Senior Sole Survivor qualifiers

#1 – Chuck Labine — Sole Survivor winner 1988 & 1989 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2015

#2 — Dave Baird — Sole Survivor winner 2010

#3 – Joe Vasquez — Sole Survivor winner 2011

#4– Ken Jordan — Sole Survivor winner 1976, 1981, 1984 & 2014 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2010 & 2012GFCL0091

#5 – Jack Jones

#6 — Kenny Jones

#7 – Bill Saylor

#8 — Joe McGurkin — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2013

#9 — Mike Keating

#10 — Pete Lish


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67th annual 4th of July Sole Survivor qualifiers


#1 – Kevin Peterson – Sole Survivor winner 2015New Picture (4)

#2 — Nick Jensen — Sole Survivor winner 2008

#3 — Dave Baird — Sole Survivor winner 2010

#4 — Nate Strong —

#5 – Chuck Labine — Sole Survivor winner 1988 & 1989 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2015

#6 – Joe Vasquez — Sole Survivor winner 2011

#7 — Travis Lambert —

#8 — Bill Myers —

#9  — Sean Dorigo — Sole Survivor winner 2012

#10 – Ken Jordan — Sole Survivor winner 1976, 1981, 1984 & 2014 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2010 & 2012)



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Invitational winners

First Flight

1st low gross — Nick Jensen — $146.25MP900398861[1]

2nd low gross — Dave Baird — $97.50

Tie 3rd low gross — Chuck Labine — $25.00

Tie 3rd low gross — Nate Strong — $25.00

1st low net – Jack Jones – $146.25

2nd low net – Travis Lambert — 97.50

Tie 3rd low net – Chuck Labine — $25.00

Tie 3rd low net – Steve Baxter — $25.00

 Second Flight

1st low gross – Bill Myers — $123.75

2nd low gross – Mike Keating — $82.50

3rd low gross — Pete Lish — $41.25

Tie 1st low net – Bill Saylor — $82.50

Tie 1st low net – Dan Hordemann — $82.5

Tie 1st low net — Marv Bieker — $82.50



1st low gross — Shelley Anderson — $45.00

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Pairings for round #2 Moscow Invite

Shotgun Start at 10:00 AM

1 – Nick Jensen, Joe Vasquez, Dave Baird

2 – Nate Strong, Travis Lambert, Ken Jordan

3 – Sean Dorigo, Chuck Labine, Jim Barrett

4 – Kenny Jones, Jack Jones, Joe McGurkin, Steve Baxter

6 – Bill Saylor, Shelley Anderson, Marv Bieker

7 – Bill Myers, Mike Keating, Brad Anderson

8 – Dan Hordemann, Pete Lish, Bill Lambert

9 – Shawn Jordan, Doug Lind, Bill Morscheck

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Wednesday Night Standings

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]Wednesday League Standings — 6/22/16

Dimpled Balls          16
Sharon Kimberling
Kelly Gilder

Jordan Jumpers        12
Kathy Christian
Jill Diamond

The Sisters            12
Brenda Griffin
Debbie Howe

Texans                 10
Janey Wineinger
Elaine Wright

Farm Gals              8.5
Mary Nelson
Annette Smith

Double Trouble         8
Barb Heimgartner
Jo Lynd

M & M’s                7
Mary Manderscheid
Mitzi Houska

McDonald/Baird         6.5
Mary McDonald
Erin Baird

Low Gross     Sharon Kimberling   &  Shelley Anderson  50

Low Net Team   Dimpled Balls  & Double Trouble  37

Chip ins
Mary McDonald  on #2
Terri Dollar          on #6

Accuracy Drive    Mary Manderscheid

Closest to the Pin    Shelley Anderson     19’ 1”

Long Putt    Mary McDonald   17’ 4”

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Moscow Invitational Golf Tournament

The 54th annual Moscow Elks’ Invitational Tournament

will be held June 25th and 26th.


