Covid-19 impact on Elks #249 & Other Updates

Good morning,

Covid-19 Impact on Elks #249

Here is an update on what is going on. The Corona Virus is affecting our Elks Lodge, right along with everyone else.

At this time, all Lodge  meetings are canceled until further notice as per Grand Lodge direction.  The new officers will be installed on Saturday the 28th, however only the new officers will be present and Brad Anderson, a Past District Deputy to the Grand Exalted Ruler will swear them in.  Committee meetings of 10 or less are still allowed as of this time.

We are not scheduling any social functions for the next 30 days, and then we will see what the directives are.


— Our new golf course superintendent/head greenskeeper will be arriving tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, with his family.  They are excited to be here and we are excited to have them.  All of the mowers and equipment have been serviced and repaired and are ready to go.  Our new head greenskeeper’s name is Cory See and he is anxious to get started.  The golf course is will be ready to play as soon as it is cleaned up and mowing gets completed.  It has dried out and I am sure we will be golfing, maybe even the first week of April.

Office hours will be 8-12 starting April 1st and you can call 882-2577 with any questions.  Bobbi Ross is back as Bar/Dining Manager. and she is also anxious to get open.  We hope the state does not close us down by shutting down all bars and restaurants.  When we are open, we will be keeping occupancy in the dining/bar area to 10 or less.

Golf leagues should be starting the first week of May, but we will have to see what happens with the men’s breakfast which is supposed to be April 26th.

That’s about it. Email me if you have any questions.

We will persevere!

Wayne Krauss
Secretary, PER
Moscow Elks #249


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Installation dinner cancelled

Installation dinner cancelled

As per our State Sponsor’s instruction, we will not be having an installation dinner on the 28th. We will have a special installation for the new officers, but the number of people attending will be VERY limited.

Wayne Krauss
Secretary, PER
Moscow Elks #249

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Golf Couse Greenskeeper’s Residence Being Upgraded

Golf Couse Greenskeeper’s Residence Being Upgraded

An energetic crew of volunteers is helping bring the residence up to date while improving livability and esthetics.  The house is into its 13th decade, but this group of volunteers is making it comfortable and attractive for the 2020s.


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Until Further Notice —  Friday Night Dinners are being CANCELLED 😔

Until Further Notice — 

Friday Night Dinners are being


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Chicken Enchiladas — Hope You Were There

Chicken Enchiladas — Dinner at the Lodge 

Hope you were there

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From the Exalted Ruler

Greetings Fellow Elk Members:

February was a quiet month but we left no rocks unturned.  We had our annual Crab Feed that was a great success with a lot of Elk members that enjoyed socializing and eating an excellent meal.  Everyone seemed to enjoy casino night as well.  Our lodge meeting on February 6th we had the pleasure of having our State President, Dan Tackett, and Secretary Dave George join us.  We had a very nice chicken fried steak dinner presented by Bobbi and then lodge.  President Tackett presented us with a very nice cribbage board that his son made.  It was a very nice gesture for our lodge.

I am sure all the golfers have been wondering about what have we done for a greenskeeper.  Rest assured we have filled the position.  Cory See from Kemmerer Wyoming will be our new greenskeeper starting April 1st.  He brings with him his wife and five children.  Please introduce yourself and welcome him to his new home.

I would like to thank everyone for your support this past year.  We had our trials and errors but the year ended smoothly.  It has been a pleasure to serve you as Exalted Ruler.  I hope to continue serving the Elks Lodge and see more members involved with the lodge.  We are a great organization that serves the communities needs with the youth and our veterans.  I would like to thank the board and chair for all your support, and our secretary, Wayne Krauss for all his help when needed.  I would like to give a special thanks to First Lady Lori Jaureguito for all of her support, understanding, and help volunteering at different functions.  That being said, lets continue to grow and strive as Elk members.

Happy New Year,

Joel T. Jaurequito, D.C.
Exalted Ruler

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From the Desk of the Secretary

I have always considered March as Old Man Winter’s last chance for significant winter weather.  Granted, we frequently get snow in March, and last year we were dumped on by rain in April, but the days are getting longer and warmer, the true winter months are behind us—COME ON SPRING!!

