Golf Schedule for 2019 Season — revised 4/14/19

 Golf Schedule for the 2019 Season*

*Always subject to change as necessary

  • MHS golf practices — Friday @ 3:30 PM — 3/22 – 5/17
  • GHIN activation — Saturday @ 8:30 AM — 3/23
  • MHS JV Golf Tournaments — Wednesday @ 10:00 AM — 4/10 & 3:00 PM — 5/1
  • Golf committee meetings — Monday @ 6:30 PM –4/15, 5/6, 6/3 7/1, 8/5, 9/9 & 10/7
  • Opening day breakfast — Sunday @ 8:00 AM — 4/28
  • Exalted Ruler’s Cup pairings posted — Monday @ 2:00 PM — 4/29
  • Club Championship pairings posted — Monday @ 2:00 PM — 4/29
  • Tuesday league — Tuesday @ 5:30 PM — 4/30 – 6/25 & 7/9 – 8/27
  • Thursday league — Thursday @ 1:00 PM — 5/2 – 6/27 & 7/11 – 8/29
  • Exalted Ruler’s Cup — Saturday @ 2:00 PM — 5/11, 5/25, 6/8 & 6/22                                      — Sunday @ 2:00 PM — 7/14 & 7/21
  • Ladies’ league — Wednesday @ 5:30 PM — 5/15 — 6/26 & 7/10 — 8/14
  • Net Skins & Sole Survivor Qualifying — Sunday @ 8:00 AM — 5/19, 6/2 & 6/30                    — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 5/25, 6/8 & 6/22
  • Club championship — Sunday @ 2:00 PM — 5/19, 6/2, 6/30 & 7/14  — Saturday @               2:00 PM — 6/15
  • Friday couples’ night — Friday @ 4:30 PM — 6/7 – 9/27
  • Jr. golf lessons — Tuesday @ 9:00 AM — 6/11 – 6/25 & 7/9 – 7/23
  • Moscow Police / FOP golf tourney — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 6/15
  • Last chance Sole Survivor Qualifying — Thursday @ 9:00 AM — 7/4
  • 70th Sole Survivor — Thursday @ 2:00 PM — 7/4
  • Jordan Jumper Chapman — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 7/6
  • Women’s Sole Survivor — Sunday @ 10:00 AM — 7/7
  • Sr. Men’s Sole Survivor — Sunday @ 2:00 – PM — 7/7
  • Sprenger Open / A L S fundraiser — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 7/13
  • Marines of the Palouse fundraiser — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 7/20
  • Jr. Sole Survivor — Friday @ 10:00 AM — 7/26
  • Gamble Scramble — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 7/27
  • Light a Candle fundraiser –Friday @ 8:00 AM — 8/2
  • John’s Alley 7-iron tournament — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 8/17
  • Cart Path Scramble — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 8/24
  • Fall Rabbit Game — Sunday @ 10:00 AM — 9/1, 9/8, 9/22 & 9/29
  • Deuce Pot — Tuesday @ 5:30 PM — 9/3 – 9/24
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Proposed By-laws change — meeting time

Proposed By-laws change — meeting time

This is the proposed Lodge By-laws change that will be introduced on the Lodge floor for discussion at the April 24th meeting. It is assumed the change will be voted on at the May 8th meeting. In the mean time, it was voted that the meeting of the 24th will be at 6:30.


By-Laws Page 3

Section 1. The regular Lodge meetings of this Lodge shall be held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month throughout the year, except in the months of July, August and November, in which the Lodge shall meet on the second Wednesday.

Section 2. The regular hour of meeting shall be 7:30PM 6:30PM; but at any time, however, the regular meeting may be held at an hour to be determined by vote of the Lodge to that effect at the previous meeting, provided that written notice of such change of meeting hour shall be given to all the Members.

Section 3. Social sessions may be held in accordance with the Laws of the Order. The proceedings thereof shall be characterized by considerate behavior, and no vulgarity, profanity, or indecent conduct shall be permitted, under penalty of discipline to offenders. The members of the committee in charge of such social session shall be held responsible for the proper conduct thereof.

Section 4. A minimum of Nine Members of this Lodge, at least two of whom shall be elected Officers, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of this Lodge in a regular or special meeting. For any Lodge Committee or Board to legitimately transact its business, a quorum of a simple majority of that body’s members of record must be present, unless the Statutes provide otherwise.

