Golf Committee Meeting 10/5/2016

Meeting was called to order at 6:31 PM

 Members Present

  • Randy Cannon
  • Kathy Christian-Wednesday night League Liaison – Secretary
  • Ken Jordan-Chair
  • Wayne Krauss-Treasurer-Thursday League Liaison

Treasurer’s Report

  • Wayne provided the current balances indicated that he had received payment from Moscow Parks and Recreation for Jr. Golf Program.

Tentative plans for 2017

A review of the proposed 2017 calendar was presented by Ken.  We continued a discussion of ideas about qualifying for the Sole Survivor.

  • Providing multiple chances to qualify for the Sole Survivor using 4 Sunday Sweepstake events occurring at two week intervals between early May and the middle to late part of June would provide additional interest and opportunity for additional qualifiers.
  • Each Sunday Sweeps would be a separated net skins game, with gross scores used to determine sole survivor qualification. There would be separate entry fees for the skins game and the qualifier.  The individual with the lowest gross score, not otherwise qualified, will join the sole survivor field.  In addition points will be awarded for each sweeps determined by the players placing and the size of the field.  The players with the three highest point totals for the 4 events, not otherwise qualified, will also qualify to the sole survivor.
  • The Sole Survivor field would be comprised of the winner of the most recent Sole Survivor, the current Club Champion, the 4 winners of the Sweeps plus three from the point accumulation and one “Last Chance Qualifier” for non-qualified individuals, from a 9 hole tournament the morning of the 4th.
  • Instead of having the Invitational Tournament as a qualifier for the Sole Survivor this would open up the Invitational to become a different event perhaps a member/guest event drawing prospective new members with either a one or two day event with a different format.
  • Additionally, the club will be holding a tournament toward the end of August for representatives of all Inland Empire Lodges.

Discussion will continue on the plans for next season at the November meeting.

In addition, action on providing a tournament director position, determination of what golf committee funds will be available for golf course improvement, recommendations for golf course fee structure for next year and any score card revisions we would like to make for next year were postponed to the November meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 PM

















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