Ladies’ League 2017

Ladies it’s that time of year when we get organized for our golf league. Our guest night scramble is Wednesday May 17th at 5 PM, with 5:30 PM tee time followed by dinner and social time.  This is the ideal time to come out and see what our league is all about. Please come out and join us for a fun night of golf!  Guest night is for members and guests.

For our league play competition we play a round robin two person match play format during the season.  We also have a non competitive part of league we run concurrently on Wednesdays for gals who want to play golf without being in a competitive league.  We have a shot gun tee-off at 5:30 PM Wednesdays.  Our season runs from late May until mid August ending with our banquet/awards dinner fun night.  League play is limited to Elks and spouses.

For more information please contact

Kathy Christian, Ladies’ League Chair

(Comments or questions  left as “comments” to this post or directed to the lodge office will be directed to Kathy    .)


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Elks BULLetin #2

Volume 2, 2017

Elks BULLetin

March showers bring April flowers!  Not this year.  The golf course is still under water and every fairway is still too wet to let golf carts on the course.  I don’t think we will be playing golf for another week at the earliest.  It is NOT official, but I think golf leagues for the first week of May will be cancelled.

Sunday April 30th is men’s opening day with signup for Tuesday and Thursday golf leagues, paying for your GHIN cards, paying your Elks dues, and a hot breakfast starting at 8:00am.  I am sure there will be much discussion about the golf course and when we will be able to play.  Be sure to attend and receive all the information first hand.

I haven’t been very good about updating everyone on the status of our Bar and Dining Manager position for this year.  We have had a great deal of trouble finding anyone qualified or interested in the position for this season.  We have hired one employee to run the bar and dining area for the month of May. We are still looking for someone to operate our facility for the rest of the year.  We have hired a young man, Julian Jaureguito, to help cover some of the hours needed.  The bar and dining area will open on Monday, May 8.  If the golf course is not open yet, we will still be open to serve everyone their favorite beverage or a hot lunch.

I won’t go into the details, but the bar and dining operation will be changing their “bar tab” procedure for this year.  Starting opening day they will be collecting your credit card when you open a tab at the bar.  The tab will be closed out and paid in full when you leave for the day.

Let’s hope the golf course dries out very soon – I am soooo ready to play some golf!!

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Early Golf in Moscow — Harry Sampson interview from 1975

On January 5th in 1975, Harry Sampson, then 82 years of age, was interviewed as part of an oral history project sponsored by the Latah County Historical Society.  Harry was an elk and also a founding member of the Moscow Golf Club.  This is an excerpt from that interview dealing with the history of golf in Moscow and the beginning of the current Elks’ course.

Mr. Sampson was a department manager at David’s department store during his working career. The entirety of this interview and two other interviews with Mr. Sampson (totaling about 6 hours) can be found at the following site hosted by the University of Idaho.  Harry Sampson interview #2

Thank you to the Latah County Historical Society for providing the following excerpt for our site.

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Golf Course Workday

Just another reminder that there will be a Golf Course work day scheduled for this Saturday the 22nd.

Time is 8-12, weather permitting, of course.

Wayne Krauss — Secretary

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Jr. Golf

jr golf page-page-001

The Moscow Elks will again be sponsoring a
Jr. Golf program this summer in cooperation with the Moscow Parks & Recreation Department.

The program will offer kids 4-6, 7&8, and 9-16, an opportunity to begin the game or to improve their skills.

Program details are available at the Moscow Parks & Rec site (page 18 of the brochure) along with registration materials.

City of Moscow, Idaho

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Easter Egg Hunt

Moscow Elks #249 held our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon, April 15, the day before Easter.

The Bunny came, the kids came, the weather held, and a wonderful time was had by all.

 Thank you to the volunteers who helped set this up, and the parents, grandparents and friends who brought the kids to the activity.


