It’s just around the corner

It is that time of year when everyone is thinking of the holidays that are just around the corner.

Business owners and managers are considering holiday parties for their wonderful employees and looking forward to ending the year with a celebration.

Are you ready for a chance to end your year with a wonderful dinner along with a good time?

The Moscow Elks Lodge #249 invites you to schedule your party to celebrate in style and merriment.

elkslogo[1]Contact us to schedule your party and answer any questions at

208-882-2577 or



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from the Humanitarian Project Chair


New PictureIt is time to start thinking about Christmas & getting the Humanitarian Project started which I am in charge of.   The Moscow Elks has money in the fund for Christmas presents for families that can use some help at Christmas.  If you know a friend, family member, neighbor, ect.,  that is having a hard time making ends meet for any reason please let me know & we will see if they would like the Elks to help them out this year with presents for their children.  I would love to have names & wishes before Thanksgiving so we have time to shop.

After I get my list of wants from the families I will need shoppers to help purchase the items.  If you are interested in helping out with this please let me know.  This is a wonderful project the Moscow Elks has been doing for years.

Please contact the lodge office (208-882-3015) with suggestions of families in need, or to volunteer to help with shopping, wrapping and distribution.

Thank you

Barbara Heimgartner

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BPOE #249 awarded $10,000 Grant to Assist “Wounded Warriors”


On Wednesday, October 29th, Moscow Elks Lodge 249 received word that they will be the recipients of a $10,000 grant to teach all aspects of fly fishing to wounded warriors from the Middle East conflicts.  Conceptually developed by Associate Professor of Psychology and Idaho State Vice-President North Steve Meier, and written by Emeritus Professor of Recreation and Tourism and Idaho State Trustee Chairman Jess Caudillo, both from the University of Idaho, this project will teach these veterans how to tie fishing flies, casting techniques, reading water and many other aspects of fly fishing.  Moscow Elks lodge will also honor these individuals by taking them on a fly fishing trip and treat them with a prime rib dinner. One project goal is provide these veterans with an outdoor stress reduction strategy while providing comradery as they return to a non-combat environment. 

      This grant is also one of several recent grants being awarded to Moscow Elks Lodge 249.  Since May 1, Moscow Lodge has been the recipient of more than $16,000 in grants and more than $24,000 in the past year.  These funds have been used to host community Thanksgiving Dinners with St. Mary’s Catholic Church, sponsor speakers and youth activities with the Latah County Youth Advocacy Council (LCYAC), dinners honoring emergency workers and veterans, helping pay for dictionaries to third graders and college scholarships for youth and veterans, providing Christmas baskets to individuals in need, and numerous other local community activities. 

      For additional information about this project or individuals with fly fishing experience wishing to assist with its implementation, contact Steve Meier at 208-885-7679.  Individuals wishing more information about Moscow Elks Lodge 249 should contact Lodge Exalted Ruler Alicia Neely, or Lodge Secretary Wayne Krauss @ 208-882-2577.


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On the Greens

Rain, along with cooler day and night time temperatures are helping bring back some green color to the course that was lost during the hot and dry summer months.  Our fall fertilizer application has gone out on tees, fairways and roughs to help with some late season root growth, which will help prepare the course for winter. Greens, collars, and approaches will have a fungicide application applied in late October or early November to help protect and minimize turf damage from snow mold.

With the help of some Golf Committee funds to cover expenses, the benches on the tee boxes throughout the course are receiving some long overdue attention.  Thank you to Wayne Krauss for donating his time and equipment to plane, sand and paint the benches.

A new golf club washer has been added to our course supplies for use on the driving range tee.  Thank you to the Tuesday Men’s League and the other members who donated funds to make purchasing the club washer possible.

Thank you to the Monday Night Ladies League for their donation of funds to be used on the golf course.  They will be used next golf season to add more flowers to different areas of the course and help with restoring some of the landscape beds.

Thank you to Rick Hull, Terri Dollar, Pat Dollar and Brent Smith for their hard work removing and cleaning up the willow tree near 7 green, as well as their help with many other projects this summer.

Thank you to John Weber for donating a huge amount of time to knock down and maintain the tall grass areas throughout the golf course.  I hope everyone enjoyed this golf season. I look forward to seeing our members and guests continue to enjoy the course thisfall and throughout the winter!

Matt Carstens,

Course Superintendent


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From the desk of the Secretary

Lots of great information in this month’s 249er, so I will keep my note short.  There are two great events happening this month.  The first one is the Harlem Ambassador event being held at Memorial Gym on the 12th.  As you can see from the flyer, this is where our $2000 Promise Grant is being used.  We are partnering with the Latah County Youth Advocacy Council to bring this great event to Moscow and the surrounding communities.

We have actually moved our Lodge meeting to the 5th so all officers can participate.  Please plan on attending to show your support for the youth of our communitees.

The other event, as you can see from the included article, is our 2nd annual International Wine Tasting Evening.  We can only accommodate 40 people, so get your reservations and money in early.  Last years was a very fun event and this year looks like it will be even better.

The golf course is now or soon will be, operating from tempory greens for the winter.  Matt wants to allow as much golf as possible this winter, so please pay at the honor box on #1 tee and use the tempory greens.

