November Wine Tasting Evening

November Wine Tasting Evening

A BIG THANK YOU for everyone who attended the Wine Tasting Evening in November.  We had 42 guests attend for an evening of special wines and food.  It was nice to see attendance almost evenly split between past attendees and new guests.

A special thanks goes out to our members who donated wine for our auction; Frei, Barrett, Keating, Hansen, Peterson, Curtis, and Baune families.  We would also like to thank Basalt Cellars and Colter’s Creek Winery for donating wines for the event.     

We took in over $1250 during the evening which $750 will go into our charity account.  We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and enjoys the wine they purchased with family and friends.

Thank you so much for making this event successful,

Jerry & Cheri Curtis

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