Charities Update

CAR%20MAGNET%20001[1]Dear Membership,

I wanted to update you on what has been happening with our Lodge in regards of our charitable work. We received a Gratitude Grant from Grand Lodge, worth $2,000.00, to provide charitable work within our local community.

We have selected two projects in which we wish to support in our community:

First is the Family Promise of the Palouse. Their mission is to end homelessness on the Palouse, one family at a time. They are more than a homeless shelter, they are a nonprofit organization that does provide immediate shelter, but they assist the families in achieving lasting independence. In their first year of operations, they served 16 families, mostly children. Half the grant money would help Family Promise of the Palouse restock their food pantry and other materials to help families get back on their feet.

Second group is the Foster Care program for our community through the Family Services Department of Health and Welfare. We would be partnering with AmeriCorps Vista in supporting a back to school drive to supply children in Foster Care. The financial donation will kick off the back to school drive where the Moscow Lodge will assist in collecting supplies. From July 15th until August 15th, we will be collecting school supplies. There will be boxes outside the Lodge Office where you can drop off any school supplies you wish to donate. If you would like to donate and can’t make it out to Lodge, please email me at and I will make arrangements with you to have someone come and pick up your donation.

untitled.1The Lodge also received a Freedom Grant, worth $2,000.00, in which the Board of Director’s will be putting on an event on August 1, 2015 for Veterans in their families. We will host a golf tournament and dinner for those who have served our country and their dependents. We are asking Veterans and their families who wish to participate to RSVP by July 24. If you have further questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact me

Corey Ray

Leading Knight


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Irrigation issues & fund raising efforts

Dear Members,

I am writing to inform you that the irrigation system for the golf course is experiencing a mechanical breakdown, specifically in the booster pump, that is causing the rest of the system to overheat and shut down. This failure is causing the two main pumps (approx. 25k apiece) to over work. As you all know, the golf course is the life blood of the Moscow Elks and The Board of Directors (Trustees and Lodge Officers) are taking steps to replace the booster pump. However, this comes with a $14,000.00 price tag that the Lodge hasn’t budgeted for. We do have some limited funds in reserve, but the cost for the new booster pump and the controls will deplete our safety net. This is why I am writing you today. We are starting a fund raising drive to help offset the costs of this problem. We have already raised over $2500 from our last Lodge meeting and member donations and we are asking our membership for further donations. If you would like to donate, please drop your money or check off at the Lodge Office or the Pro Shop. If you are unable to come out and still would like to donate, please e-mail me at and either our Exalted Ruler, Sean Dorigo, or myself will come on by. If you have further questions, feel free to write me or come to the next Lodge meeting which is July 22nd.


Corey Ray

Leading Knight &

Board of Director’s Chair


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Club Championship


This year’s Club Championship will be played on August 22, 23. This will be a 36 hole medal play event that will determine our best golfer of the year. It also qualifies the winner a spot in the 2016 Sole Survivor.

The first day, Saturday, August 22, members can play with anyone that is signed up for the tournament. Score cards must be turned into the Pro Shop before 5pm.  Sunday, August 23, the tee times will be determined by the Saturday’s scores. New Picture (4)

To enter the tournament, sign up at the Elks Club pro shop before August 22. The fee for the tournament will be taken care of by the Tuesday Night Men’s League. Show your golfing spirit and sign up for exciting event.


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Application for Life Membership

We have received a request from Terry Dahmen for Life Membership, he is over the age of 65 and was initiated into the Moscow Lodge on 03/23/1966, making him a member for 50 years. A vote on acceptance of his request will be held on the Lodge floor at the regular meeting of July 22nd.


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From the Desk of the Secretary

Wow!! How many of us would have thought it would have been so hot this first week of July! I hope you all remember to stay hydrated, use sun screen and wear a hat.

As I write this article, we are without a book keeper/receptionist as May Bentley no longer works for us. We have ads in the paper as well as at the job service searching for a new one. Until that time, I will be doing double duty, so if I get a little behind, please have patience as at times this can be a little overwhelming. Resumes are coming in and I do believe we will soon have new help.

Corey Ray mentioned that we have an irrigation pump problem and have started a fund raiser for the repairs. I am pleased to announce long time member, Dennis Ricketts, sent a check in for $2000 for use on the golf course. He is living in southern Idaho but has been a member of our Lodge for many years and many of us have very fond memories of him—–THANK YOU DENNIS!!!

