Invitation to Officer Installation & Dinner



PO Box 9026

Moscow, Id.83843

Idaho’s Oldest Lodge

A Non Profit Organization

 Moscow Elks Officer Installation Ceremony and Dinner

 March 27 will be the date of the Officer Installation dinner and ceremony. I invite all Elks and guests to join me for a social hour starting at 6:00 pm. Dinner will begin at 7:00 and the installation ceremony starts at 8:00.

We will be serving a ham or salmon dinner. Accompanying dinner will be mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and rolls. Dessert will follow afterwards.  One drink from the bar will be included as well. The cost will be $15 per plate for dinner. Our bar will be open for any drink that you may desire.

Please RSVP to the Lodge office so we can get a head count for the food. Send payment and signup sheet to the Moscow Elks Lodge or call 882-2577 weekdays between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm. Thank you for supporting our officers.


Sean Dorigo

Exalted Ruler elect

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Elected Officers for 2015-2016 Lodge Year

elkslogo[1]Officers for the next lodge year were elected at the meeting of 2/25/15.

Instillation will take place on Friday March 27 with a 6:00 social hour followed by dinner and installation at 7:00 PM.  They will take office 4/1/15.

  • Exalted Ruler — Sean Dorigo*
  • Leading Knight — Corey Ray*
  • Loyal Knight — vacant
  • Lecturing Knight — vacant
  • Esquire — Brad Anderson
  • Chaplain — vacant
  • Tiler — Jess Caudillo
  • Inner Guard — George Paris
  • Lodge Secretary — Wayne Krauss
  • Treasurer — Shelley Anderson
  • Trustee – 1 year — Ken Jordan*
  • Trustee – 2 year — Tyson Berrett*
  • Trustee – 3year — Mike Keating*
  • Trustee – 4year — Travis Lambert*
  • Trustee – 5 year — Jerry Curtis*

*members of Board of Directors




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Note from the GHIN coordinator

 Scan0023       images[1]

Hello all,

 It is that time of year to get your GHIN (Handicap) renewed.  I will be at the pro shop on Saturday March 21 and Saturday March 28th from 9am-noon to collect dues.  This year the cost is $35 per person and any junior golfer (under 18) is $5.

 If you have any questions please contact the lodge office and they will forward them to me.

Butch Feeley

GHIN coordinator

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Who are these Elks #4

Who are these Elks & which one of them was initiated in what was possibly the largest attended lodge initiation of all time? — Hint — it happened at home plate in Yankee Stadium.

ANew Picture (45)  BNew Picture (47) CNew Picture (48) DNew Picture (46)

E New Picture (50) FNew Picture (44) GNew Picture (49)

answers will be posted on this site on 3/1/15


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Crab feed a sell out

The 2015 Elks Crab Feed, this Saturday, is currently sold out at 140+.

crabIf you wanted to attend but haven’t contacted the lodge yet — contact the lodge office and ask if any opening have occurred or to be placed on a waiting list.

And act faster next year.


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golf activities 2015

New Picture (4)

Golf Activities — 2015

  • Saturday — 4/11 – Golf Course Workday
  • Sunday — 5/3 – Men’s Opening Day Breakfast
  • Tuesdays– 5/5 through 8/25 – Men’s Tuesday Night League
  • Thursdays — 5/7 through 8/27 – Men’s Thursday League
  • Mondays — 5/11 through 8/24 – (not held 5/25) — Ladies’ Monday Night League
  • Fridays – 6/6 through 9/25 – Couples’ golf & steak night
  •  Sunday – 6/7 – Humanitarian Chapman
  • Tuesdays – 6/9 through 7/21 – Jr. Golf program
  • Saturday & Sunday – 6/28 & 6/29 – Moscow Elks Invitational
  • Saturday – 7/4 – community events followed by 66th annual Sole Survivor
  • Sunday – 7/5 – Women’s Sole Survivor followed by Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor
  • Friday – 7/24 – Jr. Sole Survivor
  •  Saturday – 7/25 – Gamble Scramble
  • Saturday – 9/5 – Cart Path Scramble
  • Club Championship — TBD


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from The Two Forty-Niner — February 1968


The article below appeared in the February 1968 Two Forty-Niner as part of the celebration of our 75th anniversary.

