Moscow Golf Club History


Document from Homer David — from original records of Moscow Golf Club — with annotation by Mr. David from April 1964

Moscow Golf Club

The Moscow Golf Club was started in 1927, and was financed as follows:

Loans were made by the following

  • Davids’ Inc.                                                         1,650.00
  • Herman Wilson Sr.                                           1,650.00
  • Dr. C. F. Magee                                                  1,650.00
  • R. Hodgins                                                          1,650.00
  • C. B. Green                                                          1,650.00
  • C. E. Witter                                                         1,650.00
  • Harry Driscoll                                                    1,650.00
  • R. B. Ward & G. N. Lamphere                        1,650.00
  • A. H. Oversmith                                                1,250.00
  • B. L. French                                                       1,250.00

Total                                                                        15,700.00


Memberships were taken @ 100.00 each by the above and 68 others


Total                                   23,500.00


(None of the above loans were repaid except a token payment to B. L. French.  None of the memberships were refunded.)

The capital expenditures to 1929 were as follows:

  •                 Land, bought in 1927                                    9,925.00
  •                 Construction of course                                 9,630.00
  •                 Well, pump, pumphouse et.                        3,550.00
  •                 Equipment                                                          912.00

Total                                                                                     34,017.00


The property was deeded to B. P. O. E. #249, “free and clear of all encumbrances” for “$1.00 and other valuable considerations” with the understanding that it would be continued as a golf club, open to anyone on payment of the proper fees, In Perpetuity.


Information from old files – I was one of the promoters of this.  After considering other sites – we decided on the Anderton farm – which is the present course

                                                                                Homer David

                                                                                April 24th 1964

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