When you come into the bar/dining area, you will see a poster showing how much has been raised and who has made contributions. The closer we come to that $14,000 mark, the less money will have to be taken from reserves.

Wayne Krauss

Secretary, PER


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From the Exalted Ruler

ElksUSALogo100[1]This month we celebrate our independence day. Reflect upon what it means to you to be an Elk, to be an American, and to be free. I will be sharing the week with fellow Elks from around the country at the Elks National Convention where I hope to learn new ideas to better our Lodge.

The Board of Directors is working hard to overcome some unexpected problems. Please give them support and ideas. Believe it or not, constructive criticism does help. I had the privilege of receiving a complaint and talking with the member who made the request. I am very thankful for the help this member provided just by asking a question.

We currently have no committee to manage and perform the tasks within our Grants program. Our Leading Knight and Board of Directors chairman Corey Ray has graciously taken the task of administering the grants that were previously written by other members as well as some new grants that are currently available. I ask all members to step forward to help with these grants. Each one takes a small time commitment and the willingness to follow through with the program. You will have support and help. At this point the Board of Directors is trying to take it on alone.

A grant was written last year and is now on the shoulders of the current officers and trustees. We found this grant recently and rather than sending the money back to Grand Lodge we have chosen to take on the responsibility and push forward. This grant will be a golf tournament and meal to support our veterans. If you are a veteran and wish to participate, please call the office or talk to any Board member.

A new grant that is being written is intended to help as well. We are intending to use this $1,000 grant to help us install new handrails at the exterior deck staircase. We are looking into the feasibility of constructing a ramp to access the deck and bar level of our building as well. If you are interested in helping build and repair things around our Lodge, please talk to a Board Member. We would love to have your help.

flag-fireworks DSC_1722

This 4th of July will again be our day of the Sole Survivor golf tournament. This is intended to be a spectator event with everyone invited to come out and watch some great golf. Guests are invited to attend as well, so bring out your friends and family. Enjoy the day with your fellow members, have a drink or three and root on the golfers!


Sean Dorigo

Exalted Ruler

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Invitational winners

First Flight

1st low gross — Kevin Peterson — $168.75MP900398861[1]

2nd low gross — Jerry Curtis — $112.50

3rd low gross — Chase Alexander — $56.25

1st low net – Jack Jones – $168.75

2nd low net – Chuck Labine – $112.5

Tie 3rd low net – Bill Myers — $28.00

Tie 3rd low net – Kirk Nelson — $28.00


Second Flight

1st low gross – Marv Bieker — $150.00

2nd low gross – Dan Hordemann — $75.00

1st low net – Ray Matson — $150.00

2nd low net – Mike Keating — $75.00



1st flight gross – Kevin Peterson – Chase Alexander (2) – Joe Vasquez – Bill Saylor – Jack Jones – Sean Dorigo

1st flight net – Jerry Curtis – Chuck Labine – Bill Saylor – Jack Jones (2) – Jim Barrett – Bill Myers – Ken Joran

2nd flight gross – Marv Bieker – Dan Hordemann (2) – Ken Pedersen – Ray Matson (3) – Shawn Jordan

2nd flight net – Ken Pedersen – Ray Martson (3) – Shawn Jordan – Bob Tunnicliff

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66th annual 4th of July Sole Survivor qualifiers

cropped-249.banner1.jpg#1 – Ken JordanSole Survivor winner 1976, 1981, 1984 & 2014 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2010 & 2012)

#2 – Bill Saylor Sole Survivor runner-up 2014

#3 – Kevin Peterson – Club Champion 2014

#4 – Joe Vasquez — Sole Survivor winner 2011

#5 – Chuck Labine — Sole Survivor winner 1988 & 1989

#6 – Taylor Anderson — Women’s Sole Survivor winner 2012 & 2014 — Jr. Sole Survivor winner 2007, 2008 & 2009

#7 – Jim Barrett

#8 – Riley Nelson

#9 – John Mills

#10 — Bill Myersflag-fireworks


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Senior Sole Survivor qualifiers

#1 – Kyle Nelson —  Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2014

#2 – Kevin Peterson — Club Champion 2014

#3 – Jerry Curtis — Sole Survivor winner 2001, 2004 & 2013 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2002, 2008 & 2009