Wayne Krauss



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Welcome Autumn

On September 13 and 14 our club faced a challenge from the Colfax golf course.  We played in a 2 day tournament with teams of two to compete for a trophy and more importantly bragging rights for our club.  We won the event by a mere ½ point over the two days.  This was a great event and I believe all involved had fun.  I hope to grow the event next year with more of our members participating.  All can enjoy a good weekend with our Elk brothers and sisters as well as good gamesmanship with the teams that we will face.

 Through this fall and winter I hope to build our club and find more things for fellow members to do at our Lodge.  We have dart nights coming up as well as Bunco.  We have a pool table and a bar with food. This is a great place to spend a few hours with friends playing games or just catching up on some conversation.  Please let me know if you have any ideas that would help build our activities.  All ideas are welcome.

As the year moves on, the seasons will change and golf will stop.  I hope to see everyone continue to come out to the lodge to enjoy company, have a drink, play a game or attend a Lodge night.  We have officer positions available.  A trustee position will open at the end of the year as well.  Come out to a Lodge night. You may enjoy it and find that you would like to be involved with the administrative side of our organization.

elkslogo[1]   I hope to see you all at the Lodge. Until next month, keep smiling!

Sean Dorigo,

Leading Knight, Board of Directors Chairman


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Harlem Ambassadors exhibition

 Everyone needs to plan to attend this great event.  We have moved our normal Wednesday night Lodge meeting to the 5th of November so all officers and members can attend.  Moscow Lodge #249, with the use of our recently awarded Promise Grant, has partnered with the Latah County Youth Advocacy Council to bring this wonderful event to Moscow.

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International Wine Tasting Evening

New Picture (3)We are planning another fun evening of wine tasting with food pairings. The event will be Saturday, November 22 at 6:30pm at the Moscow Elks Lodge. We have invited David Goodpaster to be our MC for the evening. David is our resident wine expert, and will be walking us through our international wine selections. He did an excellent job last year of explaining the differences in the wines and their regions. There will be plenty of wines to taste and an auction of some specialty wines to add to the fun evening. The cost is $15 per person or $25 per couple. We have only 40 spaces available for the event, so reserve your spot by paying early. Mary will be taking your reservation and payment – please call her during office hours 208-882-2577. Hope to see you there!!

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From the Exalted Ruler

Members All:

 New Picture (6)Happy Halloween everyone!  However, by the time you get this message, October will be gone and we are now thinking of November – the month of elections, remembering our Veteran’s on the 11th, and celebrating Thanksgiving Day.  We have a lot to be grateful for and I hope that you and your families all have plans for getting together and sharing your holiday.

 As golf season has come pretty much to a halt, we still have events planned to keep the Lodge alive and well.  The Elks is helping sponsor an event with the Harlem Ambassadors on November 12, at the U of I Memorial Gym.  This event is for youth, family and our community and brought to you by the Latah County Youth Advocacy Council.  Please bring the family out for a night of fun and support as these young Harlem Ambassadors put on a show against the LC Pea Shooters.  It starts at 7 p.m. with concessions, entertainment and prizes.

 New Picture (3)We are planning another fun evening of wine tasting and food pairings.  Mark your calendar for November 22 at 6:30 at the Lodge.  David Goodpaster will be our MC again.  He is an expert on the wine industry and shares many interesting details about the process of wine making as well as the history and geography of the wines.  There are limited seats available, so be sure to call the office and reserve your spot today.

 ElksUSALogo100[1]Brad Anderson, District Deputy for the North, did the inspection of the lodge, lodge finances and general office regulations.  We passed with flying colors and I want to thank Wayne and Mary for all their hard work with reports and keeping us above board.  It takes a lot to keep us going folks, so tell them ‘thank you’ and that they are appreciated for their hard work. 

 Lieutenant Colonel Dan Button, the coordinator of the University of Idaho’s Veteran Services, gave a very inspirational and meaningful presentation prior to out October 22nd lodge meeting.  He works very closely with our veterans who come back from war, helping them finish or even start their education.  God only knows what these young people have been through and it is heartwarming that we have people like LtCol Button there to help them realize their dreams.  We donated $1,200 to help one of these young men, and we only hope that in some small way it will make a difference in his life.  Thank you to LtCol Button and his group for all that they do.

Due to the event on November 12 with the Harlem Ambassadors, our next Lodge meeting will be November 5 at 7:30.  Please come out and join us and see what is happening at your Moscow Lodge. 

 Thank you everyone.  So far, it has been a great time serving you as your Exalted Ruler.  The time is going by quickly and I feel like I am just getting started.


 Alicia Neely

 ER, Moscow Lodge #249

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You have been playing golf here for a long time if you remember . . .


  • Whose “rock” was located on #9?GFCL0091
  • Who teed off on number #6 and made  a hole-in-one (on #4 green)?
  • Who made a hole-in-one on #8 and declared the ball to be in an unplayable lie and took a penalty to avoid buying drinks for his group?
  • Who shot a 29 from the blue tees?
  • Where was the ice rink?
  • Where was the skeet range?
  • How do you play “triplets”?
  • Who teed off from the white tees on #2, hit the marker on the red tee across the creek and had the ball ricochet back across the creek and hit himself, resulting in a two shot penalty?

Answers can be found under “trivia answers” at the top of the page.



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