 This is an invitational, and you are welcome to invite anyone you wish to compete in the tournament.  In addition, we are sending invitations to all Elks’ Lodges in North Idaho to pass on to their members.

Saturday’s play will be in groups of your own choosing. You must play with another tournament competitor and need to make your own tee times.  Play must be completed and score cards received in the clubhouse no later than 7:00 PM to facilitate pairings for Sunday’s play.

Sunday’s play will be in flights determined by Saturday’s play and pairings will be made by the tournament committee.  Sunday’s play will be a shotgun start at 10:00 AM.

Breakfast will be available between 8:00 and 10:00 on Sunday and the bar & grill will be available during and after play.

Entry fee is $45 for pass holders / $90 for non-pass holders (reduced green fees are included in the non-pass holder rate).daves golf

Flights will be determined by Saturday gross scores with approximately 16 per flight.  Payoffs per flight, based on 16 players, would be $180 each for low gross and low net, $120 for 2nd in each category, and $60 for 3rd.  Prizes may be redeemed through the lodge bar & grill, golf supplies at the course, or through Dave’s Golf in Colton.

This is also the qualifying event for the annual 4th of July Sole Survivor (67th annual) and the Sr. Sole Survivor on July 3rd.  There will be an additional $10 fee for players wishing to qualify for the 4th of July Sole flag-fireworksSurvivor or the Sr. Sole Survivor on the 3rd ($10 for each event).

  • Last Year’s Sole Survivor winner is automatically qualified for this year’s event.
  • Three spots are reserved for the three lowest gross finishers from the invitational who have paid the qualification fee, and are not otherwise qualified.
  •  Remaining spots will be filled by the lowest scores of those attempting to qualify who are Elks members (any lodge) and pay their $10 qualifying fee before the invitational.  

Sr. Sole Survivor qualification is limited to Elks #249 members only.

  • Last Year’s Sr. Sole Survivor winner is automatically qualified for this year’s event.
  • Remaining spots will be filled by the lowest scores of those attempting to qualify who are Elks #249 members, pay their $10 qualifying fee before the invitational, and are at least 50 years of age.




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Wednesday standing — 6/15

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]Wednesday League Standings — 6/15/16

Dimpled Balls          8.5
Sharon Kimberling
Kelly Gilder

Jordan Jumpers         7
Kathy Christian
Jill Diamond

Texans                 6.5
Janey Wineinger
Elaine Wright

The Sisters            5.5
Brenda Griffin
Debbie Howe

M & M’s                4.5
Mary Manderscheid
Mitzi Houska

Farm Gals              3.5
Mary Nelson
Annette Smith

McDonald/Baird         3
Mary McDonald
Erin Baird

Double Trouble         1.5
Barb Heimgartner
Jo Lynd

Low Gross     Sharon Kimberling   47

Low Net Team   Dimpled Balls  33

Chip ins
Mary McDonald  on #6
Dana Hull      on #4

Accuracy Drive   Kelly Gilder

Closest to Pin   Debbie Howe   21′ 2″

Long Putt        Shelley Anderson  18′ 9″

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Friday Steak & Couples Golf

New Picture (47)Friday night steak & couples’ golf is back

Golf will be in an alternate shot format with men off the odd tees and women off the even.  Turn in your scores and we will keep a season record and award prizes at completion of the season and at intervals throughout the season.

  • Members holding a season golf pass pay $20 a couple for two steak dinNew Picture (81)ners.
  • Members not holding a season golf pass pay $30 a couple for nine-holes of alternate shot golf and two steak dinners.
  • Guests playing with a member can pay $30 a couple for nine-holes of alternate shot golf and two steak dinners.

This is a great way to introduce non-member friends to our facilities as well as an opportunity for golfing spouses to bring their typically non-golfing partner to the course in a relaxed environment.



