Exalted Ruler’s Cup Under Way

Men’s Exalted Ruler’s Cup Under Way

All members in good standing with active GHIN handicaps have been randomly seeded into a match play bracket for the 2018 Exalted Ruler’s Cup.  This is a net play “club championship”.  For additional information click here.  All prizes will be paid for from GHIN funds.


Contact information will be posted in the clubhouse, next to the bar.

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4 Responses to Exalted Ruler’s Cup Under Way

  1. bill myers says:

    Why am I not included in this?Bill Myers I have a ghin and I’m a member in good standing

    • Ken Jordan says:

      We placed everyone who had an active GHIN handicap as on April 29th and was current on their lodge dues in the brackets. If your GHIN hadn’t been reactivated we had no way to place you. GHIN handicaps were purged for anyone who had not renewed by April 1st as per e-mails sent out to our membership. Lodge dues were due April 1st and members not current were not included.

  2. Gary Kendall says:

    Take me off the tournament. I’m old and play terrible. You replace me with someone.

    • Ken Jordan says:

      There are a lot of us that fit that definition these days, but we can still have fun.
      We will move Kevin on to the next round. Thanks for letting us know.

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