Elks BULLetin #4

Volume 4, 2017

 Elks BULLetin

GOLFERS!  We have a new system to qualify for the Men’s and Senior Men’s Sole Survivor Tournament.  There are three qualifying rounds in May and June.  These qualifying rounds will determine who will be playing in the sole survivor events on the July 4th weekend.  The following information is very important for you to understand how the system works.

There will be three qualifying 18 hole rounds on Sundays, May 21, June 11, and June 25.  Begin play anytime between 8:00am – 3:00pm each Sunday.  Your gross scores will be used for these events.  You may arrange your own groups, but you must play with at least one other competitor qualifying for the sole survivor tournament for your score to count.  There will be a onetime qualifying fee of $10.00 even though you may play all three event days.

This next part is really important.  The winner of each Sunday will qualify for the men’s sole survivor and the top two senior players will qualify for the senior sole survivor.  All other players will be accumulating points each Sunday towards qualifying for the two sole survivors.

Men’s Sole Survivor field will include: Past Champion, Club Champion, the 3 Sunday winners, the top 4 point accumulators for all Sunday events combined, and 1 Last Chance qualifier on July 4th morning.

Senior Men’s Sole Survivor field will include: Past Champion, the 3 Sunday winners and runners up, and the top 3 point accumulators for all Sunday events combined.

Detailed information and signup sheets are at the golf course.  Also, each Sunday there will be a Net Skins game in conjunction with the Sole Survivor qualifying. The cost is $10.00 and all moneys go back to players in prizes that day.  THIS SUNDAY IS THE FIRST EVENT!

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