#4 – Joe Vasquez — Sole Survivor winner 2011GFCL0091

#5 – Chuck Labine — Sole Survivor winner 1988 & 1989

#6 – Bill Saylor

#7 – Jack Jones

#8 – Jim Barrett

#9 – John Mills

#10 – Ken Jordan — Sole Survivor winner 1976, 1981, 1984 & 2014 — Sr. Sole Survivor winner 2010 & 2012

1st alternate – Marv Bieker

Tie 2nd alternate – Ken Pedersen

Tie 2nd alternate – Mike Keating



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Sunday Pairings — 10am Shotgun Start 2015 Invitational

1st Tee Kevin Peterson 77
Taylor Anderson 78
Jerry Curtis 78
9th Tee Joe Vasquez 80
Chase Alexander 81
Sean Dorigo 81
8th Tee Chuck Labine 81
Bill Saylor 82
Jack Jones 83
7th Tee Riley Nelson 84
John Mills 84
Jim Barrett 85
6th Tee Bill Meyers 85
Ken Jordan 86
Kirk Nelson 86
4th Tee Troy Klemo 90
Marv Bieker 92
Dan Hordamann 92
3th Tee Ken Pederson 92
Mike Keating 92
Ray Matson 93
2nd Tee Brad Anderson 94
Doug Scoville 104
Shawn Jordan 107
Bob Tunnicliff WD
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Moscow Invitational Golf Tournament

The 53rd annual Moscow Elks’ Invitational Tournament will be held June 27th and 28th.Scan0023

 This is an invitational, and you are welcome to invite anyone you wish to compete in the tournament.  In addition, we are sending invitations to all Elks’ Lodges in North Idaho to pass on to their members.

Saturday’s play will be in groups of your own choosing. You must play with another tournament competitor and need to make your own tee times.  Play must be completed and score cards received in the clubhouse no later than 7:00 PM to facilitate pairings for Sunday’s play.

Sunday’s play will be in flights determined by Saturday’s play and pairings will be made by the tournament committee.  Sunday’s play will be a shotgun start at 10:00 AM with pairings to be determined by the committee.

Breakfast will be available between 8:00 and 10:00 and Jon will have a dinner special available after play.

Entry fee is $45 for pass holders / $90 for non-pass holders (reduced green fee included).

This is also the qualifying event for the annual 4th of July Sole Survivor (66th annual) and the Sr. Sole Survivor on July 5th.  There will be an additional $10 fee for players wishing to qualify for the 4th of July Sole Survivor or the Sr. Sole Survivor on the 5th ($10 for each event).

We will have a minimum of six slots in the July 4th Sole Survivor available for qualifiers.  Three spots are reserved for the three lowest gross finisher, not otherwise qualified,  in the invitational who are Elks members (any lodge) and pay their $10 qualifying fee before the invitational.  The rest of the field (at least three) will be filled by the remaining lowest scores in the invitational, members or guests.

Sr. Sole Survivor qualification is limited to Elk #249 members only.

Flights will be determined by Saturday gross scores with approximately 16 per flight.  Payoffs per flight, based on 16 players, would be $180 each for low gross and low net, $120 for 2nd in each category, and $60 for 3rd.



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RV parking


The RV parking area near the practice green, at the golf course, continues to be a popular location for visiting Elks, and some local Elks and their guests who like to enjoy the peace and quiet of the course, particularly in the morning and evening hours .


 For the full experience, we hope you  join us in the evening on the club house deck, enjoying a favorite libation and  watching the sun set.

FullSizeRender (3)

If you are an Elk who has out of town guests “RVing” into the area this summer, or an out of town Elk, and want a great spot to park an RV, contact the lodge.

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Sponsored flags


Thanks to our flag sponsors — flags will be rotated through the course

  • Kiblen Financial Serices
  • Gropp Heating, Air & Electric
  • Ash Bay Builders, LLC
  • Superior Floors
  • KACI General Contractor
  • Corner Club
  • McDonalds
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Golf Course Flooding

Mother Nature surprised us the evening of May 21st.

187 (2)This is a view of number 7 fairway on May 21st after we received an unprecedented deluge in a few hours the evening before.  Estimates are 3” to 4” of rain in an hour or so.  We have had flooding events before in the winter and early spring from snow melt, typically on the South Fork of the Palouse which flows through the west end of the course.  This time it was a late spring storm overflowing the drainage ditch bordering the north edge of the course and spilling lots of silt from the farm land to the north and east of us on number six and seven fairways and number 6 green.

