Elks Golf Club — 1949 season — Tuesday Men’s Golf League

   Elks Golf Club — 1949 season —

Tuesday League

By the spring of 1949 the Tuesday Men’s Golf League had expanded to 12 teams sponsored by local businesses with lodge affiliations.

The 12 teams in their order of finish —

  1. Gallup Lumber Yard
  2. Shell Oil
  3. Wilderman’s Plumbing
  4. Owl Drug
  5. Northwestern National
  6. Murphy’s Men’s Apperal
  7. Nobby Inn
  8. Idahonian
  9. Inland Motors
  10. Rollefson’s Grocery
  11. Polly Cleaners
  12. McFadyen’s Plumbing

This was also the first year that the golf club operated a lunch counter.  The menu was a bit limitted —

  1. hot dog with mustard
  2. hot dog without mustard.



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