Course Improvement Tournament Results

Course Improvement Tournament Results

A Huge thank you to all of you for coming out and donating beyond what we ever could have expected.  The tournament was a great success for our golf course, restaurant, community and golfers!  Everyone enjoyed what started as a chilly morning helping us get 2 HUGE boxes of food for the food bank as well as a cash donation of $165!! 

We were able to give out $570 worth of gift certificates for the bar and dinning area to winning participants.  Attached is are the full results for all teams in the tournament. Below are the winning teams.  All winnings can be collected from Bobbi at the bar. 

TWO GIANT THANKS YOUS, to Cory and Bobbi for helping the tournament go so smoothly.  Everything is looking so nice out on the course and the playing conditions continue to improve weekly!  Bobbi is working hard to keep fun and different things happening around the club house.  Make sure to go out and try some of the fun games she has available. 

As for the Course Improvement side of the the tournament.  It was our hope to raise enough money to get new yardage signs that are unique to our course and mounted on the trees instead of on the ground.  This will hopefully help them stay in better condition for a longer time and to save time for Cory and his staff when mowing. We have certainly reached that goal, raising $540.  This will be more than enough to cover the expenses of the project and get us started towards our next project.  These signs are being ordered and will be up soon!  You can see where some of these signs will be around the course.  They have been marked with bright pink ribbon. 

Place  Score  Payout  Name Name
T1st 34 $63 Jerry Curtis Kevin Peterson
T1st 34 $63 Erik Johnson Cody Wood
T1st 34 $63 Bill Myers Colin Briggs
4th 35 $20 Tim Racicot Alan Wright
T5th 36 $5 Ken Pederson Riley Pederson
T5th 36 $5 Jackson Uhrig Mike Parsons
Place Score Payout Name Name
1st 37 $100 Kathy Weber Bill Lambert
T2nd 40 $40 Laurie Hopkins Dennis Wilson
T2nd 40 $40 Jane Abendroth Marv Bieker
T2nd 40 $40 Mary Manderscheid Bev Rhoades
T5th 41 $10 Carole Jones Jack Jones
T5th 41 $10 Kathy Christian Ken Jordan
Place  Score Payout Name  Name
1st 35 $60 Alison Dorigo Sean Dorigo
2nd 40 $20 Tanner Fealy Butch Fealy
KP’s $5 EACH
#5 MENS Kevin Peterson
#8 LADIES Jane Abendroth
#8 JRs Tanner Fealy
Long Drive #6 $5 EACH
MENS Erik Johnson
LADIES Kristie Mattoon
JRs Brock Fealy

Thanks again to all who came out, we will be having a few of these types of events in July. June is full of Sole Survivor Qualifiers so watch for those emails this week as well.

See you out there,

Bill Myers

2-person results


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