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Honoring Lt Colonel Donald E “Smitty” Smith

At the beginning of World War II, Moscow’s Donald E. Smith joined the U. S. Army to stand up for our nation. During the Korean conflict he returned to duty for additional stints.

Next week, he will join a group of veterans for the Inland Northwest Honor Flight, traveling to Washington D. C. to visit the memorials their nation has erected to honor them and their sacrifices.

We are proud to have had Lt. Colonel “Smitty” as a member of Moscow lodge #249 for more years than we can count, and hope to have him as a member for many years to come.

The itinerary for his journey is as follows.

8:00 AM Leave Spokane Monday April 17, 2017 on a chartered Sun Country plane
3:30 Arrive Dulles
4:30 Depart for WWII Memorial
6:30 Depart for Air Force Memorial
7:30 Depart for Hotel
9:00 Banquet at Hotel

Tuesday April 18th
Breakfast at Hotel
8:15 Depart for Arlington National Cemetery
9:00 Changing of the guard at Tomb of the Unknowns
10:00 Women in Military Service Museum
10:30 Korean/Vietnam Memorials
12:00 Navy Memorial
1:00 Marine Memorial
2:00 Depart for airport
5:00 Fly home
6:50 Arrive in Spokane

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Golf course *open — *(but very wet)

The course is open for walking only with the honor box out, but be aware it is very wet.  $10 per day for members & guests without golf pass.

Carts will allowed when the course can handle them without excessive damage.  Check back for updates.

Clubhouse will be open extended hours when conditions are appropriate.  Check back for updates. 

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Easter Egg Hunt

Moscow Elks will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15th for those children who are in 5th grade and younger. The event will start at 10:30 am and they will be refreshments/snacks for all.

If you would like to help with this event, please contact Corey at

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From the Exalted Ruler

It is hard to believe that my year as Exalted Ruler has come to end; my first year that is. It has been a tremendous learning lesson and honor, but I look forward to taking what I have learned and continue the success that we have had this past year.

Although the weather has kept many of us off the golf course, we have used this down time to make improvements to the Lodge. The painting and carpet project in the member’s only lounge has been completed, along with a new sun shade over the window. As I write this, we have already removed all the carpet from the bar and dining area and the new flooring is being put in. This flooring will not only improve the looks of the space, but it will make it easier for the staff to clean up and maintain. In this upcoming year, the Board of Directors and the Officers will plan on how we will address the upper lodge room and dance floor to continue our quest to update the looks of our facilities.

In the meantime, while we wait for the projects to be done and the water to dry up on the course, I would like to ask you all again to consider getting involved in one of our committees to help us accomplish our mission and goals this upcoming year. The committees are:

  • Community Projects,
  • Youth Activities,
  • Hoop Shoot,
  • Soccer Shoot,
  • Americanism,
  • Flay Day,
  • Elks Memorial,
  • Lodge Activities, and
  • Veteran Activities.

If you would like to learn more about these committee or volunteer, please contact me at Elks249YouthActivities@ Remember, without members volunteering we can’t do the great work within our community. Considering how much time we have in a year, volunteering is just a very small part and I hope you will consider it.

Thank you,

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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Members’ Lounge

The painting is done in the Members Lounge and the new solar shade has been installed. We hope to then get the additional track lighting put up and the chairs for the new smaller table painted. This should about do it! We hope ya’ll enjoy this new lounge area with your fellow Elk members, family and guests. (those of you that get your 249er by email got these pictures in color!) We hope you all enjoy!

Brad and Shelley Anderson

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From the Desk of the Secretary

I apologize for being so late with the newsletter this month. This is a very busy time for myself and our Exalted Ruler Corey Ray. As you all know, statements have been mailed and I thank all of you that have already mailed in your dues for this new Lodge year. We had to drop 12 members this year for non-payment of dues. That is very unfortunate as, even with the new members we brought in this year, we will end up about even in membership from last year.

