Job Openings

We are currently in the process of hiring additional staff for both bar/dining and course maintenance.  Information is available under the “job openings” heading at the top of the page.

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Work Day

Our annual lodge/golf course workday was held Saturday, April 5th.


The following lodge members, and members of their families, pitched in, giving up more than four hours Saturday morning to rake, haul, trim and generally clean up from the winter.


Greg Bailey

Tim Chamberlin

Jerry Curtis

Pat Dollar

Sean Dorigo

Jerry Hamilton

Rick Hull

Nick Jensen

Ken Jordan

Shawn Jordan

Mike Keating

Eric Kiblen

Kaci Kiblen

Dave McGraw

Tom Sullivan

Stan Workman


“Thank you to all who gave up part of their weekend to work on the golf course! A huge amount of clean up and maintenance work was completed in a short time. I greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work! I look forward to future work party events!” — Matt Carstens




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Old Timers’ Night

We will be honoring our Old Timers on April the 12th with a Turkey dinner including mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, vegetable and cake for dessert, all for only $10.00. Social hour will be at 5pm, dinner at 6pm followed by awards. Year pins will be given out for members with 20 years membership and then for every 5 years over that. The following is a list of recipients along with their years of membership:

 elkslogo[1]65 years – Tom Boyd, Phil Guilfoy & Don Smith

60 years – Len Bielenberg, Cyrus Blair & Joe Campero

55 years — Vigil Ewell, Rich Koster & Ted Bailey

50 yearsJim Bauer, Allen Hood, Dan Hordemann, Larry Labolle, Bruce Oakes, James Oldham, Bob Tunnicliff & John Williamson

40 years — Rich Beebe Sr., Gary Cummings, Matt Graves, Mike Keating, Gary Kendall, Steve Ledgerwood, Alan Lyon, Fred Morscheck, Jack Nelson, Ken Stafford & Robert Stewart

35 years – Jess Caudillo                                        

 30 years – Daryle Farley                          

25 years – Dan Carter, Monte Femreite, Steve Henderson, Joe McGurkin & Gerald Peterson                                                                                                      

20 yearsDave Baird, Kevin Davis, Don Frei, Scott Gropp, Jerry Hamilton, Dave Hutton, Walt Hardin, Philip Kleffner, Rich Leander, Doug Lind, Chuck McDonell, John Ross, Cliff Swanson & Tom Zimmer 

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Golf Course / Clubhouse open

The Course opened with the honor box last Friday and officially opened today, April 1st, with the clubhouse staffed during regular hours.

It is still walking only until we can dry out a bit, but Matt says we are drying out quickly, although not as quickly as any of us would wish.

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New Moscow Elks Head Pro, Bar/Dining Manager

We are excited to announce the hiring of our new Head Pro and bar/dining manager.

Jon McAleer came on staff Monday 3/31.  Jon has been a PGA member for the past years serving as Assistant Professional at the University of Idaho.  Jon will qualify for Class A PGA status this spring.  He is a Moscow High graduate and was a MHS golf team member.  He is a graduate of the University of Idaho College of Business with a degree in Professional Golf Management.

Jon has been co-director of the Moscow Elks Jr. program for the last several years, and will actively be involved in membership promotion, Jr. Programs and event recruitment as well as management duties for bar/dining.

When a member walks in the door we want them to feel a valued part of our lodge, and their guests as guests of us all.  Jon will be working to strengthen that commitment throughout the facility, while maintaining consistent hours and appropriate staffing for all lodge activities.


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New Head Greenskeeper

We would like to announce the hiring of Matt Carstens as the new Head Greenskeeper for the Moscow Elks Golf Course.

Matt is a graduate of the Turfgrass Management Program at Washington State University and comes to us from a greenskeeping position at Black Butte Ranch Golf Club in Sisters Oregon.  He was previously employed at Palouse Ridge Golf Course in Pullman Washington.  He has additional experience in paid internship positions with Spokane Country Club, Sahalee Country club in Sammamish Washington and the United States Golf Association Greens Section.

 One of Matt’s projects at Sahalee was the reclamation of a parking lot established for the Sr. U. S. Open telecast equipment.  The challenge was to take a graveled parking area and make a bent grass turf nursery.  The result is shown above.

Part of Matt’s job at Black Butte Ranch involved the design and installation of drainage improvements on the Glaze Meadow Course.

