From the Desk of the Secretary

As we go into July, I want to remind everyone that we will only have one meeting and that will be on the 26th. Our membership continues to increase as we currently stand at 391 m

embers. We have reinstated one and initiated five new members since the year began. We currently have 14 candidates in process with 8 scheduled for initiation in July. That is great news and we thank all of our member sponsors for bringing these new candidates into our Lodge. As you all should know, a current 

members number is drawn from the Pot-of-Gold at each meeting. Chuck Baysinger’s number was drawn and not being at the meeting, he did not go home with close to $500.00. The amusing part, at least to me, is I sponsored his reinstatement at the end of April and already his name was drawn. Sorry Chuck, guess I should have encouraged you to come to the meetings—my bad.

By the time most of you get this newsletter, the 4th of July will have come and gone. Once again our Sole Survivor golf tournaments  were held and it should be noted again that this is the 90th anniversary of the Elk’s Golf Course. It was designed by Frank James and still retains its original configuration. Of course it is much harder to play now because of all the mature trees that seem to come into play for me way to often!

I hope all of you had a safe Holiday and I look forward to seeing you “down the road”.

 Wayne Krauss


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