From the Exalted Ruler

Can you believe the color of our greens?  It is amazing what fertilizing can do.  We golfers are thriving under Corey’s course maintenance and tournaments conducted by our outstanding golf committee.  I love driving in the parking lot and seeing virtually every green full.

Our past Exalted Rulers conducted Lodge and initiation of ten new members on June 10th.  Very pleased we are having some younger members getting involved.  Shout out to our membership committee Chair, Rich Gaylor, who has been so diligent in the investigations and membership interviews.  We are getting some excellent new members and I am looking forward to them getting involved in Lodge committees and activities.  We certainly need some “youngins” to take part.

At our June 24th Lodge meeting, I finally got to take the reins of our beloved Elks family.  I am very humbled and I didn’t have a heart attack, made it through with some hilarious missteps and Wayne was there to help me gavel the “right” rap number.  I think we all enjoyed getting back to business and had some laughter.  I invite one and all to come to Lodge so we can see your smiling faces.  Remember, we only have one meeting for July
and one for August.  And don’t miss our 4th of July Sole Survivor contests, Kristie Project Band, hot dogs and ice-cream, and the infamous golf cart decoration contest.  Bobbi is out for bear this year…. again. Come out and be with your Elks family and
celebrate the birth of this great nation.

Janey Wineinger
Exalted Ruler

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