From the Desk of the Secretary

                Another Christmas has come and gone. I wonder how many more years we will celebrate the birth of Christ before he actually comes back to us in the Resurrection? What are your plans for 2018? I personally do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions as we should always be reflecting back on our lives, accomplishments and failures and striving to adjust our course in life as benefits others as well as our selves.

                In 2017 our Lodge and members donated over $2000 to the Elks National Foundation. This again will allow us to receive a Grant from ENF for $2500 which will be put back into our communities.

               Did you know that in 2017 our Moscow Elks Lodge received and spent in the neighborhood of $15,000 towards Veteran, Community and Youth programs, including our

                Do you wonder what these programs and others like them are all about? If that is a question, perhaps you should stay better connected with your Lodge.

               There are always great opportunities to help out. I realize many of you are very caught up with careers, family and kids and just don’t have time to participate in our programs, and that is OK. It is important to remember that your continued membership in our Lodge allows us to move forward with the programs we offer.

Without you, we would not be!


Be safe and have a great New Year!

Wayne Krauss, Secretary

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