Board of Directors Minutes

ElksUSALogo100[1]Summary of Board of Directors meetings from 2/13/2014 & 2/192014.

The February 13th meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM in the lodge.

Members present –

  • Exalted Ruler Samie Valin
  • Esteemed Leading Knight Alicia Neely
  • Esteemed Loyal Knight Sean Dorigo
  • Esteemed Lecturing Knight Corey Ray
  • Trustee Dave McGraw
  • Trustee Ken Jordan

Members absent —

  • Trustee Chair Jerry Robinson
  • Trustee Dee Thompson
  • Trustee Chuck Labine

Guests – (none)

Lengthy discussion ensued, looking at the options faced by the lodge in filling staffing positions in both the bar/dining/golf shop and in maintenance of the course.

Options included —

  • An overall supervisory position for both areas with all bar/dining/golf shop and course maintenance employees reporting to a common supervisor.
  • A supervisor for bar/dining/golf shop management and a separate greens keeping staff reporting to a head greens keeper.
  • Bar/dining/golf shop operations staying under the direct supervision of the Board with individual staffing decisions being made by the Board, but with a Course Superintendent in charge of greens keeping staff.
  • Hiring a management company to maintain the golf course, golf shop and bar/dining.
  • Leasing the golf operation and bar/dining with the lodge subletting the lodge facilities back from the lessee.
  • Looking for other solutions to the staffing issues.

In the long term the Board was of a consensus that a full time manager/golf professional for the bar/dining/golf shop is preferred but may not be attainable this season.  This person could be in charge of the bar/dining/golf shop or could have supervisory responsibilities for both the bar/ding/golf shop and golf course maintenance.

In the short term, the course maintenance piece needs immediate attention.  The current plan is hire a head greenskeeper with responsibility for course maintenance.  The Board is currently determining a compensation package and will be advertising for the position soon, through appropriate professional associations and regional services.  Our current Course Superintendant, Bruce Olson, will be paid a consulting fee to help train and orient the new head greens keeper.  We are evaluating the use of the residence as part of any compensation package prior to hiring.

The Board has approached the Professional Golf Management faculty at the University of Idaho as to how we can mutually benefit from a relationship with them.  At this point there is reasonable expectation that we can find a practical arrangement where advanced students in their program can get hands on experience and we can benefit from their involvement.  We will be meeting with them soon to look at possibilities.

We have a bit more time to deal with bar/dining/golf shop issues than with the course maintenance issue.  Course maintenance needs to begin soon while bar/dining/golf shop activities will start slowly and give us some time to work on details.  We have an employee from last year has agreed to work until May and can competently fill in with part time additional help.

The Board expressed an interest in meeting with representatives of the state association to investigate and clarify our options under the state and national rules of B. P. O. E. in these decisions.

Three Board positions will be vacated on April 1st and with no one nominated at the last lodge meeting, the makeup of the new Board will be determined on the floor at the lodge meeting on Wednesday, February 26th.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

The Board of Directors met again on February 19th from 6:30 till 8:45 to follow up on  these discussions and will be holding an additional special meeting to continue our discussions on Wednesday, February 26th at the lodge at 6:00 PM.  All members are always welcome to attend Board meetings.


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