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It Rained — and then it Poured

It Rained — and then it Poured

Tuesday evening —

Looking up 7 fairway toward #7 tee an d #6 green

Looking across #7 green & #1 green toward #2 & #9 fairways

Wednesday morning —

Golf Course Superintendent Trent Brown hosing off some of the silt left on the front of #7 green.  The water covered all of #1 green and all but the highest far back portions of #7 & #8 greens.  Essentially all of #7 fairway was under water from either the South Fork of the Palouse or the drainage ditch along the north side of the course.  The waster reached the base of the hill on #2 and #9 fairways and reached the top deck of the bridges over the creek.

The flooding left up to an inch of silt in several areas which we are dealing with.  We will see the effects of this weeks floods  during the early season, but we dodged what could of been much worse when the water only crested for a relatively short time.

With the predictions of more possibly heavy rains in the next few weeks, we will all be keeping our fingers crossed.

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Members from BPOE #249’s 126 Years of History — Roland Hodgins

Roland Hodgins

  • Opened drug store in Genesee — 1895
  • Purchased White & White Drug Store and renamed it Hodgins Drugstore — 1890
  • Hodgins Drugstore served as first University of Idaho Bookstore
  • Risked his safety to save University of Idaho records from original administration building during fire which destroyed it — 1906
  • Latah County Magistrate
  • charter member BPOE #249 (membership card #4)
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Message from the Exalted Ruler


This is my last ER message, and as this is the April 249er, I guess I will be the Past Exalted Ruler when you read this. Joel Jaureguito has been elected as ER and took office on April 1st.

This last year has been a great learning experience and I enjoyed serving Moscow Elks Lodge #249.  I would like to thank my family for allowing me to take part in this opportunity and all of the officers and board members that supported me in this endeavor.  As always Wayne Krauss was a huge help in shepherding me through this last year, special thanks to him.

There are some upcoming events I would like for you all to know about.  The Saturday before Easter we will be having another Easter Egg hunt at the lodge.    This has been great fun the last couple of years and volunteers are always welcomed.  Also, if you have any little ones please bring them out.  Also, a date has not been set yet, but in May we will be having a volunteer dinner as a thank you to all the volunteers that help out last years.  Stay tuned.

Again, it has been a pleasure serving you and I still plan on remaining active with the lodge, so you will be seeing me around.


Travis Mechling, Past Exalted Ruler

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A Note from Janey

A Note from Janey — Our Leading Knight

I am recovering, miraculously, from an autoimmune disease.

I was contemplating stepping down from the chairs during my healing but with so much support from my brothers and sister Elks, I am so looking forward to the coming year. This really is a family and we care about each other and the good works we do for our community. I challenge our members to come to Lodge, help us to create an exciting,  eventful year and support Joel as our new ER.

Janey Wineinger,

Leading Knight

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A Letter from the Esquire

Hello Fellow Elks!

Gratitude.  This year has been amazing so far.  We have had a beautiful winter, we are leading into a beautiful spring and one can hope a warm, not hot, summer.  Those are some little things to be grateful for.  Some of the bigger things are health, family, friends, work, and community.  We all have a lot to be grateful for.  I know we all have had a tough time here or there, but overall, we should feel grateful.  One need to only look outside and see the beauty in our community.

If you had the pleasure of attending the officer installation, your heart would have been filled with gratitude.  Janey was back and able to continue her duties to the lodge.  Travis handed over the ER position with grace after a year of hard work and many successes.  Joel accepted the position as ER and has some wonderful plans already for our lodge and ways for us to grow.  Seeing so may PER’s and other Elks from other lodges assemble in one place was great.  It showed how much of a brother/sister-hood we have.  Our ties run deep,  as well as our gratitude towards one another.  However, on this night, I was in awe of our Elk of the year, Corey Ray.  The look on his face when it was announced was priceless.  He was in shock.  I am not sure why!  He has worked so hard to benefit not only our lodge, but our greater communities as a whole.

Corey has been a vital instrument trumpeting what our lodge values are.  He works to better not only Elks, but leaders in out community.  Anytime I have had a question or needed assistance, he has been there to help.  I am sure you can think of a time or two yourselves.  You have heard the phrase, “He’s a man’s man,” well, Corey is an Elk’s, Elk.  He embodies our goals as a lodge and an organization.  When he walked up to the lectern, you could see his heart.  He was so surprised.  He had tears in his eyes.  He may tell you it was hot, or allergies had him for a moment, but it really was a beautiful thing. He stood up there and claimed he did not deserve such an award.  He was grateful but did not deserve it.  Well Corey, I have to say, you do. You work so tirelessly to help others and to make them better.  You lead when it is needed, you help where you can at all times, and you push when that is needed as well.  You sir are an Elk’s Elk.

