Elks BULLetin #7

Volume 7, 2017

 Elks BULLetin

Golf Course Update!

Trent has raked, added top soil and seeded a number of areas around the golf course.  Until these seeded areas are mature enough to handle play, please remove your ball from these areas and do not play on them.  Also, do not drive your carts on them for any reason.

Trent is in the process of fixing all the traps on the course with newly added sand and trimming the edges.  He has asked all golfers to leave the rakes IN THE TRAPS.  This will help him save time when he mows around the traps.

Hopefully everyone has heard about the state adding a turnout on highway 8 on the back side of #8 green.  This project will start sometime this summer.  The state has given us money to put up some trees and a net behind #8 green to protect the passing cars and a sound barrier for us.  There should be enough money left over to help us do a number of other projects around the course and lodge.

Due to the road construction and the state having heavy equipment working behind #8 green, it is a REMOTE possibility we may have to take the green off line for a short time.  Trent has a plan to minimize the inconvenience to our golfers.  He will create a temporary green next to the pond and the 100 yard marker on #7.  He will then create a new #8 tee for a short par 3 to the original #7 green.  After playing the shortened #8 hole, we can go directly to #9 tee to finish our round.

We still have water issues in front of #2 and #9 tees, please do not drive your carts in these areas until they dry out and are mowed.  Does anyone like the idea of building a lake in front of those tees?

Just kidding!  Lastly, Trent and his crew are working as hard as they can to get the fairways and rough mowed down to make the course easier to play.

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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