Notes from Corey

Top things to help the golf course.

  1.  Repair ball marks. Repairing ball marks is critical to having great greens. The greens are getting better and better so let’s treat them better and better.
  2.  Pick up broken tees. Throw them away or in the rough This keeps from them from dulling the blades of the tee mower and will give us a better cut longer.
  3. Fill and level divots. The dark sand pile is for divots. Please fill divots AND smooth them. This will help keep these hitting areas level.
  4.  Take the path less traveled. When you see an area that is getting beat down with carts then take another path. Help give the grass time to heal.
  5. Let the workers work. If possible please let the workers continue work if they are not in your way or if there is not a safety issue.
  6.  Bring out a friend and show them how great the golf course is doing. The more people we have golfing the better it is for the course.

Thank you,
Cory See, Course Superintendent

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