Could you name this past Moscow Elks member??

Were you able to name this past Moscow Elks member from last weeks hints?

Jerome J. Day

  • Born and raised in California,
  • worked as a miner,
  • graduated from Gonzaga College (Gonzaga University) & the University of Idaho,
  • was president of the Moscow State Bank & the Idaho National Harvester Company,
  • served in the Idaho State Senate,
  • was President of the the Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Company & the Northport Bank,
  • was President of the Idaho Mining Association,
  • served on the Idaho State Board of Education & the Board of Regents of the University of Idaho,
  • was an Exalted Ruler of the Moscow Elks Lodge and
  • is on the B. P. O. E. #249 wall of remembrance

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