Along with March comes member statements for the new 2020-2021 Lodge year. Dues are due by April 1st, so please fill
out your statement and mail it back ASAP.  Grand Lodge raised our per capita amount by $2.00, so total membership dues are now $124.50.  You may also include donations, golf passes, cart shed rental and range passes.  Please be sure to include your dues with the other amounts.  You would be surprised how many checks I get for golf passes, cart shed rental and various donations, but they forget to include the $124.50!  Please double check and thank you.

We had out Lodge Officer elections at the meeting of 2/26, and here are the results:
Janey Wineinger-ER, Ben McGuckin Leading Knight, Brian Loomis-Loyal Knight,
Rich Gayler-Trustee, Larry Cyganovich Treasurer and I again was elected Secretary.
Kristie Mattoon will again be Chaplain and Shelley Anderson will be Inner Guard.  We still have openings for Lecturing Knight, a Trustee position, Esquire and Tiler.  Don’t
be hesitant—step up and be part of the governing body of this great organization.

George Paris has submitted a request for Life Membership.  If there is anyone more deserving of this, I don’t know who that would be.  He has been an ACTIVE member of this lodge for close to 40 years and meets the 65 years old requirement.  George has held so many positions in this organization, I cannot begin to list them.  Last but not least, he still co-chairs our Veterans Fly Tying/Fishing program which utilizes Impact Grant and State Elks Grant money.  He comes to most Lodge meetings and always steps up where needed!  His request will be voted on at the March 25th Lodge meeting.

Wayne Krauss,
Secretary, PER

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What a beautiful day and week we have had.  So encouraged for Spring and anxious to get out and hit a few balls on our newly designed, upgraded practice range.  Personally, so thankful to Bill Saylor and his donors for this completed project.

The course is greening up and looks really good.  We do have lots of limbs littering, some dead or dying trees and we can address these when we have a cleanup day.  Date and time (depends on a drier course) will be published when the course dries up and we can safely drive on it.  Members are encouraged to help out.

Our new greens Superintendent, Cory See, and his family will be arriving and starting on April 1st.  We plan on having a roaring welcome for him and his family, and making them feel welcome to our lodge/course and area as they are coming from Wyoming.  Details for a “welcome reception” will be published when available.  Our Board of Directors, headed by Jerry Curtis, did an excellent job scouting for us and we look forward to a great relationship with Cory and his family.

Awesome crab feed, if you missed it I am sorry.  Once again, Pat Dollar, Rick Hull, Travis Lambert, Tyson Barrett and Brent Smith did a wonderful job with this annual fund raiser for us.  It was a lot of fun.  Lodge members we don’t regularly see came and stayed and a good time was had by all.  We are always looking for events to get out our, not-so-regular attending members, to join us.

Remember, our first Friday night dinner will be March 6th, serving salmon or prime rib, for $12 per plate. Kristie Mattoon’s Kristie Project band will play for us and please RSVP by calling (208) 882-2577.  We are so lucky to have members cooking and entertaining for us.

Shelley Anderson has been at it again, making our Lodge a wonderful place.  She recently finished painting our Elks logo and “Elks share, Elks care” on the wall, in the hallway, upstairs.  She did it freehand and it is very nice…come out and take a look and attend a lodge meeting.

Looking forward to a wonderful term ahead and some new projects.  Thanks to the current officers for their dedication and to ER Joel Jaureguito for maintaining such a steady “ship” this year.

Janey Wineinger,
ER elect.

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2020 Fly Fishing Project

2020 Fly Fishing Project

Moscow Lodge has just been notified that we will be able to continue the veteran fly-fishing project for our fifth year.  The project has served over 100 student veterans.  The project enables student veterans with PTSD from both The University of Idaho and Washington State University to learn the techniques of both casting and fly tying.

This project gives them a lifelong hobby to enjoy and relax with.  The casting and tying sessions occur at the lodge from late August to until mid-November and are graciously instructed by volunteers from the Clearwater Fly Casters Club.

A big thank you goes out to them for without their help we would not be able to run the program.  This year the project is funded by both the Elks National Foundation and The Idaho State Elks Veterans Committee.  So, a big thanks goes to both, because without their support the project would not be able to be run.  Last point we would like to make is the fact that your yearly dues to both the national and state organizations do come back to service our lodge.

