The Old(er) Days — August 12th, 1944

The Old(er) Days — August 12th, 1944

Elks Golf Course #4 green


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The Old(er) Days — August 10th, 1944

The Old(er) Days — August 10th, 1944

Quartermaster Corps

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Members from BPOE #249’s 126 Years of History — Frank Young

Frank Young

  • Born in Ireland — 1914
  • Moved to Michigan N. D. — 1924
  • Graduated (Valedictorian) from Michigan HS — 1933
  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry Jamestown College– 1937
  • US Navy during WWII as athletics instructor including tours to Okinawa and Tokyo
  • Masters degree in education from University of Oregon — 1947
  • Taught at Minot State College — 1947
  • University of Idaho Physical Education Department and assistant boxing coach –1947
  • University of Idaho boxing coach – 1948 – 1954
  • During his coaching career coached
    • 8 individual NCAA champions
    • 1950 NCAA National Team Championship
  • University of Idaho Assistant Director of Athletics – 1954 – 1960
  • Vandal Boosters Executive Secretary – 1952 – 1960
  • University of Idaho Director of Admissions – 1960 – 1977
  • President of Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers – 1976
  • Lifetime member of BPOE #249 – on lodge wall of remembrance


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Light a Candle 2019

Light a Candle 2019 

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From the Exalted Ruler

From the Exalted Ruler

Greetings fellow Elk members:

I must admit and be honest I was dreading the National Elks Convention in St. Louis Missouri this past July.  I have been to St. Louis before years ago and I know how hot and humid it can get.  But let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences in my life.  I learned so much about what we do as Elks.  It was an incredible experience and I met so many people that I am still in contact with them on Facebook and Messenger.  It was so motivational to help people, veterans and the youth, that I bought a homeless man dinner. Don’t tell Wayne because I turned in my receipt for reimbursement.

Our membership nationwide has increased last year.  First time in over 30 years.  Although that is positive, it saddens me that the increase is small and should be larger every year.

Our past Grand Exalted Ruler, Michael T.Luhr was in Hawaii last year and when he toured Pearl Harbor, he noticed the signs for different history informational signs were old and worn.  He is in the process of starting The Pearl Harbor Restoration Fund, which in turn when we help fund to restore the history signs we will have our ELKS Logo placed on every sign. I am passionate about this idea and I hope you will join me in raising money for the veterans who swerved that December 7th day in Pearl Harbor.

Our new Grand Exalted Ruler Elect is Robert L. Duitsman from California.  He was very excited and ready for the challenges he has in front of him.  I can’t invite you enough to please join us at Lodge and become part of a fraternity that is passionate to help veterans and our youth.

Joel T. Jaurequito, D.C.
Exalted Ruler

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From the Desk of the Secretary

As August rolls out and September approaches, we start looking back at what we have accomplished over the summer and what do we want to do or go during the remaining summer.  This summer has been good for your Lodge.  We have had a lot of activity with various private, Lodge and golf events with more to come over the next few months.  The bar/dining has done well, thanks to the hard work of Bobbi Ross, our Manager.  It takes an officer to oversee each department and Jerry Curtis has done a fantastic job this year, as well as the last four, supervising the operation of that department.

I look forward to working with our ER and the other officers towards creation and administration of the various Grants we are eligible for.  While the golf season is in full swing, we have also had a number of events that have been fun for all members, whether they golf or just come out for good food and social time.  Friday night Steak/Salmon dinners are always great and well attended.  Due to the fact that the Gamble Scramble was
canceled this year, we had our first Patio Party on July 27th. I am only speculating, as this letter is being written on the 24th, but I am quite confident that the party was very successful as we had beer and wine tasting, great food and music by the Mercantiles.

My wish is that all of our members have a wonderful August, enjoying the summer
weather with travel, family time and other great activities.

Wayne Krauss,
Secretary, PER

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Elks Club 7-Iron Golf Tournament

Elks Club 7-Iron Golf Tournament

The two-person 7-iron scramble will be on Saturday, August 17th.  Signup is scheduled for 9:00am and a shotgun starting time of 10:00am.  Lunch will be provided after your round, about 3:00 PM.  The detail flyers for the tournament will be posted very soon.  Tom Scott is the organizer and can be contacted at John’s Alley!

