From the Desk of the Secretary

From the Desk of the Secretary

Well, guess what? It is that time of year where dues statements come out for the upcoming, 2018-2019 Lodge year. Grand Lodge raised our per-capita dues $1.00 this year to cover their expenses, however OUR Lodge dues still remain the same at $100.00. The total, therefore, will be $122.00 this year including local, state and national dues. We have to pay the State and National dues in April for all members listed on record. Simply put, if you are a member, we have to pay your per-capita dues, whether you have paid your dues or not. 

We currently have 19 members that have not paid their 2017-2018 dues, and yes, we have paid their National and State dues, so our Lodge is out that money if they have not paid their CURRENT dues by March 31st. On that date I will drop them from membership. 

We started this Lodge year at 388 members and our current membership is 405. We have two more candidates that will be initiated this year, and possibly a couple more if their applications get to us on time. That should bring us to at least 407, but if we have to drop the 19 that are arrears, we will be back to that 388 number we started with. We have a few unpaid members that have been Elks for many years and we hate to lose them. To that end, here is the list of past due members; 

  • Brad Broenneke,
  • Brent Demeerleer,
  • Lynn Dowty,
  • Brad Flodin,
  • Mar Fuller,
  • Zach Grey,
  • Brenda Griffin,
  • Sean Hammond,
  • Brian He,
  • Richard Hull Jr,
  • Jay Hunter,
  • Nick Jensen,
  • Donald Pitt,
  • Tom Redinger,
  • Mike Scoville,
  • Butch Shaffer,
  • Makala Danielle Shetler
  • Richard Sperry

 We do not want to lose these Elks, so please, if you know them, get in touch and encourage them to become paid up members.

  Please be aware that nomination for officers for the new Lodge year will be at the Feb. 14th meeting and elections will be held at the next meeting, Feb. 28th.

 Thank you,

 Wayne Krauss, Secretary

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