Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor

 Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor

  • 2:00 PM — Sunday, July 5th

Automatic Qualifying — 

  • automatic qualifier — winner 2019 Sr. Sole Survivor — Jerry Curtis

Weekly qualifying — 

  • Qualifying events on dates to be announced in May & June.
  • Begin play any time between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM
  • Arrange your own groups, but you must play with at least 1 other competitor for your score to count.
  • Open to all Elks 
  • One time $10 fee to enter Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor qualifying.  Pay one week and be eligible to compete all other weeks.
  • Individuals must be male amateur golfers at least 55 years old by July 1st.
  • The low gross score(s)** in each event (from individuals not otherwise qualified) will join the Men’s Sr. sole survivor field (ties broken by low GHIN index)
  • Remaining openings in the field , and all alternates, will be filled with the individual or individuals  with the highest point totals*** for the combined events, not otherwise qualified. (ties broken by low GHIN index)
    • *(Qualifying events for Men’s Sr. Sole Survivor will be held concurrently with qualifying for the Elks’ 4th of July Sole Survivor Exhibition and Summer Skins events.  $10 fee is only for the Men’s Sr. Sole Survivor.) 
    • **(For gross scores to count, round must be completed in accordance with USGA and local rules (all putts holed etc.) and a signed and attested card must be turned in. )
    • ***(Points will be awarded on the basis of gross scores. Low gross will receive 20 points (for a field of 20 or more – if less than 20 participants, low gross will receive points equal to the number of participants).  Points awarded will decrease by 1 point for each successive position.  If the field exceeds 20, all players will receive a minimum of 1 point.)

Sr. Men’s  Sole Survivor weekly qualifying dates —

  • to be determined


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