Opening Day Scramble Results


Opening Day Scramble Results

A  HUGE THANK YOU to Corey, Bobbi and Katie for helping our Sunday opening scramble so well.  Thank you to all our teams that came out and enjoyed a beautiful day on the course.  The event was a success because of the willingness of the group to work together, through the strict structure and weird adaptations we have been doing.  It is because of each of you that we were all able to finally get to enjoy some competition and get some activity out at the course.  We had a phenomenal turn out with a total of 16 teams.  Below you will see the standings.  For a tie break the scorecard playoff was used.  The winning team wins the same thing as the other 15 teams, a fun day with friends on the golf course.  There were only 2 skins for the 9 hole tournament.  Its always fun to find out you did better on a single hole than the rest of the field.

  • 1st — Corner Club #2 — 30
  • 2nd — Sean & The Boys — 31 — (Eagle on #6 for a skin)
  • 3rd — Moscow Auto Service — 31
  • 4th — 3PF — 31
  • 5th — Leachman Logging — 32
  • 6th — University Auto Sales — 33
  • 7th — 4 Old Men — 33
  • 8th — JV — 33
  • 9th — Pizza Perfection — 33
  • 10th — Varsity — 33
  • 11th — Atlas Sand & Rock — 33
  • 12th — VTU Buffaloes — 34
  • 13th  — Pat’s Saws — 34
  • 14th — K & K Electric — 34 — (Birdie on #3 for a skin)
  • 15th — Mulligan — 36
  • 16th — HACKERS XSTREAM — 38

Please continue to enjoy the course and practice social distancing to ensure we can keep having fun out there.  Keep your eye out.  We will be doing a 2-person scramble coming up this next month.  I would love to hear suggestions and ideas for ways to make these events run smoother going forward.  Thanks again to you all for coming out and making the event so successful.

See you on the Course!!

Bill Myers

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