Elks BULLetin #15

Volume 15, 2016

bullElks BULLetin

I ran into an Elk member today and we were discussing the lodge and the activities for this fall.  He confessed to me, he was a member in absentee.  He pays his dues, but never comes out to see or enjoy the activities the lodge offers.  We have almost 400 members, including the golfers and we see about a 100 of those members on a regular basis.  If everyone came out just one or two times a month our lodge would be able to stay open all year around.  Join us and give our lodge a reason to provide a number of fun events throughout the winter.

To kick off the fall season we are providing a number new-picture-102of events throughout the month of September.  We are offering steak or seafood night on every other Friday night throughout the month.  This Friday, September 16th we are serving a full shrimp scampi dinner for only $12.00 per person.  Best deal in town!  Guys are you cooking dinner this Friday?  Call for reservations.

We are also starting a Family Night onew-picture-103f the month, beginning Wednesday, September 21.  This month we are providing a great pasta dinner for only $7.50 for adults and FREE for children 12 and under.  This is Family Night, so remember to bring your favorite game or cards to play with others.

Don’t forget we are providing Monday and Thursday Night FootbalNew Picture (63)l nights all month.  Monday nights are pizza night and Thursday nights are specialty burger night.  All nights will have specials on beer and well drinks.

Pick one or two of these events and join us at the lodge for a good time.  Or just come out and have a drink during Happy Hour, which is Monday – Friday from 3pm to 7pm.

PS:  Don’t forget the International Wine Tasting Party on Saturday, October 22nd. Call the office to make your reservations – only 40 seats available.  Great Fun!! 

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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ER’s Golf Tournament

CAR%20MAGNET%20001[1]ER’s Golf Tournament

Saturday September 24, 2016

  • Tee Time 9:00 a.m.
  • Moscow Elks Golf Course 3080 Hwy 8 Moscow, ID 83843
  • To benefit: McDonald Elementary School “Learning with Lucky, Puppies Reading”
    Program *
  • Four Player * 18 Hole * Scramble Tour
  • $45.00/person
  • For more information or to register contact:Moscow Elks at (208) 882-2577 or secretary@elks249.com
  • To pay in advance for the tournament please mail this form
  • along with your check or money order payable to:

Moscow Elks Lodge #249

3080 Hwy 8

Moscow, ID 83843

Be sure to include $45.00/team member, and each person’s name-address-telephone #- and email.

The deadline to register is: September 20, 2016 All entry fees must be paid on the day of the event We will cap at 14 teams


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Golf Activities for Next Season

New Picture (5) Your Golf Committee is currently working on setting next year’s schedule for the golf course and your input is requested.  Our discussions have been preliminary so far and we will be getting back to you with more details as appropriate.

We regularly meet at 6:30 at the lodge, on the 1st Monday of the Month, other than during golf league season when we meet on the 1st Wednesday to allow attendance by leagueGFCL0091 representatives.  You are invited and encouraged to attend.  Check the calendar on this site for any changes due to holidays or other circumstances.

While many of our events have successfully continued for a number of years anfree-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]d will continue next year, we are looking at some changes and additions.

There are no changes contemplated for evening leagues.

We are investigating changes in the Invitational Tournament and in qualification for the Sole Survivor exhibitions.  Participation in the Invitational, which used to be capped at 128 players, is now typically under 40.  To increase participation in the Invitational we are considering options in format and scheduling.  To open sole survivor participation to a wider group of individuals while maintaining or improving the quality of the field several options are being explored, some maintaining a limited link to the Invitational and some severing that link.

The options beinNew Picture (4)g looked at now for sole survivor qualifying involve multiple 1 day “sweepstake”  opportunities on Saturdays and/or Sundays in May and June combined with a last chance 9 hole qualifier the morning of the 4th, for the July 4 event.moscow elks gc

For minutes of the most recent meeting go to golf committee minutes 9/7/16


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International Wine Tasting Evening

New Picture (93) We are planning another fun evening of wine tasting with food pairings.  The event will be Saturday, October 22 at 7:00pm at the Moscow Elks Lodge.  We have invited David Goodpaster to be our MC for the evening.  David is our resident wine expert, and will be walking us through our international wine selections.  He did an excellent job last year of explaining the differences in the wines and their regions.  There will be plenty of wines to taste and an auction of some specialty wines to add to the fun evening.  The cost is the same as last year, $2New Picture (94)0 per person or $30 per couple.  We have only 40 spaces available for the event, so reserve your spot by paying early.  Tanya will be taking reservations and payment – please call her during office hours 208-882-2577.  Hope to see you there!!



