Golf Course

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  1. Dianne Tonn says:

    I would like some info on golfing. Do you have lessons? Do you have to be an Elk member to play on the course?

    Thank you
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Ken Jordan says:

      We are a member only facility with guests of members being limited to six visits per year.

      Membership in our lodge, Elks #249, is not expensive or difficult. Candidates for membership must be nominated by a member, be American citizens of good character, and affirm a belief in god. Dues are approximately $120 per member, with our lodge returning over half that amount directly to the community in charitable activities.

      We do not currently have a teaching professional in place, our former pro having recently taken a head pro job in Bozeman Montana at the Bridger Creek Golf Club, but can recommend several highly competent professionals in the area.

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