Your Anniversary Grant at Work:

Your Anniversary Grant at Work

The Disability Action Center recently installed a ramp for a Moscow woman who was injured in a car accident.  She had already been discharged and was in the home, but it takes 3 men to lift her up the steps.  A platform had to be built on the porch, to lift it to doorway level.  Then we installed a 6-foot ramp down to the 45-degree platform, then down a 10-foot and 9-foot ramp to the lawn.  It appears that a car can now be driven to the foot of the ramp for her access.  Handrails were installed on the 6 and 10-foot sections.  Some of the recently purchased components were used to make this ramp happen.

Brent Bradberry (PHfH) was joined by Larry Verdal (MCLC/Elk Member), Wayne Krauss (MCLC/Elks Secretary) and family friend Gary Blevins.  The recent contribution of $1500 from Moscow Elks Lodge 249 to Disability Action Center will help enhance this program.

By my unofficial count, there are 9 or 10 households currently being served through this program.

Until next time…

Larry Verdal, Member, Moscow Elks Lodge #249


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