  Please remember to keep the recommended six foot social distancing.

Just think, soon it will be warm and what better place to be than on the golf course getting fresh air and exercise as well as social interaction.

We are still working on how or if we will have a men’s opening day breakfast.  With the social distancing requirements, that will be a challenge.  We also take in a lot of money that day for payments on Lodge dues, golf passes, cart storage, league dues and GHIN fees, so that needs to be worked out also.

Any questions, please let me know.

Wayne Krauss
Secretary, PER
Moscow Elks #249

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