New Picture (30)

Moscow Lodge N. 249, the first instituted Elks lodge in Idaho, the state itself less than 18 months old, this winter celebrates its Diamond Anniversary.

Moscow Lodge was instituted under a special dispensation from Grand Exalted Ruler E. R. Hays on December 28, 1892, by officers of the relatively young Spokane Lodge No. 228.  Thirty-two men of the raw, pioneer town which was just seeing the launching of a state university of a rolling hill to the west, signed the charter roll.  None of these now survive.

C. S. Scott was its first exalted ruler, serving until the regular elections the following March of the officers who would carry through the affairs of the young lodge its first full year.

Officers of the Spokane lodge accompanied by 15 other members, came to Moscow in a special car attached to the Northern Pacific passenger train to conduct the installation.  They remained overnight as guests of the newest star in the flag of Elkdom, returning to Spokane the next day.

The lodge rented quarters at Third and Main St. for the first 14 years of its existence.  It built what was to be the first unit of its own home in 1905 at a cost of $15,000.  With expansions and several remodeling the lodge home is now valued at more than $300,000.  In later years it has developed a golf course east of town which with a new club house, represents an investment of more than $100,000.

No. 249 confidently looks forward another 25 years when it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.




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Who are these Elks? #3

1a New Picture (34) 1b New Picture (43) 2  New Picture (33)  

3 New Picture (38) 4a  New Picture (37) 4b New Picture (32) 

5New Picture (40)  6 New Picture (41)  7aNew Picture (35)7b  New Picture (42) New Picture (36) 9  New Picture (39) 

answers will be poste 3/1/15 on this site


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Moscow Elks Annual Crab Feed



Idaho’s Oldest Lodge

RE: Moscow Elks Annual Crab Feed

crabThe Moscow Elks Lodge will be holding its annual crab feed on Saturday February 21st to raise needed money for lodge operations. The menu will include crab, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, roll, and desert.  For those who can’t eat crab, there will be an alternate meat choice (prime rib).  The cost is $25/ person.  There will also be a casino night following dinner.

Social hour will begin at 5:00pm, dinner at 6:00PM; casino will start after dinner at around 7:00PM. Please send payment and signup sheet to the Moscow Elks Lodge by February 14th or call the lodge at 882-2577, week days between 8:00AM and 12:00PM to RSVP.

Mark your calendars and come out for a fun evening to support your lodge.


Pat Dollar

Rick Hull

Travis Lambert




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Who are these Elks #2

2ANew Picture (22) 2B New Picture (23) 2CNew Picture (24)

2DNew Picture (25) 2E New Picture (27) 2FNew Picture (26)

answers posted 2/14/15

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from the golf committee

cropped-249.banner1.jpgYour Golf Committee is currently developing an activities calendar for 2015.  We will be gathering information and suggestions for the next few weeks and meeting sometime in mid-February to firm up the schedule.  We will post an update for that meeting when it is set, and you are all invited to attend.

We have tentatively eliminated some activities that did not generate significant interest and tweaked a few dates.  We are looking for additional activities that can generate sufficient support to justify adding to the calendar.

MP900398861[1]A tentative draft is posted here – ( under the golf course heading (tentative activities draft – 2015).  If you could take a few minutes to check it out and give us your feedback we would greatly appreciate it.  The more input we have the better job we can do of meeting the desires of our membership.


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from the Exalted Ruler

Members All:

 Happy February!  It is a month of being closer to springtime and the beauty of green fields with the crops peeking through, and the blooming of beautiful flowers and trees.  I love springtime!

 After a quiet month of January, our very own Travis Lambert has started the ‘Dart Nights’ being held on Thursday nights starting at 6:30.  The cost is $5 a player. This is a fun evening for those of you who like throwing those darts for the winning numbers!  And thank you Travis, once again.

crabAlong with that, we will be hosting the annual Elks’ Crab Feed on February 21 starting at 5:00pm, dinner at 6:00pm with casino games following at 7:00pm.  This is a huge night for our lodge and its members.  Pat Dollar, Rick Hull, and Travis Lambert are working very hard to make this a night to come out and enjoy a great crab dinner along with fun games.  Please get your reservations in ASAP as they will need to know how much food to prepare.  If you don’t like crab, prime rib is your other choice, so you can’t go wrong with this dinner!  Our state president, Ed Phillips and his wife Vickie from Rupert, Idaho, will be attending this event as well.  Please come and meet Ed and Vickie and show them a warm Moscow Lodge welcome!

