Answering the big questions — Cory See, Head Greenskeeper Moscow Elks Golf Course

Answering the big questions —

Cory See, Golf Course Superintendent

Moscow Elks Golf Course 

I’ve been asked to answer the big questions: who we are? Where are we from?  And can I actually maintain a golf course or am I just some flunky from off the street?  And of course, the BIG QUESTION: when will the golf course be open?!

My wife, Kaylynn, and I married in 2005.  We have five children: Emily 14, Owen 12, Eliza 8, Adam 5, and Huckleberry 1.

I have an associate’s degree in turfgrass management and a bachelor’s degree in sustainability.  I have worked on golf courses in Coeur d’Alene, Vale, Boise, Scottsdale, Park City, and Wyoming.  I have been a superintendent for 5 years and have achieved a class “A” level with the GCSSA.

Along with being a great stay at home mom, Kaylynn is an educational consultant with Usborne Books & More- she gives tips & tools to promote the love of learning in the home, literacy workshops, along with selling at events, schools & libraries; she also helps organizations with simple fundraisers and loves to be involved in the community.

You will see our kids out on the golf course working and playing.  a family, we love playing board & card games, watching college sports and actively serve in our church.

Now to answer the BIG QUESTION: when will the golf course be open?  (As I write this, the course is covered with snow) I would like to open the course as soon as possible.  I understand after a long winter everyone is ready to get back on the course.  I will have the first mowing of the greens done and flags in the cups by Saturday, March 28th.  The rest will come along as time and weather permits.  Please feel free to come and play starting Saturday March 28th.  Please be mindful and cautious of wet areas.  And please be patient as we work to make this course the best it can be.

I would also like to thank all of those who helped with the house, the clean up on the golf course, and helping us move in.  You have beat our expectations.  Thank you!

Cory See,

Golf Course Superintendent

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