Can you name this past Moscow Elks member??

Can you name this past Moscow Elks member??

  • coached high school football in California,
  • coached semi-pro Olympic Club football team,
  • founded Shrine East-West All Star Game,
  • coached West team in East-West All Star Game for 19 years,
  • coached State College of Washington (Washington State University),
  • posted an undefeated record at home for 9 consecutive season,
  • coached the cougars to a Pacific Coast Conference championship,
  • coached against Albama in the Rose Bowl Game,
  • recorded at 93-53-14 record as a head football coach,
  • coached 8th grade football,
  • farmed hops in Yakima with his sons, and
  • was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

answer will be posted next week

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