FORE — On Course

Here’s what’s happening through the end of the season at your golf course.

Friday September 21st

  • Bob Weisel Invitational — MHS Cross Country Meet

Friday September 21st

  • Friday Couples’ Golf & Steak Night

Saturday September 22nd

  • John’s Alley 7-iron tournament

Tuesday  September 25th

  • Tuesday Deuce Pot Night

Friday September 28th

  • Friday Couples’ Golf & Steak Night

Monday October  22nd

  • Golf Committee Meeting
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Bob Weisel Invitational — MHS Cross Country

Bob Weisel Invitational —

MHS Cross Country

Moscow High School will be hosting the annual Bob Weisel Invitational Cross Country here at the Moscow Elks Golf Course on Friday the 21st of September.  Come on out and support the Bears and their guests (10 coming so far).

  • The meet will include Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity and JV competitions
  • beginning at 2:00 PM

2:00 PM.

Because of the cross country meet the golf course will be closed to play from noon until 4:30 PM.

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John’s Alley 7 Iron Open

— 4th Annual 7 Iron Open —

sponsored by John’s Alley

John’s Alley will be holding their annual 7 Iron Tournament at our course this fall.

  • Saturday, September 22, 2018
  • 10:00 AM Shotgun Start
  • 9:00 AM Signup
  • $120 per team
  • 2 man teams


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9/11 “Flag of Honor” Walk

9/11 “Flag of Honor” Walk

The Moscow portion of the “Flag of Honor” walk commemorating the 9/11 attacks on our nation began at the Moscow Elks Lodge.  The participants met at the lodge at 2:00 PM on Sunday 9/9, and proceeded to the Palouse Trail and on into Moscow.  




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“Baby Thomas” Fundraiser for ALL research and the Anna Schindler Foundation

— “Baby Thomas” Fundraiser —

for ALL research and the Anna Schindler Foundation

In December of 2016, immediately after he was born, Thomas, son of one of our members, was taken to Spokane’s Sacred Heart Hospital for medical treatment on a yet undiagnosed condition.  After a couple of weeks of testing, Thomas was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many immature lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). In a child with ALL, too many stem cells become lymphoblasts, B lymphocytes, or T lymphocytes. The cells do not work like normal lymphocytes and are not able to fight infection very well. These cells are cancer (leukemia) cells. As the number of leukemia cells increases in the blood and bone marrow, there is less room for healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This may lead to infection, anemia, and easy bleeding.

For nearly a year, Thomas received chemotherapy and other treatments to put his leukemia into remission.  As the doctors saw no presence of cancer, they prepared to end treatment and his family got ready to rejoice.  Unfortunately, on one of the final tests, leukemia cells were found in his spinal fluid. This meant not just more treatment, but really starting all over. This was not the news anyone wanted to hear and set his family back to worrying and waiting and enduring more treatments and more time apart.  Since his relapse, Thomas has received more chemo, and suffered nearly a month in the Pediatric ICU because of a common cold and his weakened immune system.  At 19 months old, Thomas is in Seattle at Children’s hospital preparing for a Bone Marrow Transplant.  The transplant is Thomas’ greatest hope of remission and health for the long haul.  To date, Thomas has received 84 platelet transfusions and 49 blood transfusions. When you donate blood it isn’t just for accidents and surgeries, a lot of the blood goes to help cancer patients replace their blood with healthy blood and platelets.

Most of us can only imagine how brutal the last year and a half has been for Thomas and his family.  It is our hope that we can shine some light for the family, show support by donating blood for the many patients who need it, signing up to Be the Match (to be a potential bone marrow donor) for others who need healthy bone marrow, and raising funds to support the life-saving research of the American Childhood Cancer Society and for the Anna Schindler Foundation which provides on the ground, practical help for families include food cards, gas cards, and lodging.

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Greens Aerification

A reminder that the greens have all been plugged and are in the process of being sanded. Your patience as they heal is appreciated.


Aerification is a short-term disruption that has long-term benefits for golf courses. When you see them, remember that without those little holes, the greens would eventually die.

Preventative maintenance is an integral part of successful golf course management.  Aerification (also known as aeration) achieves three important objectives. It relieves soil compaction, it provides a method to improve the soil mixture around the highest part of a green’s roots and it reduces or prevents the accumulation of excess thatch.

Older greens often are constructed of soils with significant amounts of silt, clay and fine organic particles that are prone to compaction. (Most of our greens date from from the late 1920s with some rebuilt in the 1930s)  Filling aerification holes with sand mproves drainage and resists compaction. The periodic introduction of sand to a green’s top layer can, over time, avoid or postpone expensive rebuilding or renovation of greens.