I am grateful for your leadership.  I am grateful for your friendship.  We as a lodge should be as well.  You are a shining example of what we should aspire to be in this lodge.  Thank you for all you have done to remind us of the oath we all took at our initiations.  For leading by example in showing us what it means to be an Elk.  I am grateful for that and I am sure all members of our Elks lodge would agree.  Thank you, sir.  Thank you.

Rick Sperry,


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From the Desk of the Secretary

The new Lodge year is upon us! Our office hours are now 8am-noon, Monday thru Friday.  The golf course looks great and is open for walking, hopefully carts will be allowed  by the middle of the month, depending on how much rain we get.

We welcome Joel Jaureguito as our new Exalted Ruler.  I look forward to working with Joel in this new year.  He has been forming his committees and I encourage all of you to step up when asked and give a helping hand.  I have generally accepted the fact that, in most organizations, only 10% of the membership does 100% of the work, but this is not always true.  As we all know, the success of an organization is dictated by those that belong, not necessarily by the ones that try to carry the load.

We start this year with one less member than we started with last year.  It is sad that I had to drop 12 Elks from our membership rolls.  We had an increase in membership the two previous years, so the old saying, “two steps forward and one step back” apparently applies.  Let’s do better this year!  Please send your dues in as soon as possible.  Cart shed rental and golf passes are also due now, however partial payment of golf passes may be made with the balance being due on June 1st.

At this time, we are looking for a bar/dining manager, so if you know of anyone QUALIFIED, please let the office know (882-2577).

Wayne Krauss,


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Help Wanted — Cook, Bar & Facility Manger

Help Wanted —

Cook, Bar & Facility Manger

— We are looking for someone with strong supervisory, cooking, facility maintenance, ordering, inventory and budgeting experience. April through October, salary $2,268/ Mo. Plus meals & tips, DOE.

For position details, call the Lodge Office at 208-882-2577, 8-12 or send a resume to email—

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Men’s Opening Day Breakfast & Scramble

Sunday, April 28th —

Opening Day Men’s Breakfast 

  • Breakfast served  — 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
  • From 7:30 to 9:00 AM —
    • Registration for GHIN (USGA handicaping)*
    • Tuesday men’s league
    • Thursday men’s league
    • Lodge dues*
    • golf passes
    • range passes
  • Organizational meeting and announcements — 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM
  • golf activities to determined by conditions

*inclusion in Club Championship & and Exalted Ruler’s Cup Tournament draws for pairings, requires GHIN dues and lodge dues be paid up by noon, Monday, April 29th.

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Moscow Bears’ J V Golf Tournament

Moscow Bears’ J V Golf Tournament

A reminder that Thursday, April 25th, is the scheduled Moscow JV Golf tournament.

This is an 18 hole tournament which will run from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Members from BPOE #249’s 125 Years of History — Jerome J. Day

Jerome J. Day

  • Born & raised in California
  • worked as union miner until family owned Hercules mine began to show profit
  • Studied at Gonzaga College and at the University of Idaho graduating with degree from College of Mines
  • President of Moscow State Bank and Idaho National Harvester Company
  • Idaho State Senate — 1909-1912
  • President of Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Co. in Northlport WA — 1912-1919
  • President Northport Bank
  • President of the Idaho Mining Association — 1912-1922
  • Idaho State Board of Education & U of I Board of Regents — 1933-1941
  • Exalted Ruler Moscow Elks #249 — 1907-1908
  • Died 1941 — on BPOE wall of remembrance
  •  click here for additional information from U of I Special Collections


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Proposed budget for new lodge year posted — vote on April 24th

The proposed budget for the new lodge year is posted on the bulletin board in the tournament room.

It will be voted on at the meeting of April 24th.

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Easter Egg Hunt


Moscow Elks will be hosting our Fourth Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 20th for those children who are in 12 years old and younger. The event will start at 10:30 am and there will be refreshments/snacks for all.

If you would like to help with this event, please contact Corey at

Thank you,
Corey Ray
Youth Activities Chair

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Moscow Elks #249 representative in Regional Hoop Shoot Competition

Moscow Elks #249 representative in Regional Hoop Shoot Competition

Cooper Owen, a 13-year-old boy from Genesee, will compete today in the Regional Elks Club Hoop Shoot in Vancouver, Washington, with eyes on an even bigger prize.  If he wins his age group he’ll get to go to Chicago to compete in the Elks Hoop Shoot National Finals on April 27th.

Cooper earned this opportunity by potting 23 of 25 free throws on March 2nd in Nampa to claim the 12-13 age group at the Idaho State Elks Hop Shoot.