Fraternally yours,
George Paris
Cliff Swanson

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events — Bar/Dining

In like a Lion and out like a Lamb.

Welcome to March 2020.

As we Spring forward into March our Friday night dinners are under way.  The 1st dinner of Prime Rib or Salmon will be held on March 6th.

Upcoming dinners are as follows for you to plan ahead with your RSVP: 208 882 2577.

  • March 13th: chicken enchiladas
  • March 20th: pork chops
  • March 27th: taco bar
  • April: 3rd: spaghetti night
  • April 17th: fried chicken
  • April 24th: (last winter dinner) roast, potatoes, carrots and desert

I will post reminder notices on the Moscow Elks facebook page.

March 21st at 8am is Clean Up (basement) Day out at the lodge.  Pizza will also be provided.  The more  in attendance the merrier in getting this much needed project accomplished.

Thank You

Bobbi Ross
Bar/Dining Manager

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Officers for new lodge year starting 4/1/2020

Officers for new lodge year starting 4/1/2020

The following members were voted on at last nights Lodge meeting and will be officers for the coming Lodge year starting April 1.

Moscow Elks Lodge #249 — officers for 2020 lodge year

  • Exalted Ruler — Janey Wineinger*
  • Leading Knight —Ben McGuckin*
  • Loyal Knight — Brian Loomis*
  • Lecturing Knight — Vacant*
  • Secretary — Wayne Krauss
  • Treasurer — Larry Cyganovich
  • Esquire — Vacant
  • Inner Guard — Shelley Anderson
  • Tiler — Vacant
  • Director 1 years — Kevin Peterson*
  • Director 2 years — Joe O’Callaghan*
  • Director 3 years — Casey Leachman*
  • Director 4 years — Rich Gayler*
  • Director 5 years — Vacant*

  *Board of Directors

**Chair — Board of Directors

We still have openings for Lecturing Knight and one Trustee and soon we will need two trustees as Kevin Peterson will be dropping off the Board on 1 April, as well as several appointed positions. If you have any interest in a leadership position in your Lodge, please let me or Janey know.


–Wayne Krauss

Secretary, PER

Moscow Elks #249

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A Very Brief History of the Course Superintendent’s Residence

A Very Brief history of the Course Superintendent’s Residence

The current golf course superintendent’s residence on our course has seen a lot of history since it was built as a farm home around the end of the 19th century.  In the picture above from early days of the golf club, you can see the apple orchard between #4 green and the parking lot.  The house was probably built from a Montgomery Ward kit using sand from the bottom of the creek on the property.   When the Moscow Golf Club bought the property from the Anderton family, it was still a farm residence.

Following the construction of the course in the 1920’s the upstairs became the club professional’s home with the downstairs used as the clubhouse.  When the Elks purchased the course for $1 in the 1930’s the building continued to serve dual purpose

In the 1950’s the construction shed used in a remodel of the U of I SUB (now the Pitman Center) was donated to the lodge and relocated on the course between the current clubhouse and the access road to the cart shed where it was joined to another repurposed shed from the former trap/skeet range, to make a new clubhouse.   The clubhouse was then relocated to the newly cobbled- together facility and the residence occupied the full house.

During the time the house served as a clubhouse the kitchen area became a lunch counter and bar with  the porch to the north used for golf club storage.  This scene from the bar/dining area was typical.  One of these young gentlemen became a golf professional at several area courses including Shoshone Country Club in Wallace and Lakeview Country Club in Ephrata, one became a senior vice president for a mining company,  one became a college president, one served 14 years in the Idaho State Legislature including the chairmanship of JFAC and one became a prominent Moscow businessman who also won four July Fourth Sole Survivors.

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Lodge Cleanup Day — With Pizza

Lodge Cleanup Day — With Pizza

To start the New Year off with a “clean” slate on March 21st (Mark your Calendars) the  Bar/Dining will host a Pizza Clean Up Day of the basement out at the lodge.

Bring your trucks, pickups and/or trailers to haul off what’s not salvageable & the rest we will put out for sale during the Annual Rummage Sale being held May 16th or give to the Hope Center.

