cart shed access

FYI, Mill Road is closed at the intersection with Hwy 8. If you need to access the back parking lot, please come in from the north on Mill Road.

Even though there is a sign at the intersection of Parker and Mill Road, you can go around it and access the back lot from that direction.

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Elks BULLetin #5

Volume 5, 2017

 Elks BULLetin

There has been a great deal of interest in adding a large fire pit area near the Elks Lodge building.  The area would be for families, groups and individuals that would like a relaxing spot to enjoy the summer weather and watch the golfers.  It could also be used for groups or supervised children to roast hot dogs, smores or other BBQ items.

The most logical location suggested would be the second practice green area next to the first tee and just below the club house.  The current green would be leveled to create a natural amphitheater with a four or five foot fire pit surrounded by 8 to 10 feet of gravel.  The grass area around half the fire place would create a natural seating area.  There would be enough room in the area to place lounge chairs and maybe a table or two.

There might be a need to enlarge the lower putting green to accommodate the golfers for the loss of the upper green.  A larger lower green would give golfers the ability to practice longer putts that are more consistent with our actual greens.

The lodge officers are meeting on Wednesday, June 14th, to discuss and decide on the changes.  They are encouraging all members interested in giving their input on the project to attend the meeting.  This is an opportunity for members to share their ideas, discuss other locations, offer improvements to the current plans, and volunteer to make this project a success.

Corey Ray, our Exalted Ruler, will be putting a note in the June 249er newsletter giving more information on the project.

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Fire Pit


One of the projects that the Board of Directors is looking at is constructing a fire pit for members to enjoy and use for social events.  A discussion will take place on June 14 to determine the location of the pit.  Proposed suggestions include the north end of the lodge or south of tee box #1 where the tier putting green is located.  The latter will require an extension of the lower putting green if selected.  Both suggestions involved creating an amphitheater for the experience.  We value your input, please come to the Lodge meeting on June 14th and share your ideas.

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Elks BULLetin #4

Volume 4, 2017

 Elks BULLetin

GOLFERS!  We have a new system to qualify for the Men’s and Senior Men’s Sole Survivor Tournament.  There are three qualifying rounds in May and June.  These qualifying rounds will determine who will be playing in the sole survivor events on the July 4th weekend.  The following information is very important for you to understand how the system works.

There will be three qualifying 18 hole rounds on Sundays, May 21, June 11, and June 25.  Begin play anytime between 8:00am – 3:00pm each Sunday.  Your gross scores will be used for these events.  You may arrange your own groups, but you must play with at least one other competitor qualifying for the sole survivor tournament for your score to count.  There will be a onetime qualifying fee of $10.00 even though you may play all three event days.

This next part is really important.  The winner of each Sunday will qualify for the men’s sole survivor and the top two senior players will qualify for the senior sole survivor.  All other players will be accumulating points each Sunday towards qualifying for the two sole survivors.

Men’s Sole Survivor field will include: Past Champion, Club Champion, the 3 Sunday winners, the top 4 point accumulators for all Sunday events combined, and 1 Last Chance qualifier on July 4th morning.

Senior Men’s Sole Survivor field will include: Past Champion, the 3 Sunday winners and runners up, and the top 3 point accumulators for all Sunday events combined.

Detailed information and signup sheets are at the golf course.  Also, each Sunday there will be a Net Skins game in conjunction with the Sole Survivor qualifying. The cost is $10.00 and all moneys go back to players in prizes that day.  THIS SUNDAY IS THE FIRST EVENT!

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Carts with Care! — Tuesday & Thursday leagues will play

  With Care !!

The golf course is slowly drying up, however there are still some very wet and soft places. That being said, carts are allowed on the course and Tuesday and Thursday golf leagues will be played this week. Remember, the grass is long in the rough, and there are wet places still. Please use common sense and have fun!

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Ladies’ League 2017

Ladies it’s that time of year when we get organized for our golf league. Our guest night scramble is Wednesday May 17th at 5 PM, with 5:30 PM tee time followed by dinner and social time.  This is the ideal time to come out and see what our league is all about. Please come out and join us for a fun night of golf!  Guest night is for members and guests.

For our league play competition we play a round robin two person match play format during the season.  We also have a non competitive part of league we run concurrently on Wednesdays for gals who want to play golf without being in a competitive league.  We have a shot gun tee-off at 5:30 PM Wednesdays.  Our season runs from late May until mid August ending with our banquet/awards dinner fun night.  League play is limited to Elks and spouses.