 He and his wife will be on site by or before March 24th.

We are excited to have him coming on board and he asked me to share his enthusiasm for the tasks and challenges he will be facing –

 “I look forward to my arrival and beginning to work with you and the rest of the board to make this a great golf season for all Moscow Elks Lodge Members and Guests!”          – Matt Carstens



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Newly installed BPOE #249 Officers

Exalted Ruler                       Alicia Neely*

Leading Knight                    Sean Dorigo***

Loyal Knight                         Corey Ray**

Lecturing Knight                 Samie Valin*

Esquire (temporary)           Curt Neely

Chaplain                                Roger Cole

Tiler                                       Jess Caudillo

Inner Guard                         Jim Zuba

Lodge Secretary                  Wayne Krauss

Treasurer                              Shelley Anderson

Trustee – 1 year                   Dave McGraw*

Trustee – 2 year                   Ken Jordan*

Trustee – 3year                    Tyson Berrett*

Trustee – 4year                    Mike Keating*

Trustee – 5 year                   Travis Lambert*

*(Board of Directors)

**(Secretary, Board of Directors)

***(President, Board of Directors)

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From the Exalted Ruler


Members All:

Old man winter is on its way out and the excitement of spring is around the corner.  So is it with the Moscow Elks Lodge #249.  Spring always brings flowers blooming, the grass getting greener and hope to fill everyone’s hearts to work hard, play hard and hopefully enjoy life.

This is what I hope for being the Exalted Ruler for the Moscow Elks #249.  We have a great line of officers, some new and some returning.  We have 3 new Trustees bringing new ideas and helping make some hard decisions that have come our way, but I am feeling very confident that with everyone’s expertise and working together as a team, will make a difference for our Lodge.

We have a new Groundskeeper, Matt Carstens.  Matt comes to us from Black Butte Ranch Golf Club in Sisters, Oregon.  He has experience with the ins and outs managing a golf course facility  and has a farming background being raised on a farm by Reardon, Washington.  We are excited to have Matt join us and look forward to sharing our Lodge and golf course with him and his wife Kayla.

There are many exciting ideas and events coming aboard, so please watch and read what’s happening.  Ken and Shawn Jordan have worked very hard to do a website for our Lodge.  Please take the time to check it out as it has all the information, time, dates and who’s doing what, when.  Go to and see what they have accomplished.  Thank you very much Ken and Shawn.

My husband Curtis and I will be attending the State Convention in Rupert, Idaho the first weekend in June along with the National Convention in July at New Orleans.  I look forward to attending both these conventions and to gaining as much information as I can to bring home and share with all of you.  Not only are the conventions fun but they are also working conventions.  Getting up early, attending meetings most of the day and trying to absorb everything can be a bit overwhelming but invigorating.  We are very much appreciative for these opportunities.

April is a busy month with lots going on.  April 1 is the kick-off “Opening Day” for the Lodge with it also being “Taco Tuesday Night” at 5:00 pm followed by the crazy bunch of screaming women playing BUNCO at 6:00 pm.  (AND FOLKS, THAT’S NO APRIL FOOLS!! – JUST ASK THE GOLF COMMITTEE MEMBERS!)
April 5 brings us a “Golf Course Work Day” which always provides much  needed opportunities to complete projects that are hard for the regular greenskeeping staff to complete within timeframes and  budget.  If you have an hour or two available we could certainly use your help.  Let’s show Matt what a caring and supportive organization that we are and help get the golf course in shape.  Remember, April 16 is “National Golf Day” and we want to be ready!  Lunch will be provided at the April 5 workday.

Samie Valin, our past ER, will be planning the “Old Timers’” evening on April 12 starting at 5:00/Social, 6:00 Dinner and handing out the pins following.  Come and join us as we honor these members for their many years of service.

This year we are trying something new.  I have rounded up a committee and we are holding an “Easter Egg Hunt” on April 19 at the Lodge starting at 1:00 pm.  Please bring your kiddo’s and or grandchildren and join in this fun event.  Feel free to bring your guests and their little ones.    There will be divided age groups from ages 1 up to 12.  Refreshments will be served.

The “Men’s Opening Breakfast” will be held on Sunday, April 27 held from 8:00 – 9:30 am.  A great start for all you golfers with an informative meeting to follow.  There will also be a 9-hole “Men’s Opening Day Scramble” from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.