As you can see from the pictures, great changes have happened in the way of remodel of our Lodge. The new floor in the Bar/Dining is almost complete and the Lounge has been expanded making all of this a very welcoming atmosphere. We have had a change in the office. Tanya has taken a full time position with a medical firm in Moscow, so she is no longer our Bookkeeper. Thank you Tanya for the two years you worked here, it was a pleasure and we look forward to initiating you into the Lodge as a new member. Most of you remember Barb Morris. Barb had resigned her position four years ago to move to Boise. Well, she is back in Moscow and is also back as our Bookkeeper— Welcome Barb!

As you know, we try to open the Golf Course on April 1st. Well this year has been so wet, carts are not yet allowed. You may walk it if you like, and the Honor Box is next to number one tee. We have not yet hired a Bar/Dining manager, but that will happen within the next couple of weeks (hopefully). Wayne Krauss Secretary

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Lodge dues notices

As of this morning, I have mailed out all the dues statements for the new Lodge year which starts April 1st. If anyone has not received their statement by Friday the 5th, please let me know. Your dues are due on April 1st.

Thank you, I appreciate all the support so many of our members have shown for this office. 🙂



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New Bar and Dining Manager

We are starting the process of hiring a new Bar and Dining Manager for this upcoming year.  We are in the need of 3 volunteers to be on the hiring committee.  Meetings will begin in March.  Please call the office or contact Jerry Curtis if you have an interest in serving on this committee.  Also, please call the office if you know of someone who is qualified to manage the bar and dining area and is available the first of April.  We really need the help of our members on this hire. The job listing can be found on Craigslist.


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From the Exalted Ruler

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by and I am already writing my last newsletter of my “first” term as exalted ruler (ER).  I mention first because I was fortunate enough to be elected as ER again by the membership at the last lodge meeting.  I learned a lot this past year and hope to put that knowledge to work to continue the great work that the members, trustees, and officers did this year.  We had a very successful year in regards to our charitable programs, lodge activities, and all the member volunteerism.  We also were successful financially, which is always a positive.  It is our hope that we can continue our good work and grow our lodge to be even more active in the community and within our membership itself.

I need to thank all those who spend the time to run our various golf leagues and tournaments.  It is hard work to have to do it week after week, but they manage to keep us all organized.   Trent did a wonderful job of jumping in to maintain the course and he will only get better with time – thank you Trent.   Chelsey and Jerry helped revitalize our bar and dining this past year – thank you.    However, it is all the volunteers who make our lodge great and helped us succeed this past year.  Without you, we are not Elks.

As a way to thank all the volunteers, I am having a free Volunteer Dinner on March 11 for all those who participated in one of our events as a way to show my appreciation for all those who stepped up.  Hopefully, we have accurate records of all who stepped up. If you volunteered, you should have received an invite and if you haven’t, please contact Wayne and I will get right on it.

Finally, I want to mention that as we come to the New Year we have many committees within our organization that need members to participate in.   We need volunteers to read scholarship applications, help with the Hoop Shoot and other youth activities committees.  We also have Patriotism and Veteran Committees, just to name a few.  We will be sending out a full list and I hope you will take the time to consider joining one to help continue our success.  Thank you again for the year and I look forward to continuing to serve you all.

Thank you,

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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We served 131 dinners at our annual Crab/Prime rib dinner on the 18th, and it was fantastic! The crab was great as was the Prime rib, the salads and desserts. If you missed this, you really missed out. Hopefully you will make it next year. As always, the Pat Dollar/Rick Hull/Travis Lambert crew did a wonderful job. This is a huge undertaking when you consider the planning and set up time, serving, staffing and then cleanup. Most of our members and guests have no idea how much time goes into putting this dinner on. We are hoping to use the proceeds to cover part of the cost to replace the carpet in the Bar/Dining area. We owe a huge thank you to the following folks that worked so hard to make this the success it was:

  • Paul Decker
  • Pat Dollar
  • Terri Dollar
  • Scott Gropp
  • Chelsey Hall
  • Heidi Heath
  • Jason Heath
  • Dana Hull
  • Rick Hull
  • Matt Jensen
  • Bill Lambert
  • Jennifer Lambert
  • Travis Lambert
  • Heather McPherson
  • Joe O’Callaghan
  • rent Smith
  • Juli Smith
  • Randy Smith


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Valentines for Veterans — National Salute to Veteran Patients

MemberP1000386s of the ElkNational Salute to Veteran Patients Logos were joined by the local “Stampers with Attitude” and other guests on Monday, February 6th to  prepare Valentines for residents of the Lewiston Veterans Home as part of the National Salute to Veterans.




When we undertook this project, the goal was to provide a Valentine’s Day card for each of the sixty-six residents of the long term care facility.  

As it progressed, we decided to include written notes to the vets with each card, hoping to make them more meaningful.  Thank you to the Elks members, and stampers who were able to fill out one or more of the inserts, as well as special thanks to Clearwater Fly Casters and our group of fly-casting vets for their participatioP1000395n.  

With donations of cards, and the Monday stamping night, we turned out over one hundred and forty cards rather than sixty-six.  This will allow the Veterans Home to distribute multiple cards to each vet.                                                                                                  

BradP1000389 Anderson delivered the cards to the home the week before Saint Valentines’s Day.

Thank you Brad.


We do care! — and we do share!


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We think we finally have the painting done in the Members Lounge. All that is left regarding paint is some touch up. Thanks to a donation by the Past Exalted Rulers from a 50/50 drawing held at the State Convention last year, a solar shade has been ordered for the window. We also had quite a few requests for a table to play cards at so we found a table and chairs which we hope will work. Unfortunately we didn’t find them as a set so we are working on refinishing the chairs to match. Barry Kees did an awesome job laying the rest of the carpet. A black border will also be run throughout the room along the bottom of the walls. This will help tie the whole project together nicely.

We hope you all enjoy!

Brad and Shelley Anderson

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From the Desk of the Secretary

I am surprised at how many members have asked when their dues for the new Lodge year are due! The answer is April 1st. I will be sending statements out the 1st of March. Grand Lodge increased our dues .50, so the amount this year will be $121.50. That is the amount we paid for a number of years, and then Grand Lodge reduced it .50 a couple of years ago, and now they are raising them again.

When you receive your statements, you will see there are a number of options listed for donations. In years passed the recommended amount was $2.00. That has been increased to $5.00, but again, that is only the recommended amount, please donate at whatever level you are comfortable with.

I have sent out two past due letters to the fifteen members that have not paid their current years dues. If I do not receive their current dues payment by Friday, March 31st, I will have to drop their membership. I posted their names in last month’s newsletter, so if you happen to be visiting with any of them, please ask them to send it their money. We really cannot afford to lose our members and expect to keep up the great charity work we do in our communities.

Thank you to all of you that so promptly pay your dues, it really helps us keep the bills paid! OK, hang in there, spring is just around the corner!

Wayne Krauss, Secretary

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What do you know about our lodge?

Of the nearly 2000 Elks lodges, what do only the following lodges have in common?

  • #174 Tacoma WA
  • #206 Henderson KY
  • #214 Great Falls MT
  • #249 Moscow ID
  • #318 Yakima WA
  • #358 Heppner OR
  • #372 Torrington CT
  • #378 Haggerstown MD
  • #481 Bellsville IL
  • #499 Flagstaff AZ
  • #597 Reno NV
  •  #678 Westerly RI
  • #824 Santa Cruz CA
  • #1091 Rochester MN
  • #1112 San Mateo CA
  • #1558 Carlsbad NM
  • #1643 Indio CA
  • #1774 Melbourne FL
  • #2041 Pearl River NY
  • #2118 Auburn MA
  • #2157 Rotterdam NY
  • #2250 Cozad NE
  • #2483 Grapevine TX
  • #2731 Zephyrhills FL

Click here for the answer.


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