Representing the Moscow Elks Lodge #249, Owens is making his sixth appearance in the Hoop Shoot and qualified for State for the second time.  He is a state champ for the first time.

Good luck Cooper

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Members from BPOE #249’s 125 Years of History — Brigadier-General E. R. Chrisman

Brigadier-General Edward R. Chrisman

  • Organized University of Idaho Military Science Department, taught mathematics — 1894-1898
  • Introduced first women’s military program in the service
  • Sent to Cuba and the Philippines during Spanish American War — 1898-1902 — fought in the battle of San Juan Hill — 39 U of I students (out of 250 total student body) enlisted to join him
  • U of I Military Science Head — 1902-1906
  • Sent to the Philippines to fight Philippine insurection — 1906-1909
  • South Dakota State College Head of Military Science — 1909-1911
  • Posted in Alaska, New Jersey, Panama & Puerto Rico — 1911-1919
  • U of I Military Science Head — 1919-1939
  • Awarded Silver Star for actions in Spanish American War — 1934
  • After his death in 1939, at his request, his ashes were scatted over the U of I campus from an airplane
  • Chrisman Hall bears his name
  • died in 1939 — on BPOE #249 wall of remebrance
  • click here for additional information from U of I Special Collections


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GHIN dues & activation, Club Championship & Exalted Ruler’s Cup

GHIN dues & activation,

Club Championship &

Exalted Ruler’s Cup

Spring really will come – sometime.

Butch Fealy, our golf committee handicap chair, will be at the clubhouse Saturday morning, the 23rd of March for those who want to pay their GHIN dues and activate their handicap.  If you would prefer, you can also pay your GHIN dues during the Men’s Opening Day Breakfast, Sunday, April 28th or stop at the lodge office during office hours and pay them there.

The GHIN handicap is the official golf handicapping system used throughout the US, Canada, Mexico & scores of other nations.  With it, your handicap is recognized and your scores can be posted at any golf club.

Additionally, we use GHIN handicaps for field selection and seeding in our Club Championship.  The Club Championship bracket will be filled by seeding the low 24 GHIN handicaps into the competition.  The net play Exalted Ruler’s Cupwill have a random draw of all GHIN handicap holders and competition will utilize GHIN handicaps.

To be included you need to have a valid GHIN* as of noon on April 29th and be up to date on your lodge dues.  Brackets will be posted online ( and in the lodge tournament room at 2:00 PM that day.  There is no cost for participation — all prizes are paid with GHIN funds.

For more information on what we are planning for next year click here — tentative golf schedule for 2019 .     — Please remember — Anything planned for a golf course on the Palouse is always tentatiave. —

*If you have a GHIN through another club, please notify the lodge so we can access your GHIN and include you. 

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Members from BPOE #249’s 125 Years of History — James H. Forney

James Harvey Forney

  • Graduated from Wofford University — 1875
  • Public School teacher in California — 1875-1878
  • Graduated from Hastings Law College — 1879
  • Territory & State of Idaho District Attorney — 1880-1894
  • United States Attorney for Idaho 1894-1898
  • Faculty President of the University of Idaho
  • Provisional President of the University of Idaho — charged with developing curriculum and securing professors
  • U of I Board of Regents — 1891-1893 & 1897-1899
  • Chairman of U of I Board of Regents — 1897-1899
  • Grand Master Idaho District of Odd Fellows
  • BPOE #249 founding member
  • BPOE #249 Exalted Ruler 1901-1902
  • click here for additional information from U of I Special Collections


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Message from the Exalted Ruler


I don’t know about all of you, but I am ready for winter to be over.  It has been a long cold and snowy February and I am looking forward to seeing some green grass soon.  Some good news to report, last weekend’s crab feed was a huge success.  There was a good turnout, good food and everyone really had fun.  Thanks Tyson, Brent, Rick, Pat and Travis for putting this on.  I know it is a lot of work.

Other good news to report was that Cooper Owen, who won the Moscow Hoop shoot for the 12 and 13 age group, won the State contest in Nampa and will be advancing to regionals in Vancouver, WA.  Good luck Cooper!

Jerry Curtis and Tyson will be forming a committee soon to hire a bar and dinning manager for the 2019 season, if anyone is interested, or know someone that is, please drop off a resume at the office in care of Jerry Curtis.


Travis Mechling,

Exalted Ruler

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** SHOUT OUT ! **

To an anonymous member.  They provided funds to the lodge through Lodge Secretary Wayne Krauss to use for improvemets to the lodge.  Her donation went towards the materials used to spruce up the back stairway.  Check it out and we know our members agree it is an improvement.  Thank you!

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