April 29 is the start of “Men’s Tuesday Night Golf League” followed by April 30 with the “Fire Chief Golf Scramble” (private event in conjunction with state firefighters convention) starting at 1:00 pm and closing the first tee until approximately 3:00 pm.  May 1st is the start of the “Men’s Thursday Night League.”  Be sure and have your team members selected and everyone’s Lodge dues current.

As you can see, we are working hard to bring events your way.  Please come out and support us, give us a helping hand when you can but most of all, enjoy yourselves.  Our goal to you is always to remember why you joined the Elks keeping in mind our mottos –

Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity.

Thank you and we all look forward to seeing you at our Lodge.

Fraternally yours,

Alicia Neely, Exalted Ruler



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from the outgoing Board of Trustees Chair

From the outgoing Board of Trustees Chair

As my term on the Board of Trustees comes to a close I am both relieved and yet sad as this has been a job that has been both rewarding and frustrating.  I think anyone who has served on this board fully understands. I am excited however for the future of Moscow Lodger #249 as we have made a number of changes and hard decisions, but we are “turning the corner” this spring. For the first time in a number of years we have a full slate of officers and elected trustees. These new officers and trustees are the first group to be part of the newly formed “Board of Directors” of Moscow Lodge #249.

As many of you are aware Bruce Olson, our course supervisor for the past 12 years resigned to take a position with WSU Grounds. This was somewhat of a surprise but I would like everyone to wish the best to Bruce in his new position with WSU. Additionally Bruce has been gracious enough to offer help to our new greens keeper as he gets acclimated to the Moscow Elks Golf Course.

With Bruce resigning this winter the search for a new Greens Keeper for our course was put into high gear with applications for the position coming in immediately. One standout applicant Matt Carstens, who is a graduate of the WSU Turf School and came highly recommended by all of his former and present employers, was hired following an extensive interview. Matt started working for us on Monday the 24th of March. At the time of his interview Matt  was working as a full time greens keeper for Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, OR. If you are not familiar with Black Butte it is a very popular high end 36 hole resort in Central Oregon. Matt has also worked at the Spokane Country Club and at the WSU Palouse Ridge Golf Course. Matt and his wife will be living in the house on the premise so everyone please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome and any help that he may need.

Additionally this year the Board made the decision to hire a full time manager over the bar, dining, and pro-shop. We have hired Jon McAleer to oversee each of these services as well as give golf lessons and stock the pro shop for the Lodge.  Jon has been the assistant Pro at the University of Idaho and will achieve class A status as a  PGA Professional this summer.  Jon will bring a new and exciting pro quality to our facility which we have not had recently. With the addition of Jon as a full time manager/golf pro and, with a fully stocked Pro Shop, we should have a winning combination for everyone.

With all of these changes coming about in just a matter of weeks I am truly excited about our prospects this summer. I think we have the opportunity to make our golf course and Lodge the finest in Northern Idaho and make it an enjoyable place for golfers and non-golfers alike. Please turn out and support both the golf course and the Lodge and make them into the place for everyone to be.

Many thanks to everyone – Jerry Robinson


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From the desk of the Secretary

Not much to report from my desk this month. As all of you know, statements have gone out and members have been sending in their dues for 2014-2015 at a good pace. Remember, your dues are due on April 1st. You may split your dues into two payments, the first one of $71.50 due April 1st and then the second payment is $50 and due no later than Oct. 1st. Your membership must be current to participate in any Lodge events, including the various golf leagues. Unfortunately we still have 20 members that have not paid this year’s dues and I will have to drop them on March 31st. Grand Lodge recommends I publish the names of all members in arrears, but I have decided not to do that this year. You know who you are and I am sorry this is the last 249er you will receive and especially sorry you do not see the value in continuing your membership. Because of OUR members, the National Elks Foundation sent Moscow Lodge #249 checks totaling $6000. That money ALL went back into our communities in support of various community and youth functions.

 As you have read from the other letters in this month’s 249er, we have a new Head Greens Keeper. Matt has been working hard to be sure we have been able to meet our opening date of April 1. It is all up to Mother Nature now. Jon McAleer in now our new Bar/Dining/Pro-shop manager and we look forward to a great year with Jon. The Lodge will be on summer hours of 8 till closing, seven days a week starting on April 1st. Barb will be working her usual hours of 8-12 and I am here generally from 10-12 Monday-Friday so stop in and say Howdy.

 Wayne Krauss


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