The course was closed for 5 days as the crew cleaned up.  Number six green was covered with silt up to about 2” deep and the fairways on #6 and #7 had even more in places. P1010767We were playable in a week and on May 26th number six green (minus 2” of silt) looked like this, and was available for league play that evening.

Thanks to all the volunteers who put in time and effort to aid in the cleanup —

Jim Barrett

Earl Owen

Mike Keating

Pat & Terri Dollar

Marv & Ella Bieker

John Weber

Andy Kaus & the Moscow Volunteer Fire Department

Jack Jones

Ralph Koster

Steve Baxter

Brad Anderson

Gary Hayden

Wayne Krauss

Tyson, Wendy Berrett & Family

Butch Fealy & Family

Tim Chamberlain

Wayne Krauss

Tyson, Wendy Berrett & Family

Butch Fealy & Family

Tim Chamberlain

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Monday Night Ladies’ standing

Continuing weekly standing will be posted under golf course / Monday Night Ladies’ League

Ladies Monday Night League Standings after 6/8 play

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]1st  McDonald/Baird    6.5
2nd  Jordan Jumpers   5.5
2nd  Team Off                5.5
4th  Double Trouble     5.0
4th  The Sisters             5.0
6th  Farm Girls             4.5
6th  Strong/Pattinson 4.5
8th  M&M’s                   3.5

Accuracy Drive                  Mitzi Houska

Long Putt                            Mary McDonald   9 feet

Closest to Pin                     Mary McDonald   39 feet 5 inches

Low Net Best Ball             Team of Mary McDonald and Erin Baird  35

Low Gross                          Mary McDonald  46

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From the Exalted Ruler

elkslogo[1]I would like to send out a sincere and heart felt thank you to all of our members who give of their time to volunteer help for the betterment of our Lodge, grounds and golf course. We could not have great facility without the effort put forth by individuals like these. I was out of town for the storm that blew through on Memorial Day weekend, but saw pictures and video. I am truly amazed at the way the course looked when I got back. Again, thank you to all who helped.

The Board of Directors is working through a major issue with some of our pump equipment that pumps water through the irrigation system. The booster pump for the system is on its last leg and will die soon causing a cascading effect taking down the entire system. The Lodge needs help to cover the cost of the repairs. If you would like to donate, please contact the Lodge office. Thank you in advance for your help.

This month we will be holding our annual Elks Invitational golf tournament. This is an invitational tournament which means that anyone is open to enter. Talk to your golf buddies, family and friends. Invite everyone to come out and join us for a great tournament. There will be spots available in the Sole Survivor on July 4th. The Elks Invitational is the opportunity for our guests and members to qualify for the Sole Survivor tournament.

Please feel assured that your Board of Directors is working on your behalf to increase the greatness of our Lodge. I invite you to discuss issues with any Board member, any Officer or any Manager we have at our Lodge. Your support and criticism is essential to our Lodge moving forward.

Sean Dorigo

Exalted Ruler

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Background on lodge 4th of July activities

Over the past several years we have had numerous comments on the 4th of July activities of the lodge.

flag-fireworksHistorically the lodge was serving a picnic lunch to members of the public, for no fee, at least as early as the late 1920s.  Golf events were a part of several 4th of July celebrations in the 1940s and in 1950 the Sole Survivor exhibition was first held in its present format at the Moscow Elks Golf Course.  The format has been copied often but we are the original “sole survivor/racehorse event in the northwest and, we believe, the longest continuously running golf exhibition/tournament in the area.

The exhibition was a culminating activity following the community picnic, and it was hoped the exposure of the non-member public to the course could increase membership.  Pari-mutuel betting on the results was a part of the program and the golf course garnered significant revenue from the proceeds.  Attendance has ranged from a few hundred spectators to several thousand.

Kids’ races were held prior to the tournament and a kids’ playground was erected each 4th of July (between #9 and #2) with supervision provided for young children so their parents were free to watch the golf.  Over the years free hot dogs and ice cream replaced chicken dinners.  Coverage of the event was extensive in the local press, both prior to the tournament and following completion.  For several years KRPL provided a broadcast coverage of the tournament as it unfolded.

At various times cart decorating contests, cart parades, long drive contests, putting cropped-249.banner1.jpgcontests, and “hole-in-1” contests has been part of the proceeding.

A flag ceremony has preceded each event with speeches by dignitaries, music from choirs, bands, bagpipes, organs or recorded accompaniment.