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Tuesday Deuce Pot Nights

Tuesday Deuce Pot Nights

Now that the golf leagues are over for the year the lodge continuing Tuesday  night deuce pot nights through September.  Bring your team or yourself (must play with another member) to play and put $2.00 in the pot for a chance at winning all the money.

To encourage play in September Coors Light, Bud Lite and Keystone beer will be $2.00 for the month.  September is the best month to play golf and enjoy the fall weather.


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Elks’ Legacy Scholarship Applications Available


Elks’ Legacy Scholarship

Applications Available


Legacy Awards are $4,000 scholarships for children and grandchildren of Elks members. The Elks National Foundation will offer a total of 300 awards in the 2019 contest.

Five students, whose parents or grandparents are members of Moscow Lodge #249, have been awarded legacy scholarships of $4000 each in the last five years.

The deadline for applications for the 2019 contest will be February 1, 2019 at 11:59 a.m. Central Time.

For additional information and applications click here 

  1. For the 2019 contest, any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living Elk who joined the order on or before April 1, 2015 is eligible to apply. The Elk must also be a paid-up member through March 31, 2019. Great-grandchildren are not eligible.
  2. The applicant must be a high school senior.
  3. The applicant must apply online only. The 2019 Legacy Awards application deadline is 11:59 a.m. Central Time on Friday, February 1, 2019.
  4. If the applicant’s parent and grandparent are both Elk members, the applicant must apply through the parent’s Elks Lodge.
  5. Applicants must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) by December 31, 2018.
  6. Students may apply for more than one ENF scholarship; however, they may win only one. In cases where the student qualifies for more than one, we will award the scholarship with the greater value. Students can accept local and state scholarships, which are separate from the awards at the national level.
  7. Legacy Awards may only be applied to accredited US American schools, colleges or universities. (Note: Applicants from Guam, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Philippines may apply Legacy Awards toward schools, colleges or universities in their respective homes.)
  8. If you are selected as a 2019 Legacy Awards recipient, you will be required to perform service once a year with an Elks Lodge during the four years you are receiving the scholarship. Click here for more information about serving with the Elks.

150 for 150 — legacy award and MVS winners at national convention



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From the Exalted Ruler

Hello All

It’s been a great summer so far and fall is soon upon us. I know many golfers are not happy to see summer end, but I am looking forward to cooler weather, less bugs, hunting and football.  Also, there are will be some great events happening at the Lodge this late summer and fall.  Just a few to speak of are the Baby Thomas Harner Benefit Golf  Tournament, Oktoberfest, and Jerry’s wine tasting.  The Baby Thomas Harner Golf Tournament on September 15th, will be a golf tournament, lunch and silent auction and proceeds will go to the Harner family to help pay travel and lodging expenses while baby Thomas is receiving treatment for ALL in Seattle. It should be a fun day and will raise money for a good cause.  I was last told that there would be live music as well.  Information will be on the website and posters and a signup sheet will be available at the lodge.  I hope to see many of you there.

Last year’s Oktoberfest, put on by the past exalted rulers, was a huge success and I am excited that there is a follow up, again put on by the PERs.  The exact date has not yet been determined, however, it will be in October and a date will soon be determined and provided to all.  Last year there was some really great food and great beer.

Likewise, Jerry Curtis’s annual wine tasting will occur in late October or early November, again a date will soon be determined and provided to all.  I did not make it to last year’s event, but did hear from people who attended that it too was a he success.  Our gratitude grant project to clean up/fix up the amphitheater at Robinson Park with the local scout troops will be taking place this fall as well.  At the last lodge meeting Corer Ray said that they are looking at the weekend of September 29th or October 6th.  I will be looking for volunteers who have skills and tools for basic carpentry.  We will mostly be rebuilding the amphitheater, which is a wooden stage for outdoor performances at the County Park.  As soon as I know the exact time and details I will get the information out.

Again, there is a lot happening this fall and I look forward to seeing you at these events or just at the lodge.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Travis Mechling,
Exalted Ruler

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From the Desk of the Secretary

It is traditional that fall means the beginning of the Elks Scholarship programs. This excerpt was taken from a letter sent in August from ENF.

“The ENF Legacy Awards contest kicks off on September 1.  The application will be available at  Why should children and grandchildren from our Lodge apply for an ENF Legacy Award?  Mostly because ENF scholarships are more than just monetary awards—they  help strengthen the  next generation’s ties to the Elks.  To help foster that relationship, the ENF requires Legacy Awards recipients to serve at least once per year with an Elks Lodge.  This is a great opportunity for members of our lodge to personally connect with Elks scholars through annual service”.