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From the Exalted Ruler

Dear Members,

I caP1010413n hardly believe it is time for the June newsletter. For me, students have alr
eady left home for the summer, golf league started, and both my kids have just finished another soccer season. Which means summer is here and it is a great time to come out to the Lodge for gorgeous sunsets out on the deck, sip your favorite beverage, meet friends, play golf, or all of the above.

P1000482 I want to recognize Chelsey for doing such a great job turning around the Bar and Dining experience into something positive that we can all enjoy. I also want to recognize Trent for quickly picking up the superintendent responsibilities to make sure league started on time.

Brad and Shelley Anderson have done a great job of creating a members’ lounge within the Lodge, just in time for summer convention, that will create a space where members can share fellowship on those cold evenings when the weather keeps us inside.

Finally, keep looking at the Lodge calendar for upcoming events. We plan to have a Fathers’ Day special where you can treat Dad to lunch and golf, or just lunch if Dad isn’t into golf.

Take Care,CAR%20MAGNET%20001[1]

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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History of Moscow Elks & July 4th

The 4th ofJuly & B.P.O.E. #249

IMG_20160609_0001-page-001Historically the lodge served a picnic lunch
to members and the public, for no fee, at least as early as the late 1920’s.  Golf events were a part of several 4th of July celebrations in the 1940’s.

In 1950 the Sole Survivor exhibition was first held in its present format at the Moscow Elks Golf Course.  The format has been copied often, but we are the original “sole survivor”/racehorse event in the northwest and, we believe, the longest continuously running golf exhibition/tournament in the area.

New Picture (48)The exhibition was a culminating activity following the community picnic, and it was hoped the exposure of the non-member public to the course could increase membership.  Pari-mutuel betting on the results was a part of the program and the golf course garnered significant revenue from the proceeds.  Attendance has ranged from a few hundred spectators to   several thousand.

Kids’ races were held prior to the tournament and a kids’ playground was erected each 4th of July (between #9 and #2) with supervision provided for young children so their parents were free to watch the golf.  Over the years free hot dogs and ice cream replaced chicken dinners.  Coverage of the event was extensive in the local press, both prior to the tournament and following completion.  For several years KRPL provided a broadcast coverage of the tournament as it unfolded.

At various times cart decorating contests, cart parades, long drive contests, putting contests, and “hole-in-1” contests have been part of the proflag-fireworkscedings.

A flag ceremony has preceded each event with speeches by dignitaries, music from choirs, bands, bagpipes, organs or recorded accompaniment.

Originally players were chosen in a series of qualifying events during the spring, but early on the field became set by the lowest handicapped individuals available.  Several years after the advent of the Moscow Elks Invitational tournament, qualifying became tied to the event.  For most of this period  the top three finishers from the previous year and the current club champion were always exempt from qualifying.

For most of the early years, competitors received one new golf ball for each hole they played with an extra ball for the winner.

During latDSC_1722er years the event was limited to season pass holders only, and then to lodge members only.  Also a skins competition was included in the competition along with trophies and other recognition for the winner.

Sole Survivor winners have included U of I baseball & basketball coaches, PGA pros to be, USGA Jr. championship match play qualifiers, College Deans, a Seattle Amateur champ, a Spokane Amateur champ, a former PBA bowler, a former NFL player, a former MLB player, and a whole lot of other folks who held up under pressure and beat the field because of,  — or in spite of — their talent.

As is the glory of golf, winners have ranged from their teens to their 70’s.

Over the years a Sr. Sole Survivor and Women’s Sole Survivor have been added on other days near the 4th.  A Jr. Sole Survivor is contested later in the season at the completion of the Jr. lesson series.  A Mixed Sole Survivor was held for several years in the fall and at one point a left-handers’ Sole Survivor was also contested.  All of these except the Jr. event have been for lodge members only.


