Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may have noticed the pink flags on the course this month.  They were purchased to help recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Trustees Travis Lambert and Tyson Berrett.

Thank you Travis and Tyson.

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Harlem Ambassadors vs. L.C. Pea Shooters

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International Wine Tasting Evening

New Picture (3)We are planning another fun evening of wine tasting with food pairings. The event will be Saturday, November 22 at 6:30pm at the Moscow Elks Lodge. We have invited David Goodpaster to be our MC for the evening. David is our resident wine expert, and will be walking us through our international wine selections. He did an excellent job last year of explaining the differences in the wines and their regions. There will be plenty of wines to taste and an auction of some specialty wines to add to the fun evening. The cost is $15 per person or $25 per couple. We have only 40 spaces available for the event, so reserve your spot by paying early. Mary will be taking your reservation and payment – please call her during office hours 208-882-2577. Hope to see you there!!

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Vacant Chair

elkslogo[1]It is our sad duty to have to report that Arnold Paul passed away on the 21st of September at the age of 86. He was initiated into our Lodge March 9th, 1967 and was a member of the Moscow Lodge for 49 years. Arnold went through the Officer Chairs and was Exalted Ruler for the years 1975-1976 as well as serving as State President for years 1983-1984.

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From the Exalted Ruler

Members All:

 As I sit in my office and look at the calendar, I cannot believe September is gone.  What a beautiful September it was and now you can see fall is in the air and the vibrant colors are starting to appear.

 Last week at our Lodge, we initiated 4 new members.  It was great seeing the excitement and probably wonderment of “what is this all about?”  My hope is to keep all these “new” members informed and feeling WELCOME in our Lodge.  I thank all of you sponsors who made the ‘ask’ in helping bring in new people who want to be a part of the organization.  That’s all it takes folks – make the “ASK.”  You never know when they will say “Yes, I want to join.”

 At our meeting, we had a wonderful presentation from Geri Ray, Special Ed Teacher K-2, and Pepper Abbott, Special Ed Teacher 3-5, informing us on how they will use the $800 that our Lodge donated to their classroom at McDonald School.  They shared what items will be purchased to make this room a “special” room for children who benefit from a modified environment to help in learning.  It gives me a very warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that we are helping our students in the community.

 September has been a fun-filled month as we hope October and the rest of the year, will be.     We are trying very hard to come up with ideas to keep your interest and make this a place to come out and relax and enjoy your Lodge.

 Please check out the October schedule on our website:  We are hoping to start “Monday Night Football” with Jon’s famous Chili Dogs.  “Taco Tuesdays” are starting up again, so bring the family out and enjoy them as well.  Ladies Bunco will be starting soon, so check the calendar for the date to see when you can come and have a crazy night with the girls!!

 Please, again, keep making the “ASK” in bringing in a new member and help support our mission for the Lodge.  It’s up to you, the members, to make a difference in how we keep the Lodge a fun place to be and being the organization that believes in Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity.

Thanks again everyone for your support, and let’s keep the ball rolling at our Lodge.

Alicia Neely

Exalted Ruler

Moscow Lodge #249


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from the desk of the Secretary

I would like everyone to welcome four more new members: Melissa Weitz sponsored by Matt Sept, Timothy Besst sponsored by Cliff Swanson, Eugene Demeerleer sponsored by Elmer Hanson and Norman Miller sponsored by Wayne Krauss. These new members were initiated on September 24th and we are very pleased to have them as members in our Lodge. Norman is a retired Chemical Engineer, Melissa did not list an occupation, however she is the wife of Dusty Weitz, so we know it is a full time job just keeping him in line! Gene Demeerleer moved back to Moscow to take over Furniture Center, as his dad Jim has finally retired. Tim is a Detective for the Latah County Sheriff’s Department.

Again, we welcome these new members and encourage them to be active Elk Members.

As all of you know, we have a drawing for the Pot-of-Gold at every meeting and you must be present to win. Sean Dorigo won $547.00 on May 14th and we have not had a winner since then.

Ralph Lehman’ number was drawn on 5/28, Ken Stafford on the 11th of June which is kind of sad because Ken lives in Manhattan, Kansas, Gene Thompson’s number was drawn on 6/25, Roger Johnson from Pullman lost out on the 23rd of July, Matt Decker on the 27th, Dale Howe on Sept. 10th and last but not least Will Greene had his number drawn on the 24th of September. All of you guys missed out on HUNDREDS of DOLLARS!! It can pay to come to Lodge.

Wayne Krauss



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National Drug Awareness Chairman of the Year