Sole Survivor Qualifying


Jr. Sole Survivor qualifying will be determined through the Jr. golf program.

Women’s Sole Survivor qualifying will be determined by the Monday Night Ladies’ Golf League.

Sr. Sole Survivor qualifiers will be the defending champion plus the 9 lowest Elks members, 55 or older, from this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational.flag-fireworks




  • Qualification for the 66th annual Fourth of July Sole Survivor will be as follows:
  1. Winner and runner-up from last year’s 4th of July Sole Survivor
  2. Club Champion from last year
  3. Sr. Sole Survivor winner from last year
  4. Three lowest Elks members in this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational, not otherwise qualified
  5. Lowest finishers from this year’s Moscow Elks Invitational, not otherwise qualified, until the field is full (10 participants)
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53rd annual Moscow Invitational Golf Tournament

The 53rd annual Moscow Elks’ Invitational Tournament will be held June 27th and 28th.Scan0023

 This is an invitational, and you are welcome to invite anyone you wish to compete in the tournament.  In addition, we are sending invitations to all Elks’ Lodges in North Idaho to pass on to their members.

Saturday’s play will be in groups of your own choosing. You must play with another tournament competitor and need to make your own tee times.  Play must be completed and score cards received in the clubhouse no later than 7:00 PM to facilitate pairings for Sunday’s play.

Sunday’s play will be in flights determined by Saturday’s play and pairings will be made by the tournament committee.  Play will be Sunday morning with tee times to be determined by the committee.

Entry fee is $45 for pass holders / $90 for non-pass holders (reduced green fee included).

This is also the qualifying event for the annual 4th of July Sole Survivor (66th annual) and the Sr. Sole Survivor on July 5th.  There will be an additional $10 fee for players wishing to qualify for the 4th of July Sole Survivor or the Sr. Sole Survivor on the 5th ($10 for each event).


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Golf Course care and etiquette

New Picture (58)With the start of a new golfing season some reminders to all of us.

Please respect all the cart signs.   They are there to protect the playability of the course by avoiding wear and soil compaction, and not intended to make your life difficult.  We have actually had several signs run over by carts.  They are expensive to replace.

Carts being driven over the tees, particularly the forward tees, are causing the same issues there.

It is very easy to forget and drive where we should not be, especially for those of us experiencing senior moments.  All of us have been guilty on occasion, but try to conform to the postings and don’t be afraid to remind playing companions when they forget.  They should thank you, and so will we.

Additionally – please don’t spit sunflower seeds on the greens.  It doesn’t cause maintenance issues, or any long term damage, but can significantly delay play when following groups need to clear their line of play.

The sand traps are maintained to high standards by Matt and his crew.  Having a well maintained sand trap that someone has played from and left un-raked defeats the purpose.  Please rake the traps after playing from them and if you find them un-raked take a second to rake for the next group.

P1000570Repair ball marks on the putting surfaces, and it’s always ok to fix one more if you see it.

The greens’ crew is doing an excellent job of maintaining and improving the condition of the course, and we all need to continue doing our part.

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Golf Course Flooding

Mother Nature surprised us the evening of May 19th..

187 (2)This is a view of number 7 fairway on May 19th after we received an unprecedented deluge in a few hours the evening before.  Estimates are 3” to 4” of rain in an hour or so.  We have had flooding events before in the winter and early spring from snow melt, typically on the South Fork of the Palouse which flows through the west end of the course.  This time it was a late spring storm overflowing the drainage ditch bordering the north edge of the course and spilling lots of silt from the farm land to the north and east of us on number six and seven fairways and number 6 green.

The course was closed for about a week as the crew cleaned up.  Number six green was covered with silt up to about 2” deep and the fairways on #6 and #7 had even more in places. P1010767We were playable in a week and on April 26th number six green (minus 2” of silt) looked like this, and was available for league play that evening.

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Monday Night Ladies’ League

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]We would like to invite all interested ladies to join our Monday night league.

We will have our annual meeting Monday evening May 11Th at 5:30 at the golf course.  You do not have to have a handicap or be a “great” golfer to play with us (just want to have fun and meet different gals from the club).  We look forward to seeing you on Monday evening!

If you have questions, or if you wish to participate but can’t make Monday’s meeting, leave a comment below and we will get back to you.



