From the Desk of the Secretary

We did it!  We are into a new Lodge Year; it looks like things
may (WITH THE GRACE OF GOD!) begin to return to normal. As you can see, we managed to have a successful year, even with that friggin Covid Virus around.  Thank you to all our members for creating the success we have had.  We ended the year financially solvent!  Trust me—that was a challenge!  We have a net gain of 29 new members.  Unfortunately, I had to drop 10 members for non-payment of dues, or we would have had an even higher net gain.  Our new officers are in place, the 2021-2022 budget will be voted on at the April 28th Lodge meeting and we are off and running.  Don’t forget the Men’s breakfast which is 9am on Sunday the 29th of April. Weather permitting, men’s golf leagues will start the first week of May.

OK, that’s about it,

Wayne Krauss,
Secretary, PER

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