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Veterans’ Fly Tying Grant

The Moscow Elks Lodge is privilegenew-picture-80d to be able to continue working with returning veterans through a national Elks “impact” grant.  The program is serving veterans returning to civilian life, primarily from the Iraqi & Afghan military involvements.

Certain acIMG_1593tivities have been shown to have significant benefits in helping veterans deal with the return to non-military life, and fly fishing is one of them.  The program includes weekly activities from lessons in fly tyingIMG_1592 and water reading in the lodge, to casting practice on the golf range, to outings to local fishing locales.

CutthroutonrockssmallWith the help of volunteers from the lodge and from the local “Clearwater Fly Casters” dozens of returning vets have been able to participate.

Thanks to our lodge members and Clearwater Fly Casters – If you know any of these folks, thank them for the time and effort they are putting in to ease the transition of some of our vets back into the civilian world.

  • Doug BaldwinP1010936
  • Marc Ratzlaff
  • Paul Agidius
  • Paul Fender
  • John Read
  • Jim Palmershein
  • Curt Neely
  • George Paris
  • Jim Cash
  • Bart Quesnell
  • Tony McDonald
  • Steve Bush
  • Cliff Swanson


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Instead of the traditional Rifle Raffle New Picture (59)that we have done in the past, this year we are doing a Hand Gun Raffle with Dave’s Golf Shop to raise funds for our charity and emergency accounts. The lucky winner will win a Glock 17 AND a Glock 43. However, what is new this year is that the winner doesn’t have to accept the prize but instead, can take the value of what we purchased the handguns at and can use that value to buy somdave-dudeething else that they want within Dave’s. The catch is, this is only good at Dave’s Golf Shop. I want to thank Tyson Berrett, who is helping me this year with the raffle, for the new twist to our annual fund raiser. It is $5.00 a ticket OR 5 tickets for $20.00. You can buy tickets at the Lodge Office or the Bar, but we also need your assistance in selling tickets. If you are willing to take a couple of tickets to sell, please stop by the Lodge Office to pick them up. I will also need volunteers for the New Picture (57)Latah County fair, 9/15-9/18, to help man our table where we sell these tickets – even just by donating one hour of your time helps. We raised $1,600.00 at the fair last year. So if you want to help, please contact the Lodge Office.


Thank you,

Corey Ray Exalted Ruler

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From the Desk of the Sectetary

September, summer is winding down, kids are back in school and Moscow’s population just increased by several thousand U of I students . Golf leagues are over, so there is a little less activity on the course. Now is a great time to come out and play! The course is in the best shape I can ever remember it being in for this time of year. The fairways are green and the greens themselves are in great shape. Looking at the calendar, you will see we have a lot of things planned for September. Plans are in the works to keep things hopping during the winter months also. These events are planned for you and your guests, so plan ahead and join in the activities.

As your Secretary, membership numbers are always on my mind. Out of 400 members, we only have 20 that have not paid their dues. That is not good, but it certainly could be worse. The average age of our members is 62, so as you can see, we need to continue recruiting young men and women.

Most of our new members come in during the spring and early summer and tapers off during the fall and winter months. It seems that we lose approx. 15 members every year and we do a good job initiating new members to offset that loss. However, because of the average age of our members, we have 6-10 pass away every year and this causes our membership numbers to drop. Please keep recruiting new Elks and if you are old—stay healthy!! We do not want have to read your name under Lodge of Sorrow during a Lodge meeting!!

Wayne Krauss, Secretary

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From the Exalted Ruler

Fall is almost here! I am still wondering where summer went with all the college students back in town and local schools back in session. I didn’t get to golf nearly as much as I hoped. Speaking of schools and golf, I have been teasing throughout the summer of an important event involving both those subjects. I am here to inform you that the annual Exalted Ruler Golf Tournament will be on Saturday, September 24 and we will be raising money for McDonald Elementary School. McDonald’s talented first grade teachers have successfully used stuffed puppies to motivate beginning readers. Students safely practice new reading skills by reading to their puppy. A stuffed friend, who never makes fun of mistakes or speech challenges. Reading out loud to a puppy not only provides practice of reading fundamentals, but builds confidence and fluency for new readers. I have seen evidence of how having a stuffed puppy really does make a difference, as my son is a product of their New Picture (60)program and he continues to love reading because of it. Over the years, the “Learning with Lucky: Puppies Reading Program” was supported through a generous donation which provided a puppy for every first grade student. Sadly, the 2015-2016 first grade class was the last to benefit from the donation. In an effort to continue what has become a tradition for McDonald students, the first grade teachers, with the support of their administrations, colleagues, and PTO, have been trying to raise funds through bake sales and little events along the way to buy first grade students a “Lucky” puppy.