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Mothers’ Day Brunch

New Picture (57)Mothers’ Day Brunch will be served at the lodge from 9:00 AM till noon on Mothers’ Day.

Price is $12 per person — reservations not required.

New Picture (56)Attendees at the Mothers’ Day Brunch who do not have season golf passes are welcome to play the course after the brunch for a reduced green fee ($10 for 9 holes)

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Thinking of joining the Elks?

Interested in becoming an Elk?ElksUSALogo100[1] elkslogo[1]

Leave a comment to this page, along with an address, e-mail address or phone number, and a lodge member will contact you.

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Soccer Shoot


The annual soccer shoot will be held Wednesday May 13th in conjunction with Moscow United Soccer Club

This event draws hundreds of enthusiastic young soccer players from the lodge jurisdiction to an event that tests their skills .

Soccer is one of the fastest growing youth activities in the country. The Elks Soccer Shoot Program is geared to coincide with this sport phenomenon. From toddlers to teens, in our large urban centers to our small suburban settings, soccer is becoming a sport of choice for our youth. This program is the kind of sporting event to help keep our youth focused and away from undesirable activities.

The Elks Soccer Shoot program consists of two different contests that test different level skills at different ages. A “Five Goal Contest” consists of a series of five goals, decreasing in size from 48 inches to 17 inches. The age groups that use these goals are divided into two categories, U-8 contains all ages seven years old and younger, and U-10 group contains ages eight and nine. The contest is open to boys and girls who shoot separately. The U-8 contestants kick from 15 feet from the face of the goal, while the U-10 contestants kick from 18 feet from the goal.

The Grid Goal Contest consists of a full-size goal sectioned off so points can be scored when the ball is kicked into certain sections. The age groups that use this goal are U-12, which contain the ages ten and eleven, and U-14, which contain ages twelve and thirteen. The contest is open to both boys and girls and they shoot separately.

Food and drink will be available to participants in addition to normal clubhouse bar and dining.  The golf course will be closed during the competition with no groups teeing off after 12:30 PM.ElksUSALogo100[1]

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FullSizeRender (2)

Official Opening Day at 8:30 AM — it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Youth Summer Golf

Scan0023 Is your child interested in learning how to play golf or improve their game?  Golf is a mentally and physically challenging game that people of all ages can play, encouraging people to stay active and healthy all while having fun and enjoying the outdoors.  The Moscow Elks Lodge in conjunction with Moscow Parks & Rec, offer several different Junior Golf options, all with certified PGA instruction headed by Moscow Elks Golf Club Head Pro Jon McAleer.  Lessons will be conducted on Tuesdays from June 9th — July 21st, with no classes held on June 30th. 

  • Mini Junior Golf — A program to introduce the game of golf to 4-8 year olds, using modified equipment and learning strategies to teach the basics.
    • The 4-6 year old group will require parental participation.  Equipment will be available if needed.
      • 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    • The 7-8 year old group will not require parental participation unless a child is unable to handle a group setting.  Equipment will be available if needed.
      • 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Junior Golf — A program for kids 9-16 to learn all the fundamentals of the game, including putting, chipping, short, middle/long irons, woods, grip, stance, club selection and game strategies.  Equipment will be available if needed.8:00
    • 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
    • The Elks will also provide the youth in this program an opportunity to play on ElksUSALogo100[1]Tuesdays after lessons.  The youth must receive permission to play based on their knowledge of game etiquette and their ability to play the course in 2 hours.  An additional $5 green fee will be collected each day and the participant must provide his or her own equipment.  rentals are available for an additional fee.  Only youth participating in the Junior Golf Program will be eligible to participate and only immediately following their lesson.
    • This program will conclude on July 21st with a tournament hosted by the Elks.  This will be a day the kids will never forget as the Elks will give out prizes and provide a meal for the kids.  The winners will be recognized in the paper and trophies will be given out.

IMG_0375Register through Moscow Parks & Rec.  Registration is open from April 1st through June 8th.

Moscow residents — $67.  /  Non residents — $68.



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note from the Secretary

A quick reminder that this Sunday is the Men’s breakfast. Starts at 8AM. Thursday and Tuesday leagues will be put together/confirmed as well as all fees including Elks membership dues (must be paid to play league), cart shed, golf pass, league dues and GHIN fees.

All these may be paid Sunday morning.