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From the Desk of the Secretary

As all our members should know by now, our Lodge is hosting the Idaho Summer Elks Convention June 1st-4th. If you are receiving this my e-mail, the convention is happening most likely right now and if you have received this by mail, the convention is over. This project has been a huge undertaking. Many members have been involved to hopefully make it successful. It has been a long time since Moscow Elks #249 has showcased our facility, so thank you to everyone that is and has worked so hard to make the Convention a success.

As you read this, the new Elks Lounge is complete and a great addition. Brad, Shelley and a number of others, including Berry Kees worked very hard on this, so please thank them when you see them.

Our membership continues to grow. We will be initiating at least 8 members in June which will put us close to 400 members again. Unfortunately we will have a number of our members that will not renew membership or, worse yet, pass away this year. Please, invite friends and family out to the Lodge, treat them to lunch and maybe a round of golf and encourage them to join. We are more than just a golf course and our new Members’ Lounge shows that, as well as the newly decorated wall in the main entrance.

Happy June and all of you—stay out of trouble!

Wayne Krauss Secretary

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Updated golf activities

  • cropped-P1000589.jpg Golf Activities — 201 6
    • Fridays –4/15 – 5/20 – MHS golf team afterschool practice
    • Sunday — 5/1 – Men’s Opening Day Breakfast
    • Tuesdays– 5/3 through 8/23 – (not held 5/31) — Men’s Tuesday Night League
    • Thursdays — 5/5 through 8/25 – (not held 6/2) — Men’s Thursday League
    • Wednesdays — 5/18 through 8/19 – (not held 6/1) — Ladies’ Wednesday Night LeagP1000590ue
    • Tuesday, 5/31 – Sunday, 6/ 5 – Idaho State Elks Convention
    • Thursday, 6/2 – Idaho State Elks’ Golf Outing
    • Fridays – 6/10 through 9/2 – Couples’ golf & steak night
    • Tuesdays – 6/14 through 7/26 – (not held 7/5) — Jr. Golf program
    • Saturday & Sunday – 6/25 & 6/2 6– MoscoDSC_1705w Elks Invitational
    • Sunday – 7/3 –Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor
    • Sunday – 7/3 – Women’s Sole Survivor
    • Monday – 7/4 – community events followed by 67th annual Sole Survivor
    • unnamed[2]Saturday — 7/16 — ALS fundraiser
    • Saturday – 7/23 – Marines of the Palouse fundraiser
    • Friday – 7/29 – Jr. Sole Survivor
  • Saturday – 7/30 – Gamble Scramble
  •  Friday — 8/5 — Rally for the Cure
    • Saturday & Sunday – 8/20 & 8/21 – Inland Empire Elks’ Challenge
    • Sunday – 8/28 – Humanitarian Chapman
    • Saturday – 9/10 – Cart Path Scramble

Updated 6.9.16

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Members’ Lounge update

For those that have been out to the Lodge recently, we hope you have noticed the progress IMG_0071made on the Members’ Lounge. The painting is done for the most part and we are now working on the finishing touches. Carpet for the Lounge area has been put down with special thanks going to Barry Kees for contributing his valuable time. We think it looks terrific and believe you will as well. The fireplace has been delivered and should be installed very soon with a big thank you going to Scott Gropp for this contribution. Doors dividing the Members’ Lounge and the Tournament Room are to be added soon as well. Thank you to Sean Dorigo for his efforts in making this possible. The furniture we ordered is in and we hope to have it delivered to the Lodge within a matter of days.

Please help us thank the following for either their time, labor or both, special offers and/or for their donated items/funds. They helped make this project possible for everyone to enjoy.  —

  • Michael Strom,ElksUSALogo100[1]
  • Alan Lyon,
  • Kim Carlson,
  • Ted Thompson,
  • Eugene Thompson,
  • Jerald Lewis,
  • KC Albright,
  • Randy Rice,
  • Karen Thornberry,
  • Lon and Nancy Pedersen,
  • Furniture Center,
  • Scott Gropp,
  • Wayne Krauss,
  • Barry Kees, our
  • Past Exalted Rulers Association
  • and a thank you to the anonymous party who contributed to the purchase of the furniture.