  So, as you can see, the Legacy award is well worth applying for.  Legacy Awards are $4,000 scholarships for children and grandchildren of Elks members.  The Foundation will offer a total of 300 awards in the 2019 contest.

One of this month’s articles promotes the golf tournament for the Baby Harner Fundraiser.  Arch Harner’s son Thomas was born in December of 2016 and was soon diagnosed with Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Thomas remains in Seattle
receiving treatment, and as you can imagine, the hardship on the family is huge, not only with the medical expenses, but also travel and lodging.  Please consider taking part in the September 15th fundraising tournament, dinner and auction.

Have a great September as we move into the fall months.  We plan on continuing our Friday night steak/salmon dinners, so bring some friends and enjoy the company!

Wayne Krauss
Secretary, PER

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Elks Lodge #249 day at U of I football (vs. Montana)

Elks Lodge #249 day at U of I football

(vs. Montana)

Here is your chance for early tickets to the Idaho/Montana football game on 11/10

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Jordan Jumper Chapman

         Jordan Jumper Chapman

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Jordan Jumper Chapman, Eric Graves & his Mother, Nancy (Jordan) Graves.



J. J. Hill and Mitzi Houska won the award for low net.

Other winners included

  • Accuracy Drive on hole #1 — Mitzi Houska
  • Closest to the pin on hole #5 — Kelly Kimberling
  • Closest to the pin on hole #8 — J. J. Hill
  • Men’s Long Drive on hole #6 — Rick Hull
  • Women’s Long Drive on hole #3 — Kelly Kimberling
  • Long Putt on hole #9 — Mitzi Houska

Special Recognition to Bob & Mary Manderschied who participated in the last Jordan Jumper in 1984 as well as the 2018 revival.


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Final Ladies’ League Standings — 2018 Season

 Ladies’ League Final Standings — 2018

League Champion Team   Back 9 Bandits  (Sharon Kimberling & Kelly Gilder)

2nd Place Team                    B & B                  (Cathy Beahan & Bev Rhoades)

Tie for 3rd Place                   Double Trouble (Barb Heimgartner & Jo Lynd)

M & M’s              (Mary Manderscheid & Mitzi Houska)

5th Place Team                     Farm Gals            (Mary Nelson & Annette Smith)

6th Place Team                     Tee Totalers        (Paula Farley & Carole Jones)

7th Place Team                      Jordan Jumpers  (Kathy Christian & Jill Diamond)

8th Place Team                      Boggie Buddies   (Shelley Anderson & Janey Wineinger)


Ringer Tournament Winner     Jill Diamond      Kelly Gilder Runner-up


Perfect Attendance          Cathy Beahan, Paula Farley, Kelly Gilder, Mitzi Houska,

Jo Lynd, Mary Manderscheid, Mary Nelson, Bev Rhoades


22 Birdies for the Season

12 Chip-ins

Lowest Gross for Season  42   Mary Manderscheid & Sharon Kimberling


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Elks’ Most Valuable Student Applications Open

The 2019 MVS application deadline is November 15, 2018.

Elks Most Valuable Student — 2018 online application

The Elks National Foundation will award 500 four-year scholarships to the highest-rated applicants in the 2019 competition.

  • Current high school seniors, or the equivalent, who are citizens of the United States are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants need not be related to a member of the Elks.
  • High school graduates are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be citizens of the United States on the date their applications are signed; permanent legal resident status does not qualify.
  • Male and female students compete separately at the national level.

The 20 top finalists will participate in an all expenses paid Leadership Weekend in Chicago during which they’ll interview with the national judges. These 20 finalists will be vying for two first-place awards of $50,000; two second-place awards of $40,000; and two third-place awards of $30,000. The remaining 14 finalists will receive awards of $20,000. The 480 runners-up will receive fifth-place scholarships of $4,000.The 2018 Most Valuable Student scholarship contest is open to any high school senior who is a US Citizen. Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.

In recent years Moscow Elks Lodge #249 has had national award winners using their scholarships to attend the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the University of Southern California.

Last Year Lodge #249 had a national award winner who will be using her award to attend Gonzaga University this fall.  

