4th of July Activities Committee – a subcommittee of the Community Activities Committee

July 17, 2013 Meeting

Meeting called to order by Chairperson, Shawn Jordan at 6:00


Brad Anderson

Taylor Anderson

Kathy Christian

Jill Diamond

Barb Jordan

Ken Jordan



Ken and Taylor will assess what hot dogs and buns are available in the lodge freezers and determine what can be used for this event.  Ken will discuss the availability of condiments (mustard, catsup, relish, and onions) with Tia.  Other food options were discussed and it was decided to revisit these next year.

Brad suggested that we purchase chips through URM.  Ken will check on this, as well as contacting the Pepsi distributor about Pepsi products to serve.

Kathy will check on getting ice cream cups to be distributed either outside the club house or on the course.

We will put a donation jar on the table at the food booth.  This money will be used to cover costs and to use as start-up money for next year.

Ken will talk with Bruce about setting up the tent. We will ask for volunteers to BBQ the hot dogs and to serve the food.

Financial support:

Brad discussed the sponsors that have already committed to the tournament and the amount they donate.  Several members had ideas about businesses to contact for either monetary donations or for prizes.  Jill will compose an email to send to members, league participants, and for the web site asking for donations.

Games and activities:

Taylor volunteered to be in charge of both kids’ games and activities for adults.  She will fill in with these as time and participation allow. For the kids, she will make a list of games including water balloon toss, sack race, sand pile treasures, putting competition, and long drive.  Some of these activities will include adults and age divisions.  She will purchase prizes. Volunteers may be needed to help her.  Adult  games will include purchasing 3 balls for $5 for a long drive competition.  Participants can decide how to use these 3 balls in a traditional long drive, a short club long drive, or a seated long drive.  Monetary prizes will be given in each category.  If the kid’s races and games are still going when the long drive is ready to start, the kid’s activities may be moved to #6 fairway.

Next year we hope to add a hole-in-one competition for the adults.  Also it was suggested that we incorporate a short presentation featuring former Sole Survivor winner/s or featured golfers such as the oldest membership.

Golf cart parade:

A golf cart parade was discussed and it was decided that we will have a “Golf cart parade/Golf carts Optional” event at 1:30.  Participants can enter a decorated golf cart or can opt to enter without a golf cart (walking or other means of transportation).  The theme will be the 4th of July.  Shawn will organize and lead the parade.  He will also be in charge of getting prizes.

Voting was discussed and it was decided that the winners will be decided by the most applause and we will involve some kids to help determine the winner.  Jill will organize this.  Also Shawn and Jill will make some flyers advertising the parade and distribute them in the golf sheds.


11:30 to 1:30 Free Hot Dogs, Chips, and Pepsi

12:00 Kids Races and Activities

1:00 Adult Competitions

1:30 Golf Cart Parade

2:00 Sole Survivor Golf Event


It was decided that we do not have time or funds to organize live music this year but would like to pursue this in the future.  Taylor will provide a selection of music to be played.  Ken is checking on the lodge PA system.   Shawn also volunteered to make sure that an operational system is available.

We discussed the possibility of having someone sing the national anthem and Shawn has somone in mind if he is able to reach this person in a reasonable length of time.  Others were encouraged to be thinking of other possibilities.  If this is not possible, Taylor will provide an instrumental only of the national anthem to be played.


Jill volunteered to call Z-fun and inquire as to advertising for non-profit organizations.  She is also willing to take flyers around to businesses.  All advertising needs be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Taylor volunteered to make posters or flyers for whatever we need.

All decisions were the consensus of the committee.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.  No other meetings were scheduled at this time.  We will conduct further business by email.

Barb Jordan, Recorder



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