From the Desk of the Secretary

Please welcome 7 new members that were initiated on the 23rd of August

  • Nicholas Alexander.   Nick lives in Moscow and is a wireless tech for First Step Internet (now I have a direct line to the guy that can fix any wireless problems we may have!).
  • Ryan Anderson.   Ryan is a dispatcher for a long haul trucking company out of North Caroling but gets the privilege of working from home.
  • Kevin Cannon is a forester for the Idaho Department of Lands and was sponsored by his dad, Byron.
  • Kyle Hamilton is a Moscow resident, working for McGregor Co. as a custom applicator and is the son of Elk member Jerry Hamilton.
  • Brock Pedersen is Ken’s son and Lonnie Pedersen’s grandson.  Brock also lives in Moscow and works as a freight clerk for Northwest River Supplies.
  • Jordan Purkapile also works for Northwest River Supplies as a shipper and lives in Moscow. Seems like we are becoming quite popular with NRS as
  • Jackson Uhrig also works for them as receiving manager.  Jackson is married and lives in Moscow.

We welcome all of our new members and hope that they continue to be involved in Elks activities for many years to come.  Additional good news is we still have five more candidates in the process of becoming members.  We have initiated 13 new members since July!  Thank you to all the sponsors.

We had our usual drawings at the meeting of the 23rd for the Pot of Gold and the Queen of Hearts.  Jason Heath’s number was drawn for the $500 Pot of Gold.  That pot continues to grow as Jason was not present.  One of the initiates that night was Ryan Anderson and his number was drawn for the $584 Queen of Hearts.  Sorry Ryan, you drew the Jack of Clubs, so no winner.  That pot also continues to grow with another card turned over.  That Queen is still hiding!

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