From the Desk of the Secretary

As you can see from the accompanying article, we just initiated 6 new members.  That is great news and further more we still have 9 more candidates in the process of membership.  Once these folks have been initiated, we will have added 21 new members in just 4 months.  That is fantastic news and I hope we can continue with this pattern.  Unfortunately we have 32 members that have not renewed their membership.  This is not abnormal for this time in our Lodge year, however it always concerns me.  It is my hope that our new members will bring in friends and family but that does not excuse the rest of us from also continuing to look for new members.

I encourage members to come to Lodge meetings.  You can see from the calendar that we have only one meeting in August, the 23rd.  We then go back to meetings the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  As a reminder, we have a Pot of Gold drawing at each meeting and that amount is up to $500 now.  Larry Labolle, Chuck Baysinger, Todd Martin, Kevin Owen, Jon Kimberling, and a number of others have had their numbers drawn but were not present— so no winner.  We also have the Queen of Hearts which is up to $550.00.  Each meeting the member with the winning ticket gets to turn over a card.  We are better than half way through the deck, so the odds are getting better.  My ticket was drawn last meeting and I picked the 6 of clubs, so that is one less card to turn over.  Last time the Queen was turned over, we were down to only two cards, so you never know when she will show up.  It pays to come to Lodge!!

Wayne Krauss

Secretary, PER


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