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  1. Keith Bromley says:

    What happened with Bruce Olson? Is his health ok? Is there a way I can contact him, since he appears no longer to occupy the residence?

  2. Debbie Weinkoff says:

    My name is Debbie Weinkoff, I am an Executive Assistant with the USGA. I am updating email addresses in our records. Do you have a general email address that I may add to our files?

    I appreciate your help with this.


  3. Janey Wineinger says:

    I would like to join and participate in Ladies golf this year. Please advise how I might proceed. Thank you. I am a senior and new to the area.

    • Ken Jordan says:

      I have forwarded your comment to our ladies golf league representative. They will be contacting you. Thanks

  4. Randy says:

    I would like to attend a golf com. meeting. When is the next one ?

  5. Patrick Kelly says:

    I have tried contacting you through phone and email about hosting an event but I have not heard back from you. Please contact me.

  6. Janelle Kuespert says:

    We are looking at getting either a membership or season pass for an employee and need to know the cost. Also what is the cost of the men’s leagues?

    • Ken Jordan says:

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      He or she would need to either be a member, or pick up a membership application at the lodge. Basically, members need to be 21 years of age, an American citizen and affirm a belief in God. Details are in the application.

      Yearly lodge fees are around $120 and a season pass is $562.33 for an individual. League fees are minimal ($20 to $30).

      Please contact the lodge office for additional information at 208-882-2577, between 8:00 AM and noon on weekdays.

  7. Malachi Dunn says:

    We recently did an event at your guys’ location. There were three bowls that were left afterwards. I was curious if you guys have the bowls. They are partially clear and were sitting on the tables.

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