Whew, what a fun, entertaining month!  I am very excited for a busy June.  Men’s and Women’s leagues are both going full bore.  I have been trying to have food available on the buffet line when leagues have been finishing up.  Some feedback and different ideas
would be very helpful.

On top of graduation parties and steak and salmon every Friday we have a few tournaments coming up.

June 11th we will be having the Board of Realtors tournament!  June 20th we will be having the Special Olympics tournament!

Mondays have been slow, hopefully the weather will eventually get more golfers out but until then I would like to attempt a trivia night on Monday June 14th.  We will hand out prizes for winners and have food and beverages available.  if it’s a good time and brings a little crowd we will continue trivia every other Monday.

Thanks, members, for being so awesome!  Cheers —


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