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Friday Steak & Salmon Night

Friday Steak & Salmon Night

This is a reminder we are still providing the Friday night steak & salmon dinners for the rest of the summer.  This is a great opportunity to play golf with friends or family and have dinner afterwards.  The dinner includes cook your own steak or salmon, baked potato, and salad for only $12.50 per person.  Bobbi usually has dinner ready by 5:00 PM.   We now have tap wines from Merry Cellars to go with your dinner.  Come and enjoy our beautiful summer evenings on the patio while they last. Please make your reservations by calling Bobbi at the bar, 208-882-3015.

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A Letter from Bobbi

Well, I have been here for 4 months now and am happy to have met all the folks I have met but would like to meet more of you.  Come on out and have a cocktail or better yet, have that drink and order off our menu as well!  I’m still open for any suggestions on having a once a month dinner get-together.  Let’s say like lasagna, salad and dessert??

Golfing leagues are coming to a close at the end of August and my question is WHY??  There’s a lot more of nice weather to be had, so let’s keep the golfing (leagues) going thru-out Sept.  What can “I” do in the Bar/Dining to keep you here…?

I look forward to your ideas!

Thank you,

PS—How about Cribbage night (anyone?) on Mondays from 5-7 with refreshments provided.

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Hello Fellow ELKS — from the Esquire

“Everybody can be great.  Because anybody can serve.  You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.  You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve….  You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

I wanted to take time to thank you for all you do for others.  It is always a great thing to see the brotherhood and sisterhood of Elks come together and work for the good of others. This past year has brought many challenges and many opportunities to not only us in our personal lives, but in our lodge as well.  We, as a lodge, helped feed many families struggling to put food on the table.  Your generosity glows through the hearts and faces of many at Good Samaritan and Aspen Care every time my wife and I stop by there to sit and check in.  The Easter Egg hunt we hosted here at the lodge under the leadership of Corey Ray was awesome! To see many families out having fun together and “unplugging” from the world, even for just a few hours, was great!  The list goes on and on in the ways you serve your community.   As Elks, we are called to give of ourselves.  To make a sacrifice for the betterment of others.  To give unselfishly  with not only our time but our gifts.  You do that.  I enjoy meeting new Elks every time we do a project.  I always enjoy seeing familiar faces as well.  If you would like to be a part of one or more of the exciting opportunities, we as a lodge are involved in, all you need to do is ask.  We have a lot going on to benefit our community.  As the great MLK Jr said,
“you only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.”  Until next time, don’t hesitate to help someone in need.  Give of yourself in love and grace.

Rick Sperry, Esquire

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2019 Jr. Sole Survivor Results

2019 Jr. Sole Survivor Results

winner —

  • Bryden Brown (2018 Champion)

  • eliminated on #9 — Parker Beebe

  • eliminated on #8 — Ben Mack (2017 winner)

  • other competitors — Cole Baxter, Burke Brown, Hailey Brown & Myah Parsons

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The Old(er) Days — July 27th, 1944

The Old(er) Days — July 27th, 1944

Dubs & Duffers

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Members from BPOE #249’s 126 Years of History — James Lynn “Jim” Graves

Jim Graves

  • Born in Ashton SD — 1924
  • graduated Pocatello High School — 1942
  •  University of Idaho 1942 & 1946-1949
  • U. S. Army 21st Armored Infantry — Europe — 1943-1945 WWII
  • degree in Animal Husbandry — University of Idaho — 1949
  • Idaho Agriculture Extension Service — Lewiston ID– 1949-1951
  • Boundary County Extention Agent — Bonners Ferry ID — 1951-1962
  • Masters degree — Cooperative Extension Administration — University of Wisconsin — 1963
  • District Supervisor of Idaho Cooperative Extension — Boise ID — 1963-1969
  • Associate Director of the Cooperative Extension Service for Idaho — Moscow ID — 1969-1971
  • Director of the Cooperative Extension Service for Idaho — Moscow ID — 1971-1981
  • Americans for International Development — Cairo Egypt — 1982-1985
  • Chairman of Calam Shrine Football Classic — 2000-2002
  • inducted into Idaho State 4H Hall of Fame — 2002
  • died in Moscow ID — 2002
  • Lifetime member of BPOE #249  — on lodge wall of remembrance
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Cart Path Scramble

Cart Path Scramble

Cart Path Friends — This year I am hosting the cart path scramble again on August 24th.  It will be a 4 person scramble, with a shotgun start at 9 am.  Cost will be $40 a person.

Last year I skipped putting the tournament on due to the lack of getting projects done with your money from previous years.  I did’t feel it was right to do a tournament and not have spent any money.  This year there is a couple bridges getting redone with the money from this golf tournament from previous years.  Hopefully if there’s time maybe even getting a couple more projects done besides just the bridges.