For more information please contact

Kathy Christian, Ladies’ League Chair

(Comments or questions  left as “comments” to this post or directed to the lodge office will be directed to Kathy    .)


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1st annual “Inland Empire Elks Challenge” golf event

Moscow Elks Lodge #249, will be holding an invitational event for 4 person teams of Elks and/or spouses the end of August.  We are inviting any Elks lodge to participate and are sending invitations to all lodges within a half day’s drive.  The event will begin Saturday August 26th with teams playing at a time of their choice allowing teams from a distance to travel in the morning and have an afternoon tee time, if they wish.  Sunday’s play will be in the morning giving folks the opportunity to drive home that afternoon, although we would love to have you stick around for a few days.


We have limited RV hookups (water and electric) at a nominal fee, and plenty of room for dry camping near the clubhouse.

We will provide dinner Saturday evening and breakfast Sunday morning as part of your fee of $65 per person, along with 2 rounds of golf, tee prizes, and a traveling trophy to the winning team.  Lunch Saturday and Sunday will be available at bar/dining in the clubhouse.

We are proud of our course, a 9-hole Francis James’ layout (think Walla Walla Country Club, Seattle Country Club, Jackson Park, Peace Portal etc.) built in the 1920’s and still following the original routing.  We are an honest par 70 (rated 71 from the tips) test, designed to challenge good players and be playable for the rest.  The course has been rounding into fine shape the last few years with some excellent work from our greens staff. We hope you can share it with us.

This is not a fundraiser for us, nor a high value competition for you.  It is planned as a social occasion, with some quality golf built in, allowing members of lodges throughout the area to spend some time with other Elks.

Please contact us with any questions through the lodge office. Entry forms will be e-mailed early next month with more details.  An informational flyer is available at this link.


Ken Jordan, Elks #249 Golf Committee Chair

Invitations have been sent to the following lodges —

  • Greater Spokane, Lodge Number 228
  • Moscow, Lodge Number 249
  • Walla Walla, Lodge Number 287
  • Yakima, Lodge Number 318
  • Wallace, Lodge Number 331
  • Heppner, Lodge Number 358
  • Missoula Hell Gate, Lodge Number 383
  • Lewiston, Lodge Number 896
  • Coeur d’Alene, Lodge Number 1254
  • Sandpoint, Lodge Number 1376
  • St. Maries, Lodge Number 1418
  • Colville, Lodge Number 1753
  • Grangeville, Lodge Number 1825
  • Kellogg, Lodge Number 1841
  • Hermiston, Lodge Number 1845
  • Columbia Basin, Lodge Number 1930
  • Milton-Freewater, Lodge Number 2146
  • Tri-Cities, Lodge Number 2755
  • Clark Fork Valley, Lodge Number 2757
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From the Exalted Ruler

It has been a very crazy end of winter with all the rain that is occurring. We are just one month into the new year (Elk fiscal year) and I feel like we are already behind due to weather keeping members away from the Lodge and golf course. As I write this, we are getting ready for the Men’s breakfast to kick off the league season and we had a successful work party to clean up the course to be prepared, but the question is if Mother Nature will allow us to play.

Good news is, while we wait for the sun we have been busy as an organization and contributing to the overall welfare and success of the communities we serve. For example, we partnered with Cub Scout Pack 325 to hold another “Free Hot Soup” event in Friendship Square. The Cub Scouts, all second graders, were dressed up in uniform and twirling the Elk signs to get folks to come on by our table to enjoy some soup. Some of those Scouts could really dance and draw attention to our great cause.

April also saw our Lodge put on an Easter Egg Hunt that drew 37 children and their families to search for eggs on our property. The amount of positive feedback was overwhelming, with parents really appreciating how we divide up the search based on age groups to give all kids a chance at some eggs. More importantly, they reported that they attended some of the larger egg hunts in town that morning and found ours to be organized, stress free, and we allowed parents to enjoy the experience with their children. Our volunteers were enthusiastic and I am grateful for all the Elks who helped me put on a great event – thank you.