We hope donations continue to come in as we still need to raise funds to cover the costs for the doors, window coverings, lighting, coat rack, the rest of the carpet and other accessories.

Again, thank you to everyone helping to make this project a success!

Brad and Shelley Anderson

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Comments from Chelsie

Whew!! Time flies when you are having fun….Thanks for a great start to the 2016 season. It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of the members. You are wonderful people and I appreciate such a warm welcome.

Things are picking up in the bar and dining area. League nights are awesome!! More specials will be coming and for those of you who have requested different food or alcohol.   I am doing my best to meet your needs. I just might have some clucking birds awaiting you.

New Picture (49)Tap beer is up and running!! Thanks so much to Buck, from Odom, for installing this for us. We owe him a HUGE thank you so please give him a pat on the back when you see him. Cheers!!

What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver? —

A bad golfer goes: WHACK…”Damn”! A bad Skydiver goes: “Damn”!…WHACK.

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Greenskeeper’s Report

The season is in full swing! Mother Nature has been more than fair and with the right bounce we should be on par. The highlight of the maintenance season has been the equipment we have obtained from Meadow Springs Country Club. A greensmower, gang unit, Nash trim mower, and a Cushman should round out our equipment fleet for this summer. The procurement was a tremendous value for the Elks club and we have also gained a generous partner for the future.

I am learning my way around the golf property and have enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with the growth. We have a great maintenance team in place and look forward to the days when the temperature is greater than the number on your scorecard. If that last line is questionable for you or you would just like to brush up and improve your game, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a golf lesson. I am pleased to meet and see you all out enjoying the golf course.

On a final note, punching the greens will not be done until this fall. Once a year is the prescription, so I will keep them smooth while the gettins’ good.


Trent Brown

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Elks BULLetin #10

Volume #10, 2016


bullElks BULLetin

It has been a few weeks since our last BULLetin as I thought there was not much news worthy going on at the lodge.  Boy was I wrong!!  In our last BULLetin, I stated that we had a solution for the ladies golf league/lodge closure issue on Wednesday nights.  Lodge rules messed that up really good.  Level heads prevailed – and ladies league was saved.  The four summer lodge meetings will start at 5:30pm instead of 7:30pm.  Lodge should be finished before our lady golfers come off the course, so it will not interfere with them having dinner and a few drinks.

Our Member’s LouIMG_0071nge is almost finished.  Shelley and Brad Anderson have done a great job and it looks fabulous!  A number of members have donated money and furniture to the room.  Thank you all so much for improving our lodge.  A few more items are still needed to finish the room, so if you want to be part of this special project your donations will be appreciated.

elkslogo[1]The Idaho State Elks Convention members will be invading our lodge from Wednesday, June 1 through Saturday, June 4.  It will be a “bit crazy” out there this week with 200 guests enjoying our lodge, but the bar and golf course will remain open to our members all week.  Sorry, the kitchen will be closed during the convention.  Remember there are NO golf leagues this week.  The course will be closed for a convention golf tournament on Thursday, June 2 from roughly 1pm to 3pm.  So, if you want to see what the convention is all about, or just use the golf course come on out!

ImporNew Picture (81)tant Notice!!  Friday steak night and fun golf will start food-meatnext Friday, June 10.  Come see what Chelsey has planned for you.   