Hope to see you out there on a great day!!!

Travis Lambert

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Hello Elks,

I hope this finds you well. We would like to do our “bridge repair project” starting THIS FRIDAY, July 26 Starting at 7 AM. If you can make it out to help, we would appreciate it!

Saturday, July 27 (Next Day) we would like to do the second bridge. We will start Saturday’s project at 8 AM.

I know that we have a few events going on this weekend, but this project should not interfere. I will be here until completion on Friday, however, I will need to leave by 10-ish on Saturday for a church event that slipped my mind when I was deciding these dates! I trust that we can get things done in my absence.

Below you will see a list of tools that I think we will need to do this project. I will provide all that I can. I will highlight the ones I don’t have in yellow.


  • Miter Saw
  • Impact drills (x2)
  • Extension cords (100ft) (?)
  • Bars (Crow)
  • Drill bits

If you can think of other items we need, please don’t hesitate to bring them! The more the merrier. PLEASE LABEL your tools!

I hope to see you there! I will even pick up donuts and coffee!


Rick S

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Bridge Repair

Bridge Repair

Hello Elks!

As some of you know, we are in the process of re-decking our bridges. We would love to get this project finished as soon as possible. We are asking for help in doing this. I feel it would be better to get this done during the week and try and get one bridge done at a time. Please let me know if you are available to help and some days/times you might be available and we can go from there.

I hope you are well

Rick Sperry

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Moscow Elks’ Golf Club Championship — 7/15//19 updated bracket

Moscow Elks’ Golf Club Championship 

updated bracket — 7/15/2019


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Moscow Elks’ Golf Club Exalted Ruler’s Cup — 7/15/19 updated bracket

Moscow Elks’ Golf Club Exalted Ruler’s Cup

updated bracket — 7/15/2019


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Elks BULLetin — Volume 2, 2019 — July 27th Elks’ Patio Party

Volume 2, 2019

Elks BULLetin

The last weekend of July has always been reserved for the Gamble Scramble golf tournament.  This year the decision was made NOT to have the tournament.  We are sorry to hear about losing the event, but we are replacing it with a special day for ALL our Elk members.  Saturday, July 27th we are having the 1st Annual Elks Patio Party.  This event is for members and their guests.

We are providing a special day of food, drink and music for all our members.  The golf course is open for play to everyone.  The event starts with a Social Hour at 3:00pm and dinner from 4:00pm to 7:00pm (we encourage you to stay longer).  The bar and dining staff will be providing a full BBQ chicken dinner with calico beans, homemade potato salad, rolls and butter, and watermelon.  The cost is only $12.50 per person, and $6.00 for children under 12 years old.

We are also providing a fun table with beer and wine tastings.   Hayden Beverage Company is bringing in an assortment of micro-brew beers and a variety of specialty summer wines.  For a nominal fee you can taste a few or all of the samples.  PS: the bar will be open all day.  J

We are planning on having live music available if we have enough members make reservations for the special day.  Please call the office or bar to setup your reservations.  Office: 208-882-2577 or Bar: 208-882-3015.

This is a great opportunity to see your fellow Elk members this summer.  It will be like the Crab Feed, but in July.   Hope to see you there!


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Remaining Golf Schedule for 2019 Season — revised 6/17/19

Remaining Golf Schedule for the 2019 Season*

*Always subject to change as necessary

  • Tuesday league — Tuesday @ 5:30 PM —  7/16 – 8/27
  • Ladies’ league — Wednesday @ 5:30 PM —  7/17 — 8/14
  • Thursday league — Thursday @ 1:00 PM —  7/18 – 8/29
  • Exalted Ruler’s Cup — Sunday @ 2:00 PM —  7/28, 8/11 & 8/25
  • Club championship — Sunday @ 2:00 PM —  7/28, 8/11 & 8/25
  • Light a Candle fundraiser –Friday @ 8:00 AM — 8/2
  • Golf committee meetings — Monday @ 6:30 PM —  8/5, 9/9 & 10/7
  • John’s Alley 7-iron tournament — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 8/17
  • Cart Path Scramble — Saturday @ 8:00 AM — 8/24
  • Fall Rabbit Game — Sunday @ 10:00 AM — 9/1, 9/8, 9/22 & 9/29
  • Deuce Pot — Tuesday @ 5:30 PM — 9/3 – 9/24
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