untitled We also have some very hard-working Elk members working on our $10,000 impact grant, which is providing an opportunity for our “wounded warriors” from the U of I and WSU.  Classes will begin on Thursday, February 5, 7:00pm at the Lodge and will run every Thursday night for the month of February.  This will continue through the end of May with lots of interesting classes, hands-on fly tying lessons, a guided fishing trip and ending in a fabulous dinner provided by the Lodge.   If you are interested in being a part of this very worthwhile project, please contact Chairpersons, Steve Meier or Jess Caudillo for information.  We need your help, so please volunteer and help make a difference in these peoples’ lives.  Remember – “we never forget our veterans”.


 Elections will be taking place in February – nominations on the 11th with elections on the 25th.  If you are interested in becoming an officer or want to be on the Board of Trustees (we need at least one new trustee) please let us know.  Get involved and help make a difference.  If you have the desire, we have the opportunity for you.  We are only as good as our membership and it takes a lot of volunteers to keep the Lodge going.

elkslogo[1] In closing, I just want to take a moment to remember the people who were taken from the Moscow community and their families.  It is hard to imagine that such a thing could happen in as small a community as Moscow, but Moscow is strong, and will continue to be strong, and move forward.  Also, remember the police department and our own Tyson Berrett as he and his officers investigate why such an event like this took place. 

 Happy Valentine’s Day and we hope to see you out enjoying the Lodge.  Peace be with you all.

 Fraternally yours,

 Alicia Neely

Exalted Ruler

Moscow Lodge #249


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Elks #249 Archives — Anyone know when this was taken?

Elks golf #4 -- early photo

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from the Secretary

The year seems to be sliding on by as we move into February. I like to think that, even though March can be nasty, February is really Mother Nature’s last chance at a long drawn out cold and snowy winter. So far the golf course has wintered well. Matt just hopes we don’t have a prolonged warm spell with a sudden drop to freezing temperatures as that is what will kill the grass.

As you can see, I have had to post the names of our members that have not paid this year’s dues. As I am sure all of you are aware, we have to pay the per-capita State and National dues for each member on record as of the 1st of April, the start of the new Lodge year. That means we have paid the per capita dues of $21.50 for each member. With 17 members not having paid any dues, your Lodge is out $365.50.So what do we do? Take a look at the list. Each member is well known and perhaps another member encouraging them to become current will help. Our Lodge has received $18,000 in grants from Grand Lodge this year. That is money that has gone back into our communities benefiting youth, veterans and many other citizens. Without our membership, we could not acquire and administer these grants. So, even if you cannot participate in Elk activities, just being a member makes it possible for us to prove that “Elks care, Elks share”.

Last but not least, dues notices for 2015- 2016 will be going out in March.

Wayne Krauss


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Elks #249 Archives — Old Maud

old maud

This is 249’s  “Old Maud” whom all candidates had to ride in the lodge’s early-day initiations.  This picture with unidentified members and a candidate, was taken shortly after 1900 when the “old” temple was new.  Note the wooden sidewalk upon which “Maud” stands.

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Annual Christmas DInner

ElksUSALogo100[1]           New Picture (6)          New Picture (31)

The Moscow Lodge #249 and St. Mary’s Catholic Church would like to thank everyone who came out and volunteered their time to help serve 120 people at our “Christmas” dinner on December 20th. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, music and just visiting with friends and making new ones. We hope to see you all again this year!


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Permanent Benefactor award

New Picture (31)

Pictured above is Past State President Ed Sanman III and Steve Meier, VP North, presenting a certificate of appreciation to DDGER Brad Anderson recognizing him as a Permanent Benefactor to the Elks National Foundation, having reached $2000 in donations.


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Veteran’s Fly Tying Grant

New Picture (30) New Picture (29)

Pictured are Steve Meier and George Paris with local citizens involved in organizing, teaching, and implementing fly tying,fly rod casting and overall, fly fishing. This is the program put together for our Disabled Veterans, utilizing our $10,000 Impact Grant.