Some quick reminders about May: Golf leagues start, National Youth Week is May 1-7, Mother’s Day is May 14, Armed Forces Day is May 20, and Memorial Day is May 29.    (link to lodge calendar)

Finally, I want to thank all the volunteers and the Board who have spent hours helping with the Bar and Dining flooring project and the Anderson’s (Shelley and Brad) for their continual work with the lounge and painting.

Thank you,

Corey Ray, Exalted Ruler

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Thanks to —

Furniture Center for their recent donlogo newation of a silk tree for our Members Lounge. They also provided excellent customer service when they repaired the round table in the Lounge. So, thank you to everyone there! It is so great to be able to depend on local businesses and our members to help “get the job done”.

Barry Kees,  for all the time and effort he put in on the new floor in the Bar/ Dining area. We could not have done  it without him and the other volunteers that put in so much time.

Cabela’s and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund for their continuing support of our fly tying program for returning new-picture-80vets in conjunction with grants from the Elks National Foundation


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From the Desk of the Secretary

Better late than never they say, so here is the May 249er. I just want to say what a pleasure it is to see our members out here visiting with us. It has been a long winter and now with the opening of the golf course, nicer weather and more activity, things are really starting to pop! The biggest pleasure I get from this job is helping our members and spending time visiting with them (no wonder I keep getting behind). Maybe I need to spend more time in the office (not!).

I am please and surprised that we have had a number of inquiries from folks that have moved into the area and want to become Elks. I am moving them through the process and we will be seeing new faces out here!

Thank you to all of you that have paid your dues and other fees. We only have 106 members that still owe dues and that number keeps coming down so, if you have not paid them yet, please send them in. Thank you for your support to our Lodge and let’s have some fun!

Wayne Krauss


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Elks BULLetin #3

Volume 3, 2017

 Elks BULLetin

Golf! Golf!  When are we going to play golf?  There has been a great deal of discussion and some confusion as to when we can get out on the course and play some golf.  Our golf leagues for this Tuesday and Thursday have been cancelled.  The plan is to start our leagues next week, starting with Tuesday, May 9th.  Travis Lambert, our chairman of the board, has been working hard with Trent to make sure we don’t start golfing too soon and tear up the course.  The course is drying out, but has a number of really wet spots.  We are going to play next week, but be sure to pay attention as to where you all drive your carts.

Ken Jordan, our chairman of the golf committee, has cancelled the skins/sole survivor qualifying round for this Sunday, May 7.  Given the late start he is considering having 3 rounds instead of 4 for the qualifying system.  He will let us know if this changes after the next golf committee meeting in May.

The bar and dining area will be open Monday, May 8th.  We have hired enough staff to cover all the weekly shifts.  The menu will be simplified for a few days, until we can order the rest of the food items.  The bar will be fully stocked when we open on Monday.

The golf shop cabinet is fully stocked with balls, gloves, and tees.  We also have an assortment of golf hats with our new Elks logo.  There are samples of golf shirts and a windbreaker on display.  There are two merchandise books on the cabinet for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  If you would like to order any clothing with our Elks logo, just talk with the bar and dining staff.

FYI, we have a new floor in the bar and dining area – it looks great!!  Much thanks to the members that made it happen this spring.

The winter is over and the weather is getting better every day.  Let’s get out to the Elks lodge and golf course and start having some fun.

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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this weeks golf activities —

Because of the wet course condition after this record spring,

  • Tuesday men’s league,
  • Thursday men’s league and
  • Sunday’s net skins/sole survivor qualifying round

have been cancelled.  (May 2 — May 7)

This is to protect the course from additional damage from cart traffic until it can have a chance to dry out a bit.  We should be up and going again next week (May 8th).

Bar/dining will remain closed until reopening on the 8th.



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Club Championship and Net Match Play Tournaments

The gross and net match play golf tournament will start on June 12th.  Those interested in playing will need to sign up by June 11th.  The cost is the same as last year, $10.00 per person for each of the gross or net divisions.  There is a signup sheet posted in the bar and dining area.  The gross division winner will automatically qualify for the 2018 Sole Survivor tournament.  

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Elks BULLetin #2

Volume 2, 2017

Elks BULLetin

March showers bring April flowers!  Not this year.  The golf course is still under water and every fairway is still too wet to let golf carts on the course.  I don’t think we will be playing golf for another week at the earliest.  It is NOT official, but I think golf leagues for the first week of May will be cancelled.