ElksUSALogo100[1]We Elks have a great opportunity to raise money in one event that can take the teachers more than a year to accomplish and we get to do it on the Golf Course! How awesome is that? Very!!!! Here is the other great thing about this event, since we are partnering with McDonald, the charity event is open to all, not just members. So that neighbor or whacky cousin you been meaning to go play golf with, invite them to join. Our goal is to get 14 teams out there on the course and be able to donate approximately $2,000.00 dollars to McDonald Elementary. That is about 200 puppies!! Education, Community, Golf, and Elks…. Can’t ask for anything more in an end to summer event. Finally, if you just want to donate a couple of dollars, please do by contacting the Lodge office. Elk’s Care, Elk’s Share.


Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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Elks’ BULLetin #14

Volume #14, 2016

bullElks BULLetin

In the last BULLetin I asked for events you would like to see on our calendar for the fall and winter months.  A number of you gave the lodge some good ideas on what activities might be added to the monthly calendar.  Take a look at the SepteNew Picture (63)mber calendar in your 249er.  They have added Monday and Thursday night football evenings with pizza and specialty burgers.  food-meatFriday evenings will feature either Steak Night or Seafood Night.  Wednesday, the 21st of September will be Family Night with a pasta buffet and games for both children and adults.  The golf course is still open and there will be games offered each week of September for those interested.  We also, have the Cart Path Golf Scramble on Saturday, September 10th and a Par 3 New Picture (91)Tournament on Saturday, September 17th.  Thanks for keeping our lodge busy during the off season!

Clock00.9Fall lodge hours will start Saturday, September 3rd

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday – Sunday 9:00am to 7:00pm

The Bar and Dining operation has also made a few changes for the fall season.  They have changed the liquor offerings from 4 levels to 3 levels and reduced the prices of the drinks.  Well drinks are now $3.00; Call drinks are $4.00; and Premium drinks are $5.00.  Happy Hour will be Monday – Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm with Well drinks for $2.00.

We hope the changes encourage everyone to come out to the lodge and enjoy some awesome social time with other members.

New Picture (64)PS:  Don’t forget the International Wine Tasting Party on Saturday, October 22nd.  Great Fun!!

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Skagway Elks #431

new-picture-74We visited the Skagway Elks while on an ElksUSALogo100[1]Alaska Cruise this summer.  If you want to take a break for a libation and a bit of calm amid the downtown tourist frenzy, stop by and enjoy their company on your “day in port”.

They have a nice facility (updated a bit since this photo) and very nice people.

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LCYAC/Elks at the Latah County Fair

Hi All!

The LCYAC Youth Ambassadors along with the Moscow Elks Prevention Trailer will be at the Latah County Fair again this year. We will be located behind the small animal barn in the grassy area.New Picture (70)

Charlie Gerke has volunteered to set up some of the challenge course equipment for the youth to participate in during the fair. Kathy Jo Nygaard has volunteered to work on our snack choice this year!

We will bNew Picture (69)e handing out LCYAC/Elks prevention materials along with sunglasses to anyone who visits our booth.  We will also have special appearances in the evening from “Elroy” the Elk!

Everything will be free again this year thanks to onew-picture-79ur Elks Grant!!!

Please let us know when you can join us during the fair:  We would like to have 1 -2 adults cover each shift along with the youth ambassadors!


Let us know if you have any questions?

We hope all of you can join us at the fair and get a chance to work with our awesome group of youth ambassadors!!

Thanks,New Picture (67)

Erin McCall

Latah County Youth Advocacy Council Youth Ambassador Coordinator

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Elks’ BULLetin #13

Volume 13, 2016

bullElks BULLetin

Our lodge and golf course had a great summer, but it is coming to an end.  The State Convention created some excitement and helped the lodge financially, all the sole survivor show downs gave us a number of thrills and new champions, we supported ALS and cancer research with a couple of successful tournaments, and the 7-iron and Gamble Scramble tournaments exceeded our expectations.  Our golf leagues brought out a steady stream of golfers throughout the summer.  The end of August our leagues will be done and our members will realize summer is almost over and it is time to go back to work or school. 