Originally players were chosen in a series of qualifying events during the spring, but early on the field became set by the lowest handicapped individuals available.  Several years after the advent of the Moscow Elks Invitational tournament, qualifying became tied to the event.  During this entire period the top three finishers from the previous year and the current club champion were always exempt from qualifying.  Currently we have reopened qualifying spots for non members.

For most of the early years, competitors received one new golf ball for each hole they played with an extra ball for the winner.

During later years the event was limited to season pass holders only, and then to lodge members only.  Also a skins competition was included in the competition along with trophies and other recognition for the winner.

Over the years a Sr. Sole Survivor, Women’s Sole Survivor, and Jr. Sole Survivor have been added on other days near the 4th.  At one point a left-handers’ Sole Survivor was also contested.  All of these have been lodge members only events.

New Picture (4)Sole Survivor winners have included U of I baseball & basketball coaches, PGA pros to be, USGA Jr. championship finalists, College Deans, a Seattle Amateur champ, a Spokane Amateur champ, a former PBA bowler, a former NFL player, a former MLB player, and a whole lot of folks who held up under pressure and beat the field because of, or in spite, of their talent.

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From the Desk of the Secretary

Exalted Ruler Sean Dorigo mentioned in his ER letter that we are having issues with our course irrigation system. The booster pump in the pump house is bad and if it and related wiring and switches are not replaced, there will be a failure of the main pumps, which are very expensive. The irrigation system is around 12 years old and the initial investment is almost paid off with only a couple of more years to go. Sad to say, but now we have to put more money into it, therefore the Board of Directors is looking for donations towards this repair. The total cost is not certain yet, but it will not be cheap. For more information, contact one of the Lodge Officers.

Other than the huge thunderstorm we had on the 21st, things are moving along fairly well. We still have a few members that have not paid their dues and I ask that you please take care of that. I sent out past due notices the week of the 18th. Two or three members received a past due notice even though they had paid their dues. Sorry about that. I am very careful when it comes to record keeping but I did make an error. If anyone that received a past due notice feels they have paid, please contact the office and we will double check our records. We have a double redundancy in our record keeping, but there could still be an error.

Thanks to all the members that came out and helped clean up the course after that huge flash flood. A huge thank you goes to Andy Kaus and the Moscow Rural Volunteer Fire Department for bringing out a tanker to flush off number six green which had over two inches of mud on it. Once again, our course is beautiful! Thanks also to John Weber and Steve Kossman for their many hours of volunteer mowing.

Wayne Krauss



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Golf Course care and etiquette

New Picture (58)With the start of a new golfing season some reminders to all of us.

Please respect all the cart signs.   They are there to protect the playability of the course by avoiding wear and soil compaction, and not intended to make your life difficult.  We have actually had several signs run over by carts.  They are expensive to replace.

Carts being driven over the tees, particularly the forward tees, are causing the same issues there.

It is very easy to forget and drive where we should not be, especially for those of us experiencing senior moments.  All of us have been guilty on occasion, but try to conform to the postings and don’t be afraid to remind playing companions when they forget.  They should thank you, and so will we.

Additionally – please don’t spit sunflower seeds on the greens.  It doesn’t cause maintenance issues, or any long term damage, but can significantly delay play when following groups need to clear their line of play.

The sand traps are maintained to high standards by Matt and his crew.  Having a well maintained sand trap that someone has played from and left un-raked defeats the purpose.  Please rake the traps after playing from them and if you find them un-raked take a second to rake for the next group.

P1000570Repair ball marks on the putting surfaces, and it’s always ok to fix one more if you see it.

The greens’ crew is doing an excellent job of maintaining and improving the condition of the course, and we all need to continue doing our part.

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Sole Survivor Qualifying


Jr. Sole Survivor qualifying will be determined through the Jr. golf program.

Women’s Sole Survivor qualifying will be determined by the Monday Night Ladies’ Golf League.

Sr. Sole Survivor qualifiers will be the defending champion plus the 9 lowest Elks members, 55 or older, from this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational.flag-fireworks




  • Qualification for the 66th annual Fourth of July Sole Survivor will be as follows:
  1. Winner and runner-up from last year’s 4th of July Sole Survivor
  2. Club Champion from last year
  3. Sr. Sole Survivor winner from last year
  4. Three lowest Elks members in this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational, not otherwise qualified
  5. Lowest finishers from this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational, not otherwise qualified, until the field is full (10 participants)
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