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“Baby Thomas” Benefit Scramble & Dinner

“Baby Thomas”

Benefit Scramble & Dinner

Details – Saturday, September 15.  This is a 4-person scramble with a shotgun start at 9:00am.  The cost is $50.00 per person for the tournament and dinner. If you would like to come to the dinner only the cost is $20.00.  The dinner will be after the golf tournament, about 3:00 pm.  The organizers will be providing the meat entrée and the golfers and members are to bring salads, rolls and desserts. The lodge will provide the baked beans.  There will be a number of items up for auction during the dinner.

None of the funds are going to our member and his family.  All proceeds will go to help fund research into childhood cancer and to provide help for affected families who do not have the means to deal with these costs on their own.


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Annual Raffle — Latah County Fair Volunteers

— Annual Raffle — 

 Latah County Fair Volunteers

Dear Members,

It is that time of year when we do our traditional raffle to help raise funds for our Lodge and Charitable work.  In the past we have raised these funds by raffling off a rifle or hand gun.  This year we are raffling off a $1,000.00 gift certificate from Tri-State.  The winner will be able to buy anything they wish within the store, including a fire arm.  We sell the majority of our tickets at the Latah County Fair.  In order to raise as much money as possible, we look to you to help us staff the Elks trailer during the four days of the fair.   We need your help.     If you plan on being at the fair or if you have an hour or two you can donate to us, we would appreciate it.  Please contact me, Corey Ray, at 503 333 0970 or at to volunteer.

Thank you,

Corey Ray


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Oh to be Young(er) Again

 Evolution Devolution of a Golf Swing

Thank heaven we at least get wiser as we get older!

Age 17 to age 70.

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Exalted Ruler’s Cup

Congratulations to Bill Sayler for winning the 2018 Moscow Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler’s Cup.


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Lodge of Sorrow

Lodge of Sorrow — Jim Anderson

Some of you may not have heard, but Jim Anderson passed away Saturday the 4th.

Jim was 90 years old and a Life Member of our lodge, having been initiated in 1957. Jim was an important member of our Lodge, having served many years on the Board of Trustees as well as a golfer for many years. He was one of the members instrumental in the financing of our sprinkler system.

Jim will be missed.


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Light a Candle Scramble

Light a Candle Scramble

Thank you to ALL who took part in the Light A Candle Scramble,

With grateful hearts we want to thank the Elk’s 249 members, the Gamble Scramble committee, our hole and merchandise sponsors, and friends for making the Light A Candle Scramble on August 3rd, 2018 a record-breaking event!!!  Through your generous support we raised a total of $5,000!   With these funds the Light A Candle program at Gritman Medical Center will provide resources and services to improve quality of life and ease some of the pressures that come with facing cancer directly to our local community members.  We went from ALL pink last year to including all the colors of cancer.

Our contest winners all received Moscow Elk’s 90th anniversary balls.  Longest Putt:  Women – Heidi Heath 9’11”, Men – Wayne Krauss 12’4”.  Closet to Pin:  Women – Julie Smith 10’1”, Men – Rick Hull 23’4”.  Longest Drive:  Women – Sharon Kimberling, Men – Lance Abendroth.  Women’s winning team with a score of 33:  Barb Heimgartner, Debbie LeBlanc, Sharon McCoy and Leslie Hendrick won passes to Bryden Canyon Golf Course.  Our mix team winners scoring 30:  Heidi & Jason Heath and Juli & Brent Smith (Thanks for your extra help) won passes to Lewiston Golf and Country Club.  This year we had two chip ins:  Bob Lynd and Barb Heimgartner each received a $50 Happy Days card.  The guessing game winners: Terri Dollar’s 77 (actual 75) won the jar of golf balls and Bev Rhoades guess of 523 (actual 513) obtained a lifetime of tees!  Our two bingo winners:  $100 Loco Grinz gift card to Kyle Nelson and Lindsey Creek wine to Kathy Weber.  We had some rounds of golf in the live auction which included U of I Golf Course and Palouse Ridge golf course (Thanks Pat Dollar).  Steak and Salmon dinners were enjoyed by all thanks to our lovely kitchen crew and homemade fudge and ice cream sandwiches from us (Thanks again Mayor Lambert for grilling our salmon).  Special thanks to Mary Manderschied for the 1,000,000 “tips”!  There were several raffle winners – if you didn’t win you can talk to Carter…he drew the tickets!  If you couldn’t join us this year, come next year August 2, 2019!

Our Thrivent sponsor provided us with free t-shirts with the logo “live generously” and without a doubt you all proved that true!   Enjoy a few pictures from the Rally.  And once more, THANK YOU!  We are so blessed to have such generous members and sponsors that enrich the lives of others all while having a fun time!

Annette Smith, Mary Nelson and this year Carter Nelson helped!

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