Weather modifications and contingencies

Weather modifications and contingencies

With the weather conditions today (Saturday, June 9th) and the forecast for Sunday, the Golf Committee has made a change in the Club Championship schedule in the interest of fairness.

  • Round #2 will be extended to end on June 17th
  • The quarter-final round will need to completed by July 1st
  • Other rounds will be unaffected.

With the forecast for possible afternoon and evening thunder showers for Sunday, please be aware of the following provisions for this ocurring

  • If not all competitors in the net skins are able to safely complete their rounds, only those round that have been completed will compete for skins.  Any competitors unable to safely complete their rounds will have their entry refunded.
  • If sole survivor qualifiers are unable safely complete their rounds safely, the qualifying round will be cancelled.  In this event no points will be awarded for this event and the spot set aside for Sunday’s qualifier will be filled by the next highest point total at the end of the last qualifying event.

These modifications are adopted for fairness of the competition and safety of our members.

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