Wayne Krauss, PER Lodge Secretary


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from the Head Pro

New Picture (4)Golf season has finally arrived. It’s time to dust off the clubs and get back into the swing of things. For anyone that is interested in getting a head start on the season, I will offer 2 for 1 golf lessons the entire month of May. Stop by the pro shop for more info, and while you are there check out all the new apparel. Men’s League starts the first week in May with the format on Tuesdays switching to a similar format as on Thursdays. Plenty of room left for new teams. I am looking forward to another great season, and hope to see you out at the course soon.

Jon McAleer — PGA Professional

You can contact me at 208-882-3015


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from the Exalted Ruler

elkslogo[1]Summer is here!

As we move into summer months, the sun comes out and warms everybody’s spirit. The golf course is shaping up nicely. Thank you to all of those who helped clean up the course in April. These volunteers are the people who make this Lodge a success. Part of our core values as Elks reflects our willingness to give of ourselves to help others.

Grand Exalted Ruler John D. Amen has requested that all Lodges across our country deem the week of May 1 through 7 as Elks National Youth Week. Please look into your own social circles and acknowledge the accomplishments of the youth in your lives. These children are our future Elks, leaders and caretakers for our country. Our children need the guidance that we can offer through our experiences in life.

This April the spring District Deputy clinic was held at our Lodge to help our Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Secretary and Board of Directors Chairman to successfully lead our Lodge to a stable and promising future. This year our District Deputy is Brad Anderson from our own Lodge, Moscow Lodge #249. We have a number of State Elks Association officers and board members as members of our Lodge as well.

We are trying some new things this year to encourage members to join in to our activities. I hope to have a wide array of activities for everybody to enjoy. One of the first is a new Wednesday golf league that would allow single players to come out and join in a League without the need for a team. I hope to see more people out and meet some more people.

Please feel assured that your Board of Directors is working on your behalf to increase the greatness of our Lodge. I invite you to discuss issues with any Board member, any Officer or any Manager we have at our Lodge. Your support and criticism is essential to our Lodge moving forward.

Sean Dorigo

Exalted Ruler

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from the desk of the Secretary

I am happy to report that the Lodge budget for the fiscal year 2015-2016 was passed at the Lodge meeting of 04/22/2015. There are a couple of minor tweaks that need to be made, so it will be re-opened at the meeting of May 13th for Lodge approval. I am happy to see that the current Board of Directors is taking a very active part in budget management. They have become much more aware as a group of how important it is to manage each line item so as not to overspend. Regardless of what some folks think, a budget is not just a guideline for management.

We started the New Year with an even 400 members. This is the tipping point for financial security in the Lodge side of the budget. We now have only enough income to cover necessary expenses and nothing left over for awards, special dinners at no cost to honor long time members or any other items not related to direct expenses. The dues received are to cover expenses of the Lodge itself and do not cover any expenses for the Golf Course or the Bar/Dining. Those areas have to be self-sustaining. As you can see, the answer to this problem is recruitment of new members. We currently have three candidates waiting voting or initiation—–that is great! However, our average member age is 61 years old, so we loose four or five each year as they pass away and it seems we have to drop 15 or so members at the end of each fiscal year. With that in mind, simple math tells us we need at least 20 new members each year just to maintain the status quo. Status quo is not good enough, we need to grow! Growth brings new energy, enthusiasm, new ideas and helps towards financial security. Please think about this as we go through the year and take the opportunity to recruit ONE new member. If only 10% of our membership sponsored a new member—growth would be huge!!

Wayne Krauss



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golf carts back on the course

New Picture (51)It took a while for the rain and snow to quit, and the wind and warmth to firm the course back up, but we now are re-opened to carts as of April 15th, 2015. 

Carts will be allowed for the remainder of the season unless there is a major change in the course conditions due to future rain events this spring. Please be respectful and keep carts out of any areas that are roped off. Also be cautious of where you drive on the course for a few days following a rain event, as wet areas can re-develop quickly. Damage done to the golf course early in the season can have an impact on how your golf course plays and looks when the summer months arrive.

Thank you,

Matt Carstens


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Golf Workday — from the Course Superintendent

  P1010761   Our annual golf course workday was held Saturday, April 11th. Although the weather was not ideal, a large amount of work was completed thanks to the help of P1010760volunteers: Pat Dollar, Rick Hull, Brent Smith, Shawn Jordan, Brad Anderson, Kyle Nelson, Mike Keating, Sean Dorigo, Mark LaBolle and Byron Cannon. Thank you all for giving up part of your weekend to help clean up and improve your golf course, I greatly appreciate it!