Sunday April 30th is men’s opening day with signup for Tuesday and Thursday golf leagues, paying for your GHIN cards, paying your Elks dues, and a hot breakfast starting at 8:00am.  I am sure there will be much discussion about the golf course and when we will be able to play.  Be sure to attend and receive all the information first hand.

I haven’t been very good about updating everyone on the status of our Bar and Dining Manager position for this year.  We have had a great deal of trouble finding anyone qualified or interested in the position for this season.  We have hired one employee to run the bar and dining area for the month of May. We are still looking for someone to operate our facility for the rest of the year.  We have hired a young man, Julian Jaureguito, to help cover some of the hours needed.  The bar and dining area will open on Monday, May 8.  If the golf course is not open yet, we will still be open to serve everyone their favorite beverage or a hot lunch.

I won’t go into the details, but the bar and dining operation will be changing their “bar tab” procedure for this year.  Starting opening day they will be collecting your credit card when you open a tab at the bar.  The tab will be closed out and paid in full when you leave for the day.

Let’s hope the golf course dries out very soon – I am soooo ready to play some golf!!

Enough Elk droppings for today,


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Early Golf in Moscow — Harry Sampson interview from 1975


On January 5th in 1975, Harry Sampson, then 82 years of age, was interviewed as part of an oral history project sponsored by the Latah County Historical Society.  Harry was an elk and also a founding member of the Moscow Golf Club.  This is an excerpt from that interview dealing with the history of golf in Moscow and the beginning of the current Elks’ course.

Just push play U+25B6in the bar directly below.

Mr. Sampson was a department manager at David’s department store during his working career. The entirety of this interview and two other interviews with Mr. Sampson (totaling about 6 hours) can be found at the following site hosted by the University of Idaho.  Harry Sampson interview #2

Thank you to the Latah County Historical Society for providing the following excerpt for our site.




for more information on the history of our course check this site under Elks 249 Archives/Golf Course History/


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Golf Course Workday

Just another reminder that there will be a Golf Course work day scheduled for this Saturday the 22nd.

Time is 8-12, weather permitting, of course.

Wayne Krauss — Secretary

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Jr. Golf

jr golf page-page-001

The Moscow Elks will again be sponsoring a
Jr. Golf program this summer in cooperation with the Moscow Parks & Recreation Department.

The program will offer kids 4-6, 7&8, and 9-16, an opportunity to begin the game or to improve their skills.

Program details are available at the Moscow Parks & Rec site (page 18 of the brochure) along with registration materials.

City of Moscow, Idaho

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Easter Egg Hunt

Moscow Elks #249 held our annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon, April 15, the day before Easter.

The Bunny came, the kids came, the weather held, and a wonderful time was had by all.

 Thank you to the volunteers who helped set this up, and the parents, grandparents and friends who brought the kids to the activity.


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Honoring Lt Colonel Donald E “Smitty” Smith

At the beginning of World War II, Moscow’s Donald E. Smith joined the U. S. Army to stand up for our nation. During the Korean conflict he returned to duty for additional stints.

Next week, he will join a group of veterans for the Inland Northwest Honor Flight, traveling to Washington D. C. to visit the memorials their nation has erected to honor them and their sacrifices.

We are proud to have had Lt. Colonel “Smitty” as a member of Moscow lodge #249 for more years than we can count, and hope to have him as a member for many years to come.

The itinerary for his journey is as follows.

8:00 AM Leave Spokane Monday April 17, 2017 on a chartered Sun Country plane
3:30 Arrive Dulles
4:30 Depart for WWII Memorial
6:30 Depart for Air Force Memorial
7:30 Depart for Hotel
9:00 Banquet at Hotel

Tuesday April 18th
Breakfast at Hotel
8:15 Depart for Arlington National Cemetery
9:00 Changing of the guard at Tomb of the Unknowns
10:00 Women in Military Service Museum
10:30 Korean/Vietnam Memorials
12:00 Navy Memorial
1:00 Marine Memorial
2:00 Depart for airport
5:00 Fly home
6:50 Arrive in Spokane

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Golf course *open — *(but very wet)

The course is open for walking only with the honor box out, but be aware it is very wet.  $10 per day for members & guests without golf pass.

Carts will allowed when the course can handle them without excessive damage.  Check back for updates.

Clubhouse will be open extended hours when conditions are appropriate.  Check back for updates. 

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