Can you name this past Moscow Elks member??

Can you name this past Moscow Elks member??

  • Born in Rock Ford Colorado,
  • graduated from Colorado State University,
  • received masters degree from University of Wisconsin,
  • earned PhD from Cornell University,
  • worked at the Aberdeen Agricultural Experiment Station
  • was Head of Department of Horticulture — University of Idaho
  • served as Associate Director of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station,
  • was Dean of the Colege of Agriculture & Director of the University of Idaho Agricultural Extention Service & Idaho Agricultural Experiment Stations — University of Idaho
  • served on the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Research & Advisory Committee on Potatoes,
  • served on the Board of Governors of the national Science Foundation Agricultural Research Institute and
  • is on the B. P. O. E. #249 wall of remembrance.

answer will be posted next week

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2 Responses to Can you name this past Moscow Elks member??

  1. Mary Manderscheid says:

    John Ikeda! An awesome man.

    • Ken Jordan says:

      Without a doubt. We can all agree on that. Thanks for the comment — Let us know who else you recognize — we have had a lot of “awesome” members over the years.

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