From Cory — Golf Course Superintendent

Aeration of the Greens 

On Saturday May 16th we will Be aerifying the greens. I need about 8 volunteers to complete this project.  I will be using a solid tine so there will NOT be plugs to shovel.  I will need people to run a —

  • Mower
  • Blower
  • Sander
  • Aerafier
  • Tractor
  • Dragmatt

Let me know if you can make it and what your preference is for equipment or time of the day that is best.

The course will be open for play but players will need to be aware of
workers and will have to by-pass the green being worked on.

Also I am still struggling to find employees for the golf course so if you know anyone please send them my way and if you can come in to volunteer to mow rough for a couple hours that would be fabulous and very helpful.


Contact me through the lodge if you are able to help.

Cory See — Golf Course Superintendent

5 Things Every Golfer Should Know About Aerating Greens — USGA Greens Section

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