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Who are these Elks? #1

1ANew Picture (16)    1B  New Picture (20)   1CNew Picture (19)

1DNew Picture (21)    1ENew Picture (18)

answers posted on this site 2/1/15 — trivia/trivia answers/who are these elks #1


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from the Exalted Ruler

 Members All:

 Well the hustle and bustle of the holidays is coming to a close as well as another year.  We hope that it has been a good year for you and that you are looking forward to 2015.

 Moscow Lodge #249 has had a great year with lots of changes that were faced in the starting of the new fiscal year.  We have been blessed with 3 new staff members, Matt Carstens, Jon McAleer and Mary Bentley.  It certainly has been a learning experience for all these new employees and we wish them well for the new and upcoming year.  Good job!

 December was a busy month.  Barbara Heimgartner and volunteers did their wonderful Santa surprises by buying toys and clothing for children of families less fortunate.  Thank you Barbara and all the volunteers for your time spent making a child’s life happier at Christmas time…that’s what it is all about folks…our children and their needs.

 Travis Lambert chaired the annual “Hoop Shoot” on December 13 for our local kids at the Hamilton Recreation Center.  We had some mighty fine ‘shooters’ and the winners will be participating at Lincoln Middle School, Clarkston on January 31st with registration starting at 8:30 a.m.  Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help Travis put on this event.  Like I’ve said before, it takes an army to put on events and we certainly had lots of help from our Elks’ members.  Thank you Travis for taking this on – you did great!

  The Christmas Dinner held at St. Mary’s Church was well received and attended.  We fed approximately 120 people who were all very complimentary of the dinner and enjoyed time spent visiting with friends and family.  Thank you to all the Elks volunteers who helped put this dinner together and the volunteers from the church and community who also came and helped.  With delightful music, decorations and delicious food it was an evening to remember.  A special thank you goes out to Samie Valin who spent countless hours making decorations for all the tables and putting up a Christmas tree.  We also got a donation from “Shari’s Restaurant” for color crayons for the kid’s gift bags.  We had gift bags left over so we were able to donate the rest of the bags to the “Lewiston Children’s Home.”  They were so excited to receive these for the children.  We did have some food left over from the dinner which was taken to the Moscow Food Bank and also to Sojourners Alliance.  It makes one feel good to be able to help out in some small way and put a smile on people’s faces.  This is what Elks’ are all about people – helping one another and never forgetting those in need.

 The next day was a full packed day with the children’s Christmas Party held at the Lodge.  We had some very excited young Santa believer’s and couldn’t wait to see and hear Santa and the bells ringing.  Thank you Santa, Curtis Neely, for making these very young children have a fun-filled day with Santa presents, pictures, cookies and juice, and some very special gift bags to each and every one.

 Following the children’s party, our very own Ed Townsend put his efforts toward the holiday Tom and Jerry party.  We had a great turn-out and it was enjoyed by everyone who came to enjoy snacks, drinks and just visit with friends.  Thank you Ed, once again, for putting on the party.

 As the New Year rolls in, we will be hoping to keep the Lodge alive and well.  January may be a bit quiet, but there will still be Lodge meetings on January 14 and 28.  Please come out and help us plan a New Year and tell us what you would like to see come forth at your Lodge.

untitled.1 untitledWe do have a very exciting experience coming forth starting in February for our $10,000 grant that we received.  Steve Meir, Jess Caudillo, George Paris and Curtis Neely will all be working with our U of I and WSU Wounded Warriors who are attending the Universities to help better themselves.  They will be attending fly tying/fishing classes taught by experts in the field along with fishing trips and a special dinner and certificates at the end of the course.  This is a huge undertaking and we will be asking for volunteers to please come and help.  The Elks never forget our Veterans and here is a huge way that our Lodge can help keep their spirits alive and well.

 We will be having our annual “Crab Feed” in February but the date has not been set yet.  Please be watching for details through the 249er and also the web site.  Thank you to Pat Dollar, Rick Hull and Travis Lambert for stepping up to the plate to bring you another fun-filled evening of eating wonderful crab and playing the Casino games.

 If you know of anyone out there that you think would be a possible member, please bring them out, show them around the Lodge and help answer questions they may have.  It is up to us to grow this membership and without your help it will just not happen.

 Happy New Year to each of you and please come out and make 2015 the best year yet.  Thank you.

 Fraternally yours,

 Alicia Neely

Exalted Ruler, Moscow Lodge #249

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