Saturday Golf Course Work Crew Volunteers

Saturday Golf Course

Work Crew Volunteers

I would like to thank all the members who came out and spent a whole day cleaning up the golf course.  It was amazing how much they accomplished in one day.  They burned the weeds and grass in the ditch down holes 6, 7, and 8.  Thanks, Tyson for running the limb picker all day removing branches and leaves from the course.  The group also removed a dead tree, 20 loads of limbs and blew off the greens.   Thank you all for volunteering to clean up the golf course and give our golf course superintendent a head start on the course.   The special members are: Terri Dollar, Rick Hull, Bill Lambert, Tyson Berrett, Dennis Wilson, Travis Lambert, Jason Heath, Tim Chamberland, Brent Smith, and Jeff Carlson.

Everyone – keep a look out for the next work party this spring, probably in early April.

Pat Dollar

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