How do you spell September?… F A L L 🍁

 How do you spell September?…

F A L L 🍁

The golf leagues come to an end, weather changes temperature as we all change from shorts to trousers and Bar/Dining switches hours of operation.   Opening hours of the clubhouse will stay the same but take note that the kitchen grill will be off at 6:00 PM.

Friday BBQ Steak/Salmon Night will continue thru October and I would be willing to put buffet like dinners on any other night if the interest is there.

Going into October Mark your calendar for a Hallo”tween” Party on the 31st.  (Adults invited as well).  🎃  Kaylynn will be co-hosting and guaranteed a good time of

  • food,
  • games,
  • costume &
  • a pumpkin painting contest with cash prizes.

I am closing with a Plea of Help.  We will need volunteers to keep the clubhouse open the week of September 14th thru 20th.   Come in to see me or call 208 882 3015 for further details.

Thank You

Bobbi Ross, Bar/Dining Manager

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