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Ladies’ League Guest Night

Results of Moscow Elks Ladies’ golf league guest night 5/18/16

1st place team score of 35 — free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]

Janey Wineinger, BJ Swanson, Shelley Anderson

Tie for 2nd place with team scores of 40 —

Elaine Wright, Judy Crane, Sharon Kimberling, Kelly Kimberling
Mary Manderscheid, Mary McDonald, Dana Hull, Danielle Hull

Tie for 4th place with a scores of 44 —

Annette Smith, Wendy Fredrickson, Mitzi Houska, Bev Rhoades
Marcela Pattinson, Alexia Pattinson, Callie Brown, Kathy Christian

Tie for 5th place with a scores of 45 –

Brenda Griffin, Debbie Howe, Brittany Howe, Jill Diamond
Wendy Berrett, Cindy Schneider, Meghan Raney, Jen Lambert

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Elks BULLetin #9

Volume #9, 2016


bullElks BUILLetin

Now is the time to talk about Ladies Golf League.  The league begins with a guest night on Wednesday (moved from Monday) May 18th at 5:30 pm.  The night will start with a scramble golf event followed by dinner and social time at the lodge. Who will be your guest for this fun evening?

The league will have an organizational meeting on May 25th at 5:30pm.  This is the time to sign up for teams and pay your dues.  There will be change in golfing options this year.  For the first time there will be a non-competitive league as well as the usual competitive league.  Both leagues start Wednesday, June 8th.

As stated, the Ladies Golf League will be on Wednesday’s instead of Monday’s this year.  This change will affect 4 golf nights during the summer, as the league will be the same night as our lodge meetings.  Our Elk bi-laws prohibit the serving of alcohol to anyone “in the lodge” during lodge meetings.  The work around will be – ladies can order their drinks before the 7:30pm (when the lodge meeting starts) and Chelsey will serve everyone on the patio during the lodge meeting.  This should make everyone happy!!  

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Message from the Exalted Ruler  

elkslogo[1]Dear Members,

It is exciting to start the new Lodge year off with great weather and being able to see old familiar faces back on the property, whether enjoying friends at the picnic tables or out playing on the course.  

As the new Exalted Ruler and as someone who adopted Moscow as their home, I am always awestruck about what our community and Lodge has to offer, when we decide to take advantage of it.  Over the last couple of years, sitting on the board and as an officer, I have been listening to all the voices that make up our membership and the reasons why folks joined the Elks.   Some wanted to get to know people, some wanted to play golf, and some wanted to give back to the community they love (many other reasons too).   Regardless of why you joined, I am pleased to report this month that we have planned a very active year, filled with events that appeal both to young and old, to our golfers, and to those who wish to serve etc. 

We are currently booking our events and building the online calendar so that you can see what is not only happening this summer with golf, but also all the activities and service that will go beyond the summer months.  Our staple events will remain, like the Crab Feed and Wine Tasting, but bringing back some of the older events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas with Santa, happy hours, men’s and ladies nights etc. are important.  However, we have also new activities planned, such as the Turkey Shoot that allows members with children or grandkids to enjoy the Lodge on a Saturday as we have a “carnival” like experience set up for them.    Date nights and dinners for the whole family. 

CAR%20MAGNET%20001[1]If you are more interested in community service, we have several new ideas that we are applying for in our grant process, including the ability to help feed those who normally would not get a hot meal during the colder months.

Regardless of your interest in the Elks, we believe we are building opportunities around a wide range of topics to give everyone a chance to enjoy the benefits of being a member.  As always, if you have a suggestion, please do not hesitate to share it with one of the officers, board members, or myself.  Finally, I want to remind all of you that we are hosting the state convention the first week of June.  We are looking for volunteers to help either with transportation, casino night, helping with set up, registration table, and other logistical items.  If you are interested in helping, please reach out to the Lodge Office at 882-2577, and one of us will contact you.

Take care,

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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Greetings from the Golf Course Superintendent

Greetings Elk’s members,

moscow elks gc Thank you for the opportunity to take care of your golf course. My family is excited to live on the property. I grew up on golf as the son of a greens keeper. I played golf competitively as a junior in college and as a professional. I have been in the golf industry for many years and have a deep value for the lifestyle.


 Trent Brown, Course Superintendent

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