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Crab Feed 2020 — Hope You Were There

— Elks Crab Feed 2020 —

Hope You Were There


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Dinner at the Lodge — Chicken Enchiladas

 Dinner at the Lodge — 

Chicken Enchiladas

Plan Ahead🚘
Moscow Elks Lodge
Members/Guest Welcome
March 13th 6pm – 8pm / social hour 5pm – 6pm
Enchilada Dinner $12.50/plate


Image may contain: food


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Lodge Meeting — Nomination of Officers for new lodge year

A reminder we have a Lodge meeting tonight—-no initiation but very important

  • we will be nominating officers for the upcoming Lodge year —

and we must have a quorum.

The final nomination of open offices and election will be at the Feb. 26th meeting.

Wayne Krauss
Secretary, PER
Moscow Elks #249
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Simulator Golf League

Simulator Golf League

If you still have the golfing bug this winter, simulator golf is for you.  Airway Hills Golf Center has let the Moscow Elks create a simulator golf league.  The first & second league sessions are completed and the third session is under way.  There is still plenty of time to join session #3.  It is a great deal with prizes and lots of fun!  Moscow Elks teams are charged $100/person for the tournament with a free practice round thrown in.  Call Airway Hills Golf Center and register for session #3,  509-872-3092.  Trent Goetze, PGA Pro, will also give you game improving lessons if needed.

Results from session #2

1st — 2 Fores (J. Curtis & B. Saylor)

2nd — Ball Bouncers (B. Meyers & J. Pulis)

3rd — Smith/Root (R. Smith & C. Root)

  • KP Round#1 — Bill Meyers
  • Long Putt Round #3– Jake Pulis
  • Lowest Par 3 Avg. — Jerry Curtis
  • Long Drive Round #4 — Bill Meyers
  • One Club Hole Round #5 —  Jerry Curtis
  • Long Putt Round #5 — Judy Crane
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From the Desk of the Exalted Ruler

Greetings Fellow Moscow Elks Members:

January has already come to an end and we will be approaching spring and golf season hopefully pretty soon.  It was a quiet month but will were still accomplishing our tasks at hand.  January 11th, we had our Elks Hoop Shoot at the HIRC Center.  It was unfortunately very poor weather conditions, as you recall the amount of snow we got, which in turn our turn out was not as good as we hoped for.  However, the kids that did make it had a very good time and received basketballs and some a trophy. And, more good news, Carter Sexton from Tekoa, having won the 10-11-year-old boys age group, will be representing our Lodge at the State Hoop shoot! I would like to thank all of our volunteers that came out and helped.  Hopefully next year we will have a better turn out, weather permitting.

We just completed this year’s Gratitude Grant.   A check for $2000 was given to Gerard Connelly, President of St. Vincent de Paul at the lodge meeting on January 8th.  The recipient was very grateful and expressed how the timing was just right to help out a family in need this time of year.

Saturday, February 15th is our annual Crab Feed.Members and guests are welcome to attend.  The menu consists of crab or prime rib, coleslaw, baked beans, roll, and desert. Social hour starts at 5pm with dinner to follow at 6pm.  Please RSVP by February 7th by calling 208-882-2577 week day between 9am and 12pm.  The cost is only $30 per person and we will have Casino Night after the dinner.

I hope everyone is in good health and I hope to see you at the Crap feed.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Joel T. Jaureguito, D.C.

Exalted Ruler

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What is February?

What is February?

February is the month that we are noticing longer days and getting excited for Spring

  • Lodge meetings at 6:30, February 12th and 26th. Come out and join us. Would love to see your shining faces!
  • New officer installation is March 28th. We are seeking those members who can commit to various officer and trustee positions. Please join us and commit to a fun, prosperous year.
  • If you are interested, have questions contact Wayne in the office.
  • Elks Crab Feed. February 15th @ 5:00 pm. Cost is $30 per person. Call the Lodge, get your check in ASAP. We are going to have a full house.

Looking forward to seeing you. It is your Elks, come out and enjoy it at the Crab Feed!

Janey Wineinger,

Leading Knight

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 Trent Brown is no longer the head greens keeper at the Moscow Elks golf course.  We are searching for a new greens keeper to start the first of March.  We have a posting with the NW greens keeper association and a committee actively searching.  If any member knows of someone that is qualified and would be interested in the position please call the office.  It is important we find someone quickly. There is much work to be done before we can open the golf course this spring.

 Jerry Curtis, Chair, Board of Directors

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