P1010763P1010762The golf course itself appears to have survived the mild winter very well. Most everything has greened up and began to actively grow. I look forward to seeing everyone out on the course this year!

 Thank you,

Matt Carstens


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from the Exalted Ruler

A New Budget

The Board of Directors has put a lot of time, discussion and a few tears into the budget for 2015 through 2016. We will be presenting the budget to the Lodge floor on April 8th. It will then be posted for all members to view. The budget will be voted on by our members during the last Lodge meeting in April. There is a Board of Directors’ meeting on April 6th at 6:30 pm if anyone would like to present concerns for the new year.

I feel we have created a reasonable budget that accounts for all anticipated expenses while being conservative with the income that the Lodge will bring in over the next fiscal year. This year we have completed maintenance items that have been previously deferred. This has also been a year where we have changed both managers and office staff marking a new beginning for our Lodge facility management.

As I complete the year as the Chairman of the Board of Directors I thank you all for your support, criticism, ideas and assistance through the past twelve months. The Board has created new systems to better manage our property and Lodge. We have also found processes that were unknown in the past and have clarified these processes with our State Elks Association members as well as conferring with our current District Deputy who is a member of our Lodge.

I am honored to be your new Exalted Ruler for the year. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help our Lodge. I am excited to move into this new opportunity to improve our Lodge. I would like this Lodge to be a place that we can all be proud of.

I am optimistic for the new year. I feel we can make great strides forward. I hope to see more events, more dinners and more members using our great Lodge. Please join me at the Lodge for food, drinks, fun and conversation. Bring a guest out to play on our golf course. Enjoy the facilities we have to call our own as members of the oldest Elks Lodge in Idaho.

Sean Dorigoelkslogo[1]

Exalted Ruler


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Tee and Flag Sponsorships


From our Head Pro               Scan0023

Have your business name and logo posted on one of our beautiful golf holes. 

We are currently offering the opportunity to advertise your business as either a flag sponsor or a tee box sponsor.

Sponsoring a flag buys you 3 flags on which your business name and logo will be displayed for the entire season.  Those flags will rotate on the same hole depending on pin position (red flag / white flag / blue flag).

A tee box sponsorship will place a 8.5” by 11″ metal sign on one of our tee boxes.  With that sign you will be putting your business and logo on display to everyone playing the course.

These sponsorships are available for $250/season.

To put your business name or logo on our flags or tee box signs, or to get information, contact Jon at 208-882-3015, or leave your questions in the comment section here.

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Officers for 2015 lodge year


OFFICERS — 2015 -2016

Exalted Ruler–Sean Dorigo*

Leading Knight–Corey Ray***

Loyal Knight–Vacant

Lecturing Knight–Vacant

Secretary–Wayne Krauss

Treasurer–Shelley Anderson

Esquire–Brad Anderson

Tiler–Jess Caudillo

Chaplain–Arch Harner

Inner Guard–George Paris

Director 1 year–Ken Jordan**  

Director 2 year–Mike Keating*

Director 3 year–Travis Lambert*

Director 4 year–Tyson Berrett*

Director 5 year–Jerry Curtis*

 ***Board of Directors Chair

 **Board of Directors Secretary

  *Board of Directors

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from the secretary

As you are all aware, we have entered the new Lodge Year. Thank you to those that have already paid your dues. As you are aware, dues must be paid to participate in Elks functions including the Golf Leagues. Members do have an option to pay part of their dues now and the balance on October 1st. The amount required for the first six months is $71.00. That covers half your lodge dues and our per-capita dues to Grand Lodge and our State organization. The balance of $50 is then due Oct. 1. As of April 1, our membership stands at 400, having dropped 16 members for non-payment. We have three applications in process, so we are starting the year off moving in the right direction.

Opening day Men’s breakfast is Sunday, May 3rd with Tues. and Thurs. leagues starting that week. Lodge, GHIN, golf passes and league dues can all be paid on the 3rd. GHIN fees are still $35, league sponsorship is $50 and individual league fees are $10.

After being spoiled by really nice, warm weather earlier in April, it is now cool and wet. Let’s hope for some warmer weather with a breeze so we can get the golf course dried out.

Wayne Krauss



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