Keeping the lodge and golf course busy for the fall months is critical to having a successful year.  We do have a number of events planned for the fall, but it is important to have our members using the facility on a regular basis.  We are trying to create an atmosphere at the lodge that will give our members a reason to come out and use the facility.  Now is the time to create a number of events for the fall and winter months.  We have a few events already planned that should be fun.  We are planning on continuing our weekly Friday steak or seafood night.  We would like to have a family pasta or burger night a couple times a month.   We will have our annual wine tasting evening again in October.  The golf season doesn’t end until the first of November, so there has been talk about creating a weekly “game” for golfers with different formats.  Some have suggested card games, Bunco tournaments or bingo nights throughout the month.  And of course there is always Monday and Thursday night football.

Please call the office (208-882-2577) and share your ideas about what you would like to see on our calendar for the fall and winter months.  If this is successful, we would be able to stay open all winter instead of closing the middle of November through the middle of March.  It’s up to you!!

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Wednesday League Standings 8/17/16

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]Wednesday League Final Results — 8/17/16

  • Championship Flight    Texans    Janey Wineinger & Elaine Wright
  • 1st Flight    M & M’s    Mary Mandescheid & Mitzi Houska
  • 2nd Flight    Mary McDonald & Erin Baird
  • 3rd Flight    Jordan Jumpers   Kathy Christian & Jill Diamond

Ringer Tournament

  • Tie for 1st   -21 strokes   Mary Nelson & Elaine Wright
  • Tie for 2nd   -20 strokes   Debbie Howe & Janey Wineinger

Results of 3 club tournament

  • 1st place   Kristin Strong   38
  • Tie for 2nd place   Bev Rhoades & Elaine Wright 38 ½
  • Chip in   Brenda Griffin on #2
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Wednesday League Standings 8.10.16

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]Play offs:

Championship Flight

Texans                          Defeated                Dimpled Balls               
Janey Wineinger                                         Sharon Kimberling  

Elaine Wright                                                Kelly Gilder

First Flight

M & M’s                         Defeated               Farm Gals            

Mary Manderscheid                                     Mary Nelson
Mitzi Houska                                                  Annette Smith


2nd Flight

McDonald/Baird        Defeated              The Sisters      
Mary McDonald                                            Brenda Griffin
Erin Baird                                                       Debbie Howe

3rd Flight

Jordan Jumpers          Defeated             Double Trouble                                     
Kathy Christian                                             Barb Heimgartner                                        
Jill Diamond                                                  Jo Lynd                                                           

  • Low Gross    Mary McDonald   42  
  • Low Net Team   Texans   27
  • Closest to the Pin   Erin Baird   26’ 1’
  • Accuracy Drive     Elaine Wright   
  • Long Putt    Dana Hull   9’ 1”
  • Chip in      Kathy Christian   on # 9
  • Birdie    Mary McDonald on # 2
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Rally for the Cure

A HUGE thank you for making 2016 Rally for the Cure a success!New Picture (53)  We were able to raise $1,600 for the Rally for the Cure, $1,000 Hole Sponsorship went to Susan G. Komen, and the raffles brought in $655 for the local Light A Candle program, for a GRAND TOTAL of $3,255.  Some of tNew Picture (54)he contest winners were:  Longest Drive Men – Matthew Martin, Longest Drive Women – Debbie Howe, KP Men – Kaelen Baird 12’9”, KP

Women – Terri Dollar 15’8”, Longest Putt Men – Damon Russel 21’3”, Longest Putt Women – Mary Manderscheid 5’6”, the team that won (actually played & paid twice with a score of 31 each time) Jack Jones, Carol Jones, Steve Baxter and Jim Barrett.  Special guest speakers were our very own Brenda Griffin and Heidi Heath.  Special thanks to Chelsea.  Again thanks toeveryone for their positive support!

Annette Smith & Mary Nelson

New Picture (87)New Picture (84)New Picture (86)New Picture (88)New Picture (85)







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Wednesday League Standings   8.3.16

free-clipart-downloads-professional-lady-golfers-ohio-county-schools-pictures[1]Play offs:

Dimpled Balls            Defeated                  M & M’s            

Sharon Kimberling                                        Mary Manderscheid
Kelly Gilder                                                     Mitzi Houska                                                            

Texans                          Defeated                Farm Gals               
Janey Wineinger                                         Mary Nelson
Elaine Wright                                               Annette Smith                                                                      

McDonald/Baird         Defeated           Jordan Jumpers       
Mary McDonald                                          Kathy Christian
Erin Baird                                                     Jill Diamond


The Sisters              Defeated                 Double Trouble                                     
Brenda Griffin                                             Barb Heimgartner                                        
Debbie Howe                                               Jo Lynd                                                           

  • Low Gross    Erin Baird   44  
  • Low Net Team   Texans   30
  • Closest to the Pin   Mary McDonald   11’ 1’
  • Long Putt     Elaine Wright   6’ 9”
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From the Desk of the Secretary

July was a very busy month for our Lodge. Starting off with the 4th of July celebrations and the Sole Survivor Tournaments, the Junior golf program ending with their own Sole Survivor Tournament won by Bryden Brown. We have had men’s and women’s golf leagues, Friday Night Steak nights with couples golf. We have had birthday celebrations, a huge fund raiser tournament sponsored by Mike Sprenger for the ALS Foundation which raised close to $30,000. Lifeline Screening used our Lodge for health screening of many community members. A 7 iron tournament that raised over $2000 for the Golf Course and of course the Gamble Scramble, put on by the Pat and Terri Dollar, Rick and Dana Hull and Co., which is always a huge fund raiser for our Lodge. August will be just as busy with weddings and more fund raisers. It sounds like all the fund raisers seem to center around golf, but remember, the money is spent on extremely worthwhile projects. I have not even gotten into the Fly Tying/Fly Fishing lessons given to members of our Veterans Community suffering from PTSD which utilized Gratitude and impact Grant funds.

Here is a quote from “Will the Lodge Secretary go To Heaven?” If he duns the members for dues, he is insulting. If he fails to collect the dues, he is slipping. So, at this point we have 27 members that have not paid this years dues. A few have said they do not intend to remain members as they get no benefit from being an Elk. I am sorry to hear that. You do not have to be a golfer to enjoy our Lodge. Before you make that final decision, come on out and have dinner Friday night, come on out for lunch (we have a great short order menu), come enjoy our new Quiet Lounge. I realize we all have so much on our plates anymore and life is all about choices, but please, consider your Elks Lodge as part of the menu on YOUR plate. We are involved in our Community and our State and we would love to have you be part of that.

Wayne Krauss, Secretary

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Lounge Project

We have had a lot of requests to continue with the Members Lounge project by decorating the West side of the Lounge area. Several of our members have even given us ideas such as another Pub Table and a Poker Table. Brad and I will be happy to continue with this project but we need your help to do so. Together, your donations, whether it’s $20 or $100, adds up and makes improvements for your lodge possible. We appreciate all of the positive feedback and thank you again to all those who have contributed so far!

Brad and Shelley Anderson

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From the Exalted Ruler

152nd Grand Lodge Session was held in Houston, Texas over the Fourth of July weekend as thousands of members attended from all 50 states and U.S. territories. Mostly 100 to 105 degrees everyday, but hey, at least we had humidity! Lucky for me, everything was inside. It was a great experience for me to be apart of the larger event, listening to all the good work we do. Once again, no one has given out more scholarships, except the Federal Gov., than the Elks to students across America. National Hoop Shoot winners were honored and plenty of break out sessions to learn more about Elkdom and how to support your local Lodge. We also had one of our own, Jess Caudillo, was sworn in as District Deputy of Idaho North. All and all, it was a great opportunity for me to learn and gain some knowledge to better serve our Lodge. Next year will be in Reno, I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about Elkdom.
To bring things back to Moscow, I want to let you all know that I have partnered with McDonald Elementary School to host a fund raiser for their Puppies in Reading Program as part of my ER tournament on Sept. 27. In the next few weeks you will see sign up sheets for those wishing to play and for those willing to volunteer. It is a great way to further support kids in our local community.
That’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a great summer and I will see you soon,

Take Care,

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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Coeur d’Alene Elks #1254 RV Park


We had an oportunitElksUSALogo100[1]y to spend a week camped at the Coeur d’Alene Elks RV park this summer.

If you are an Elk looking for a site with hookups, friendly folks parked next door and a lodge with members who treat you as a fellow Elk rather than a stranger, consider spending time with them.   new-picture-73

Their RV Park (30 sites with water & electric on grass) is situated next to their lodge.  Enjoy the lodge and bar and don’t miss the hamburger night or other special nights if you are there.

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